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Content Marketing for SEO example: your client gets quoted in a local paper? You turn their quotes into a 1500 word post.

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Google's documentation on this kinda sucks as usual. So here's how to update Google AMP Cache pages/URLs.

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Facebook makes it hard for businesses to reach your News Feed. You probably think that's a good thing. You're right. Here's why.

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The content you market is not about you. It's about your audience.

*ADVICE NEEDED* Know of any great case studies or portfolio examples of Real Estate online marketing?

Hello Real Estate community! I'm an online marketing consultant and I'm doing some research. What better source than the most active real estate group on G+?

I need your help!

Can you point me toward some great case studies or portfolio examples of Real Estate online marketing?

--- Background ---
My company helps real estate agents/teams with their online marketing. We're looking for case studies or other killer examples of content marketing for
real estate.

We have a great system worked out for content marketing projects, but we're having a hard time finding examples of other people using the same methods (in real estate, that is. It's everywhere in other industries' online marketing efforts).

--- Why I'm asking ---
So since we're always trying to stay ahead of the curve, we're researching other successful real estate SEO/marketing agencies to see if we can find any case studies or portfolios that we can learn from.

There's plenty of work to go around, so we're not worried about competition with other agencies or anything like that. Just want to research other examples and keep improving ourselves!

--- Can you help? ---
If you know of any agencies or case studies out there, please let me know!

Thanks very much, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Hello G+ Real Estate community and moderators! I have a discussion/question I'd like to post here. Looking for a certain type of online publishing/marketing example. Is that something I'm allowed to post here asking for?

I'm happy to send the full text of my question/post to the mods via private message or something similar if it requires approval.

Please let me know!
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Totally! Post it, dude!
Sorry, not allowed.
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