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We turn 89 today. Sure, we've had a little work done over the years, but we're still the same news magazine at heart. As always, thanks for reading!
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I was in China, so no way to see the Chinese version of Time magazine, very sad!
I remember when you were so little Time.
I'm renewed till May 2015 :-)
Happy Birthday, time happens to be on my side!
What a milestone! Happy Birthday!
Wish you keep young as well as more
Happy birthday from Taiwan! How are you gonna celebrate today, +TIME?
This seems illogical, paradoxal, and other big science words. How can time have a its birth? Was it not always around? Or is because it is man made then that's why we celebrate it. Oh man muh brains hurt! Nap time.
Happy Birthday +TIME ! Here's to another 89 years of great work!
You don't look a day over 90.
Happy birthday and congratulations !
happy birthday to TIME!
Happy BDay! i would definitely say that the magazine cover has kind of changed.
Happy anniversary ! Glad to have u !
It's so easy to read Time on my Kindle Fire, love it. Years ago when I was young read the whole issues in the car, coming & going to work. Happy Birthday...
Congratulations. I also have the same dream of founding a long lasting popular magazine in Rwanda. You inspired me.
is that true that you will release exclusive badge on foursquare?
احب الحب واحب اللى يحب
good job!!! have blessed years ahead
+TIME when both of the badge will be active? can you share with me the unlock text message?
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