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Lindsay Lohan: I Won't Be In Court ... I'm Sick

The judge could issue a warrant for her arrest if the excuse proves bogus.
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P PP Pp pp lease the danggum judge has let her go this far so why bother
Good girl turn bad... Bad girl turn worse
they need to quit messing around with her and lock her up just like they would do anyone of us.  
Lucky heffa! If she was in South Carolina, her ass would have been done.  They will arrest you for one weed seed.
WTF???am tired of this bitch en all her drama.sm1 drown her plzz
If I said that I be in jail
She got a new attorney and I heard the judge said she was glad to know she was "feeling better". If they don't nail her to the wall this time. Then her court room is a joke.
It's getting to be a joke... shes a joke..
If I was to miss court they would lock my ass up. So take her ass to Jail! 
she was seen shoppin & smoking @the same damn tym her new attorney claimed she was too sick to move SMDH
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