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Did you know... we have a pop-up shop in London (see the little blue storefront below) ! And lots of stores sell TOMS across the globe. Find a store near you...  

TOMS Shoes:
TOMS Eyewear:
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i love Toms if i ever go to London then I'm going there
me too I love london its so small but prob filled with a bunch of cute shoes!
i so wanna go know they made me wonder what kinda designs they have
lol i always make those kinda mistakes
Good cause, cool fashion, easy comfort. I'm gonna be a fan for life.
have u heard about those dumb new sketcher shoes stealing everything about toms there called bobs and they look just like toms there doing the 1 for 1 thing 2 and the logo is on the back of the shoe 2 and its a total rip off, toms u should sue bobs for copying!
so cute i love toms just got new ones today!
i wanna live there 2!!! and i want a brittish accent!
there really should b 2 t's in british
cool i have a pair their awesome!!!!! he he
u have a pair thats rlly cool i want some that r like a coral pink
That I have those type of toms

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i didnt thats cool u obviosly have good taste
It's so bright compared to all the buildings around t!
This is in London!?
Add this to my "go to" list c; lol n forget all the places u guys name, they should put one by my house! x) ha
Omg! They have a store that's just sooo amazing! Pretty soon they should open one somewhere in America if they haven't already!I would just totally raid the whole entire store... lol :P
i luvvvvvv toms i have the red and sparkly pink kinds there awesome....:) i like luvv them sooo much becuz there comfortable and the shoes have some sense of style in them ......i want more........( crazy about toms) * one fore one *
there sooooooo expensive......... welll kinda....
Dude u spelled "For" wrong ^ - ^ lol
But yea I love toms too (:
oops i was rush typing ...but whatever..............thnxs for correcting though!!:)
I luv toms I have an ocean blue pair
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