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Recently announced: Samsung Takes Mobile Phone Sales Lead Over iPhone. But, as I note in the post, does Apple really care?
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Apple still makes a better product I have seen Samsung six months into the field and they really mess up looking. Plus too Samsung had a buy 1 Get 1 free in my state during the holidays what does that say about their product? 
hi Lamond, interesting. I haven't seen a buy 1, get 1. Wow. 
In the Connecticut Market Sprint was offering that on the SII. I have own every iphone since it launch and never had a problem with any of them I am sticking with them. I like my Apple ecosystem in my house.
I hear you Lamond. I'm an Apple fan. I only have an iPad2, tho. I have S3 but may buy an iPhone 5 in near future.
For those who like good things This doesnt matter ! 
Apple is just classy.
I have to agree Ian. Apple is elegant. I don't always agree with their strategies, as you may have read, but they are elegant, classy, and profitable beyond measure (almost). Thanks for sharing my post.