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Thought some of my education network might enjoy this. Plus, I'm building on this to look at how 3D is changing classrooms. #STEM #STEAM #EdTech #GoMakeThings  

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Saw a bunch of metal working stuff over the last few days and I won't be able to see a metal shop or milling machine again without thinking about +Jeff Tiedeken -- on the Fourth of July, I want to celebrate guys like him, too. They "protect" our leadership and creative position in the world by always thinking of new ways to get things done. Thanks Jeff.  Our freedom to innovate is inspiring. 
Follow the 3DRV Cross-Country Tour, led by TJ McCue, and explore the 3D design revolution. Sponsored by Autodesk, HP, NVIDIA, Jayco, Stratasys and FARO. The adventure begins May 17, 2014.

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Some of the wonderful goodness from my time with the Monkey, +Jeff Tiedeken -- You only need 2 things in life, to make something -- guess what they are.

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I thought I would just ignore LinkedIn's latest, but now after reading this, well, I'm reconsidering. Thanks Shelly. 
LinkedIn just got a lot more like Facebook. Shocking, isn’t it? Last week LinkedIn announced two new ways for premium members’ profiles to stand out by adding additional room at the top of the page

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Jeff, you are such an inspiration. Wow. Thanks for all your time and thoughts a couple of weeks ago. Still working on a video about our visit. Sorry I missed you on your trip nearby. We have heard about some other spaces/places you may want to join us on #3DRV  
Rockin Chairs !!!!!
People always wonder what I do to make money to stay alive because everyone thinks all I do is build crazy projects for myself all day.... Then I explain I don't really make any money and am poor because I am addicted to what I do and spend all the money on...
People always wonder what I do to make money to stay alive because everyone thinks all I do is build crazy projects for myself all day.... Then I explain I don't really make any money and am poor because I am addicted to what...

TJ McCue

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3D Printing fans, here we come. We're about to head around the USA for 8+ months in an RV taking the pulse of 3D -- design, printing, scanning, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Here's a mockup of the RV with maker-oriented wrap job -- have some amazingly supportive sponsors who have helped make this intense trip a reality: Autodesk, Stratasys, HP, Nvidia, Faro, Jayco, and a few others. The site is not launched yet, but will be (pretty good name, huh?)
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Awesome TJ! The site looks great. I'm looking forward to following along.

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I'm ever-curious to explore ways that 3D is changing our ways of inventing, of making, of creating. For me, 3D is way more than just printing. It is about design, about computer vision (capturing via 3D sensors, scanners), about software. Like many of you, I see where it intersects with IoT, the Cloud, and how other hardware is influenced by 3D tech. If you have ideas you'd like to share, ping me.
Cheaper printers are bringing it outside R&D departments.

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Hey +Jeff Tiedeken The Big Man and I thought of you this week when we saw these machines... Don't ask me what they do or were used for! #3DRV rules
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rad - Thanks TJ that looks great

was there other photos with the bikes?

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So we flew the #3DRV  quads yesterday.. I'll give all the deets in a post later, but here's a photo of Pete Kelsey using his UAV wisely. 

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Cool! (Okay, I see rewrapping's not a talent of his yet.) Where's the Maui vid? :-)

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This #3DRV  Wrap Job is almost done. Check it out. I think our roadtrip will capture some attention...
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Let us know when you're coming through Chicago!
I am into 3D. I craft content strategies, produce content. Write for Forbes, About, #3DRV, and other places.
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Not a grocery store. A convenience store. You should update your listing.
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We live about 90 minutes away from PA, but we head out to Tendy's pretty regularly. We love it. We've spent a lot of time in China and it is as close to the homestyle food you can get a little restaurant there. Sure, some of it is Americanized, but the flavors are good, the veggies fresh and not overcooked. We love the salty stringbeans, spicy eggplant, and a number of other dishes. We have taken several Chinese friends all with good remarks. It is worth a stop, particularly after a good hike in Olympic National Park. Several people have commented about the service and waitstaff being unfriendly. They are friendly. English is not their first language and you have to take that into account. It isn't always easy for a non-English speaker to make small talk. Perhaps our experience is different because we've been going there for years. They don't know our names, but they recognize us. The service is good. I go there for the food, though.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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