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Jason London -- Arrested, Beaten and Crapped His Pants ... Allegedly
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He sure has gone downhill. I hope it never makes news that I crapped myself.
You can get beat up and arrested all you want, but shit your pants once and you're scarred for life
I am glad that the bouncers kicked his ass because he was absolutely correct when he told the policemen that he can buy his way out because he's a movie star.  I know there are many decent famous people out there, but they need to remember that they, like everyone else at their job, are replaceable.  If I were the police, he would have been cleaning up that car - he's lucky he wasn't in Baltmore - trust me, his face would look much worse.  What a total loser.
LOL - Thank you +Scott Christie  - I don't even know, don't care, but he is obviously in love with himself.  Just another over-paid Hollyweird jackass that we DO NOT NEED.
I agree who is he and what was he trying to impersonate.
He was actor on dazed and confused it seems. Doesn't sound like the role
was a stretch.
Unfortunately, I think he was being himself.  I have no idea who he is either, so if he ever reads anything on Google, he may get the message that no one knows him and that he's a total jerk.  Of course, it sounds like he loves himself enough for all of us.
Thank you +Scott Christie.  I didn't even see that movie or t.v. show, and never even heard of it - must not have been very good. 
Dazed and confused was a cool movie. Worth checking out especially if you appreciate retro style movies. 
Lol he got the crap beat out of him. I crack myself up!!
"Took a dump in the cop car" simply awesome!
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