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Facebook’s public debut — the largest tech IPO in history — underperformed expectations Friday, jumping 13% to hit $43 just minutes after trading began, only to quickly retreat to the initial offering price of $38.
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And this is what happens when a company that is overpriced makes a a public debut.
I´ve been disappointed with fb since before the IPO
* puff * * puff * * puff * * puff * * puff * * puff * * puff * POP!
Facebook's $16 billion IPO one of world's largest
Facebook's IPO one of the world's largest, prices at $38 per share to raise $16 billion
Hey, that's just like the experience of actually using Facebook!
Hey people, lighten up! We are witnessing history in the making: a new bubble. The article points out the lack of transparency, etc; not to mention FB's already has a pretty sketchy record of insuring users' privacy.
It's at 38 now, but only because the market is now closed. I'm sure lithe price would have continued to drop otherwise!
Take note, those that buy now will smile to the bank because i see alot of feature in this company. 900 million people using one thing is not a joke.
+Danlami saad then why is it with 900 million people using, they can't figure out how to monetize it?
+Danlami saad then just lost $10 million in revenue from GM, because GM "didn't see the value" in advertising on FB.
Take note; finally, after the and housing bubbles that destroyed so many households, people are learning that there is no get-rich-quick-scheme bandwagon to jump onto.
And, btw, for that 900 million; "Active User" is defined as someone who logs on at least once a month...
What's sad is that Wall Street thinks that $38 is a "low" price. The reality is that FB is doing far better than Mark Zuckerburg could have ever imagined. He finally monetized his creation (if you really want to claim it's HIS). Now that those shares are bought, he can pocket his share of it. Share price now, means nothing to long as it's above $0.01. After all, he still owns over 50% of the shares. The other issue is how are the rest of the shareholders going to value FB when there is no real revenue generation in the first place???
+Dejan Jancevski exactly right. A few people are getting rich off the hype and a ton of people are getting played. Once again.
This is sad this company, if you can call it that, only has 3000 employees and make s no money...what is wrong with this picture...This is greed, but by the TECHIE Left , so its ok..
+Dejan Jancevski: Low Price? Well, it's depends on the angle you're looking from. Now $FB can be shorted all the way down... so, yeah, it's a low price for those who will short sell this stock. :-P
yet this gossip forum just sold shares for over $30 a pop.....
Mr Chukwu,you are wrong,you have a big difference bewteen a gossip site and a Live journal social net working site,gossip social networking site,would talk about you,behind you,while a live journal social networking site,would link you and your friends,individuals and family,by typing what you want shared,i know so,do you think so.
Andrew Kene.
I meant,don't you think facebook is a live Journal social networking site Mr X Chukwu.
Andrew Kene
Thank god this is almost over. So sick of hearing about facebook's ipo. Big deal
This Is what i call boring
JP Lang
Was anybody surprised? I mean really, surprised? Too much hype, IMHO.
I am not sure if other think same or not but I think FB bubble will explode sooner than later. I don't understand what is making people to invest so heavily on this.
There's a trend: the more company is getting social, the more money it is able to earn. It's time of Business 3.0 model, when technology is only a key to bring people together. FB is one of good examples.
That's what I say ... what is it really other than few PHP pages :D
FB has no other value than it's members, they are sold and data mined.
It's resource that looses value every day because of the " financial rapist sector "
Just an opinion, I may be wrong.
I agree with +Bradley Tremelling . I read somewhere that in each quarter, FB earns $1.5/user. Not sure if it's true but that go with your view of data mining
Greed will destroy Facebook. Everyone just want a piece of it.
well no wonder, a starting ipo of 38 dollars is horrible
What's fun is that every trader/company at stake says "Yes, it's short of expectations, but hey, it's 'OK' because it's normal. It will explode soon". Gosh. Keeping the hype running.
jesus, id never put any of my money in friction Facebook
The last few years have returned the smaller market of retail investors back to value investing?
sounds right, I would just stay away from Facebook, everyone predicted it would spike then drop, it really only went up 5$ then went back to the starting price. Even worse then spiking and then dropping!
Facebook fail. Its already at its peak why would you buy now? I mean how much stock could you really buy at that price and think it goes up from here? Facebook is already in every country, where is the ceiling then? Good luck on trying to sell!
+Tom Castillo That's the thing. Everybody ( meaning the media ) push us to think "Facebook will grow exponentially". 38$ is already way too high but they want more. I call that the greediest IPO ever. Facebook spirit, anyway. ( But maybe there are others that I don't know of :) )
será que vai render??!! vamos ver , mas pode ser o inicio do fim , boa sorte nisso, os mercados é que vão ditar as regras...
jesus, why are we talking about a shit stalk, how about apple, i hope it has another spike i have over 500 shares in it
Did anyone got even a share of FB? I'm just wondering how is it to be a shareholder
yes, i bought a few.... i think its a total wast of money... i only bought a few because my i like the product, i would never invest in it...
good thinking! at this time we have to think!!
If you think things went poorly Friday, just wait till Monday.
Wait, wait... Guys, are you seriously judging a company's value by a single day of its presence on the stock market? Someone here has no idea about this stuff, and it's either you or me...

(But frankly speaking, I also smelled that coming. ;-))
Yes, i'm not going to trust the value for one minute, everyone knew that was going to happen, i bought 10 shares for fun, i'm not being serious with this company, i'm just going to sell next time it spikes, (Or if it spikes))
Half of my friends don't use Facebook anymore. It's gonna die off soon
it really doesn't matter who uses Facebook in real life... that has literly nothing to do with the price of the stock
Just don't see the investment potential. Feels like "flavor of the month"
خیلی خوب بود . تشکر
I 'get it' Micki. It is just a new way to get people that would not otherwise invest to do so and LOSE their money.
I knew it, droped almost half it's value
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