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Ariel Castro was found dead in his prison cell last night.

His attorney, Craig Weintraub, acknowledged this morning that many will likely say "good riddance," but said that he planned to "get to the bottom" of the circumstances surrounding the Cleveland kidnapper's death. "This is a human being," he told Savannah.
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this psychopath didn't enjoy being locked up very much, did he?
What!!??!!.....That was far 2 easy! Yeah, he was a human but so were the victims. And he shuld hv spent those yrs n captivity! He wasn't a coward wen he did what he did! He shuld hv stood up and took his just dessert like a man! That was Cowardice!!!
Maybe we should give all criminals this option - to kill themselves?
It certainly would bring down the expenses for keeping them locked up and less need for more prison cells.
Buh-bye! Go ahead and get to the bottom of whatever you think you need to get to. This motherfucker started planning this from the day he was arrested. Remember how clever he was at hiding those women and all the atrocities he perpetrated? Well, he was just as clever at planning his own suicide. And he got over. On all of you. Again.
Oh wait! He was denied sex change surgery! That's why he killed himself! 
+Jim Chatman I'm not talking about innocent people, only criminals who was found guilty by the court of law should get the choice of killing themselves.
Couldn't of happened to a better guy.  
+Jim Chatman unfortunately mistakes happens but I'm pretty sure it isn't that big a problem, especially after they started using DNA tests. Also the suspects are put through a mental test and if it shows any signs of depression or despair, they most likely will be sentenced  to undergo psychiatric treatment.
Well I'm sure it wasn't an easy death like the one we would give him.
+Jim Chatman seems you really have some problems in the American justice system that needs to be fixed - I can only speak for European standards and they are obviously quite different from the US standards.
Of course no one wants to experience family members or friends to be mistakenly convicted, but I still believe and trust that the justice system works.
I'm more of a " Right to Life for the innocent" pretty much to Hell with the guilty.
How can some one live after doing so awful n sinister.
+Jim Chatman Thanks for the lecture about the American justice system, I feel fortunate that I do not live there. It also makes it easier for me to understand why Americans think and behave like they do.
It’s not necessary to pick a number to decide how many who gets the option to commit suicide – all prisoners who are given the sentence prison for life should get the opportunity to end their own life.
I’m going to answer your questions, but first I want you to guess my answers.
U do crime u sooner or later will pay for it u do it all to urself
+Jim Chatman Caucasian was correct.
I'm left of center (socialist but no communist). 
I'm not religious, I take responsibility over my own life and decisions I make in life - I don't need a religion to tell me what I can do and what I can't. So I don't believe that any God or Gods will judge me or my doings.
I oppose death penalty but advocate abortion.
I abhor racial and religious oppression.
... and I think that the US President/Congress is about to make the same mistake as they have done so many times before and failed. They really shouldn't attack the Assad regime because they can't finish what they will start there and Syria will become another Afghanistan and Iraq.
He may be gone but the women and child r still here dealing with what happened to them forget this waste and focus on something better!
I respect your view and concerns, I still think it would be an interesting option to chose yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life behind bars and be no use to society or to end your misery. There's really no point in rehabilitating them since they will never be let out into society again - it would be a waste of resources. I see no purpose for them to sit in prison and think of why they are there for life - it still won't undo their deeds. That's more about how the victims and their relatives will feel if they think they are having a tough time in prison repenting.
I agree with you on the marijuana issue, eventhough I think it's stupid to use it other than for medication, but hey if people want to risk fucking up their lives... as long as it doesn't make them psychopathic or schizophrenic.
+Jim Chatman I perfectly understand your point of view, but I just think that we give the criminals way to much attention by 'taking care of them' while they 'rot' in prison. I would prefer that they had to perform community service, but the way that the American prison system is working I'm not sure that will be possible - the labor they would be carrying out might compete with private companies.
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