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Octomom on set of her first self-pleasure video shoot.

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Need we remind you that she has FOURTEEN children...
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I'm surprised that lower black box isn't bigger.
looks like she's taking a shit
Nothing hotter than having children in the double digits.  We really need punctuation for sarcasm.
damn the thing one does to provide tisk tisk. oh wellllllllllllllllll some one gots to take it in the assssssssssssssss haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
yuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppp a walk of shame is in order i thin yes?
So gross. Come on girl. Get a clue. Have some self respect. You are someone's Mama.. oh, that's right.. you are Mama to 14 kids.. Do you think they would like to see you in this way when they are older? Hmmmm?
gross, i want to take a melon baller to my eyes now
baby clothes really that shits nasty
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