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Country singer Randy Travis was arrested last night in Texas on suspicion of DWI after crashing his car.

He threatened to SHOOT & KILL the troopers who arrested him for drunk driving last night ... this according to the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.
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Oh how the mighty have fallen.
terrible..i can't belive that it can happen
That mug shot says "I came to party. "
He will be singing the Blues after this...
It is ALWAYS the quiet ones.....LOL
Pete R
He also showed up naked at convenience store prior to his crash demanding cigarettes
The DUI was nothing, the threatening of the officer is a felony!! Sounds like he has some material for another country song!
sigh I don't get why MOST celebrities screw up after they work so hard to become where they are and they just mess everything up with either alcohol or drugs or something...
Some people would kill to be where they are but then when they here that,.... What would they think?
this is why poeple shouldnt drink say fucking bull shit and to dumm to remember now if the troopers took to any kind of threats from a drunk then shame on them lock there asses up throw the key far away.
Turns out he had a brain tumor you animal get off Randy
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