This is a rare view of Oneonta Creek freezing over.

Oregon received about a weeks worth of freezing temperatures, causing the beautiful Columbia River Gorge to become a zoo of photographers, each doing their best to capture this rare event.

The freeze lasted long enough to get some really good ice buildup on the myriad of waterfalls easily accessible from the highway. With the absence of precipitation, the roads remained clear and easily navigable. The longer the cold lasted, the more ice was built up, and the more that the creeks started to freeze over.

I entered Oneonta Gorge three times in a matter of days trying to get conditions that set it apart from the rest of the year. This location is popular in the summer as the low flow allows thousands of men, women, and even children to wade upstream to the beautiful waterfall at the end. It's a cool and refreshing activity and I'm ESTATIC that I have something like this so close to home.

The winter flow is different. It's deeper. Bone chilling. To get this shot I had to bust through thick ice in order to wade upstream, cross over a very large and icy log jam, dip back into the creek, and venture under walls with overhanding ice that would come crashing down every once in a while. It's a sight not many people get to see and I worked meticulously to capture every detail. I can't wait to print this the size of a building.

I still think that the image I'm chasing of Oneonta Gorge in a freeze is still out there. It might even be in my other files from this shoot.. which was on the morning of peak conditions. It was a Monday Morning. I spent 6 hours standing in icy streams, using my camera, and being in tune with nature. 

What did you do on Monday Morning?
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