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Chad Johnson -- MARRIAGE OVER ... Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce

Chad Johnson's wife of 6 WEEKS has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned. Evelyn Lozada filed legal docs moments ago in Florida, claiming her marriage is "irretrievably broken."
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HaHhahahahahahahahhahahahahah 6 weeks Moron
This dumbass will now be broke as T.O., the other dumbass. These two idiots should do a reality show to make some coin.
He had a reality show already set up with his soon to b ex. 12 episodes were already completed......cancelled. Watch Hard knocks this week
And these women constantly chase after these prince charmings. Yeah right, so how is the fairy tale looking now...
ohh...i thought it said "claiming her husband is 'irretrievably broke.'"
 With no prenuptial,  K Morgan's previous thought  will now become a fact. lol.
He head butted her. He was cheating
She knew his ass was seeing other women, cuz on one show she told him to check in with her in regards to him sleeping with others.
That was quick, another kim and chris humphries ordeal.
+Cher Monroe  I don't even know why this whole topic is trending anyway it was a waste of time.
she's a gold digging whore!! now that he no longer has a job she wants out!! plus im sure the recent conviction had something to do with it too
... I mean he HAD to know this wouldn't last... hope there was a prenuptial agreement involved! 
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