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Huge Fight Between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean

Story developing...
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Wait it Chris Brown and frank ocean or drake and frank ocean ??
Walt B.
From the sounds of the story,Frank came to start shit with Chris. In his place,I would've beat the shit out of Frank for even blocking my path,fuck a handshake.
Allan R
Damn! Two R&B singers fighting. You would never see Keith sweat and Al B Sure doing sh!t like this. Damn youngsters.
The two most confused artist in the industry right now. One don't know what color he wants his hair and all ways acting a dam fool.  The other don't know what he wants. Men or Women?  Just kiss and make up!
Guess Chris was upset when Frank Ocean said he couldn't suck his dick?
Stop it already YA NOT INPOEINT*
All that damn $ n these fools wake up n go to sleep upset. Smdh 
fighting isnt a solution for problems gzzzzz!!!!
R&B beef? Get out of here!!!!!!🙊

i mean no!!! fight is a fight and have no solutions for the problems
SLAP FIGHTS! I envision it looked like to cats fighting...ahaha
This is funny. A parkin!!! A yo.....Who would win in a 1 on 1, Chris or Frank?
CB is a pussy ass nicca en he need to get fucked!!!!!!
Y'all still chatting about this shit
I Agree with Allen's just not that deep!!!!
Chris brown deserves everything he gets 
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