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T. J. Brumfield
"You see us as you want to see us; in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions."
"You see us as you want to see us; in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions."

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I just discovered you guys and it is great to see that the love for D6 Star Wars hasn't died out, even if WEG has. I see you guys have great community books and I can't wait to dig through and read them.

One classic WEG book has always eluded me and I don't know if anyone knows where to find it:

WEG40148 X-Wing Rogue Squadron Sourcebook

I've seen the White House alternate between Republicans and Democrats in my lifetime. I'm not a partisan. I don't see one party wholly as the enemy or automatically assume that one party is entirely correct.

I didn't assume the sky was falling because Bush or Obama was elected. I knew with both presidents that they would have some policies I disagreed with. But I also believed that they sincerely wanted to serve the American people.

The American people did not elect a partisan politician. They elected a vicious demagogue. They got in bed with someone who they thought would attack their enemies, but unlike a traditional partisan politician, this isn't someone who is on the same page with half of the country.

Politicians are often insincere or dishonest on some level, but Trump is the most dishonest American politician of my lifetime.

He is also bitter, juvenile, incompetent, sexist, racist, selfish and short-sighted.

I've always known that the United States was a loose conglomerate of disparate people with varying beliefs. But this is truly the first time in my life that I feel utterly alienated by the country I've always loved.

I can respectfully agree to disagree on most any political topic out there. But I cannot begin to empathize or respect the desire to hand the reigns of this once great nation over to someone like him. In every way imaginable he represents the worst of humanity.

I joined the Marine Corps out of patriotic pride. But when I think about what it means to be an American this moment, I only feel shame.

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I have the first edition of this and it is a really fun press-you-luck dice game. It is run trying to earn shiny gems. You can spend your gems (victory points) to gamble and hopefully win more.

There is a second edition on Kickstarter that is already funded. If you jump in now, you can help unlock some awesome stretch goals.

You can get the game (and the Gems of Norcia expansion) for only $25. It is well worth it. If you like playing board/dice/card games, this is an easy game to teach, so it is easy to get out on the table.

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What is it like to work IT in a large company?

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Star Citizen has a fly-free week going again. Create an account use promo code SUMMERFREEFLY2016 and play for free.

I'm doing an online survey about gaming. It asks me to put in a number of Steam games I own. And it tells me the number can't be higher than 99.

Historically I don't have much time for gaming, but I buy basically every Humble Bundle and have all the money go to charity, as well as buying probably 3-5 games every major Steam sale.

I just cracked 900 games in my library. I'll never play most of those. And that sounds excessive, but I never feel guilty buying the Humble Bundles when the money goes to charity.

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In the Steam sale right now, there is a retro platformer for $1.74 that is pretty great. It is called Life of Pixel and you play through classic consoles and computer systems. You advance through systems like the ZX Spectrum and NES to the Apple II and Genesis. If you like classic platformers like Mario, hidden secrets and the like, it is hard to go wrong for less than $2. Even better, it is supporting an awesome company.

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Brightlocker allows people to submit game ideas and vote on them. If a game idea gets enough votes, the game gets put into production. I have submitted two game ideas. Please take a moment and vote for them please:

Tactical RPG set in feudal Japan with a strong narrative.

Diddy Kong Racing meets Spy Hunter and Roadblasters.

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There is a new MMO in the works where you age and die. Different roles in the world have different rates of aging. If you play the king in the kingdom, you die much faster. A peasant has a much longer life. Quests are non-repeatable. It is action oriented and meant to be played with a gamepad. Player skill matters.

And it is earn to play. Complete quests and get story points. Turn those in and get a new soul point. When your character has permadeath (10-14 months on average) you need a new soul point to play. This is where you buy back into the game, but you can earn those soul points for free in game, meaning no subscription model or buy-back.

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