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"This lawsuit isn’t about getting compensation for products that were released in 2007 or even 2011, it’s about protecting the products that will be released in 2013 and 2015 and beyond."
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Apple has shown it's a horrible company. This would be like Ford suing Toyota after they released a car with 4 wheels. Apple hasn't innovated since 2007, that's why they have all the lawsuits.
There's nothing horrible about protecting intellectual property that you developed.  To say that Apple hasn't innovated is just gross ignorance.  Who would Samsung, Google and others copy if they didn't take patented ideas from Apple?
Mark Roehl
If you look at OS5 and above, there are gross ripoffs of Android (notification bar for one) yet Google would rather compete than sue. 
If you look at the entire platform, Android is a gross ripoff of iOS.  By the way, Apple has licensing agreements to use Google technology. 
Mark u right..william ur wrong. My freedom of speech. Lol. Android all the way
I like the last line stating may the best device win.  I appreciate iPhones, but when you use a Galaxy S 3, you know who's taking the lead.
tom H
this is and stays boaring, let them kick each other out of the market 
+A Castillo I would never deny your freedom of speech, but it would be much more powerful if you improved your spelling.  "UR?"  Are we on MySpace?
+William Beem Yeah, right...Would love to see Apple's earnings next quarter without Samsung selling them LPDRAM & NAND.  I wonder if there is IP in those technologies?  They are rectangle component packages after all....
And THAT my friend is more than anything, the reason that I suspect that Apple went after Samsung like they have.  They have no choice.  They are getting a technological beat down.
+Andrew Dorsey You really don't understand technology and business relationships, do you?  Instead, you're grasping at straws.  You realize that Apple PAYS for those chips, right? Samsung hasn't legally licensed or paid for the intellectual property that Apple invented, hence the lawsuit.

Keep trying, though.
I see more fanboi comments here than intelligent discussion.  Why am I not surprised?
+William Beem What technology has Apple invented?  As far as I know they put other peoples technology toghether in a plant in Shenzen and call it theirs.
Perhaps you could peruse the many patents owned by Apple to answer that question.  In this specific case, let's look at the Rubber Banding effect implemented in iOS that was used by Samsung.
Well, if Apple thought Android was a rip-off of their own iOS, why are they only targeting Samsung and not Google?

For that matter, most Android Smartphones (and even some dumbphones) have features that Apple claims are its IP, so why aren't those companies being targeted as well?

Hmm... I wonder what shape the computing industry would be in now if Digital Research Inc. had patented CP/M? :)
Did they patent the triangle and the circle too?
Wow, you people haven't done the slightest bit of research or education, have you?  +Ben Norwood , have you actually read the text of the lawsuit?  Do you understand the complaint at all, or are you just reacting to headlines?
+William Beem Apple's OS (whether mobile or desktop) is a gross rip-off of the technologies developed by others (Xerox and Palm).  This lawsuit is Apple saying "its OK for us to copy others, and then sit on our laurels, but nobody can copy us, because we're Apple"
+John Roepke You fail to understand the terms you use.  A "gross rip-off" is taking technology over the objections of the patent holder and using it without a license.  Apple buys businesses for some technology, invents its own technology and pays license fees where necessary.  Samsung didn't.  
+William Beem - aside from telling most of us that we just don't understand, that some of us need to grow up and that we haven't the slightest clue about what the actual lawsuit is about, how about providing a link or two?  Educate us?
+Kevin Larson Show some initiative and make an effort!  I did.  Why can't you?  Why do you expect to have others work hard just to hand over their results on a platter to you?

Oh, perhaps because you're just like Samsung.
Samsung chose to use Android, which is an open-source OS.  They're not ripping off Apple in the OS department.  Apple, however, used the same layout and setup of the Palm OS when the developed the original iOS.  Android didn't rip off iOS either, because the base technology is built on a different programming setup.  
GOOGLE introduces enhanced voice search app for iPhone.
APPLE files new lawsuit against android. 
+William Beem - I was merely playing Devil's advocate.  I am a Google fanboy yes, but I have never owned a Samsung product.  What I was alluding to but I am afraid that this got lost in our conversation was a more than a few posts above you, someone, obviously another Google fanboy provided this link:

And since I am in no real need of convincing (although my position of being pro-Samsung can be certainly corrected) of Samsung's stance in this matter.  And I do admit it is an imperfect understanding... it really is behooves you to provide something similar for Apple's side since you seem to be the one who has "self-selected" to be the champion in this debate for Apple.  

Don't get mad, +William Beem - for it doesn't really sell your case well.
It's a mixed bag for me. Apple is showing that they're desperate to keep their close environment safe. Samsung has impinged on some of Apple's designs, but has also exceeded them in may different ways. Size of the device alone should be a good demonstration of where Apple can't or refuses to go. Apple is now playing catch up after sitting so long on it's fairly standard and now almost rudimentary design.

Any releases going forward are failing to meet that innovation that people expect from Apple. Even the iPhone 5 (leaked images) demonstrate that they're now painfully entrenched into backward compatibility with size and design.

Samsung doesn't have a large 3rd Party base to support. If anything, they would simply support their devices themselves. Cases, connections and whatnot. Samsung took a lot of liberties, it's true. In fact, a lot of these phones took liberties... but when Android departed from the more iconic baseline iOS interface and made their ICS and JellyBean more multimedia based, I think they outmaneuvered Apple to the point where Apple can no longer act against Google. (At least, at the OS level.)

I will say that I'm disappointed that innovation by Apple seems to have stopped with Jobs. As I've had great respect for the company as a gloss/pretty innovator. Now the emphasis is so heavily on their closed ecosystem... eh, it's not worth buying into. They have the religious followers, but they won't likely gain nearly as much because of that slowdown.
+William Beem  and exactly what new products has Apple come up with. They just steal other's ideas and innovate a bit and patent every stupid little detail. Apple does not patent technology but procedures.  Slide left to unlock is quite innovative.
These trials make Android devices far more popular than the iPhone. This is all free marketing for upcoming Android platform revolutionary gadgets.
"depicting a thin rectangular cuboid with rounded corners" This is an example of a greedy company exploiting a flawed patent system.
Many years before the launch of the first iphone, we were using Sony Ericsson P series with a complete touch experience (by hand and pen ofcourse), with only help of a joystick at the left side. Then Steve Jobs come and put one more step on this technology by using capacitive screens with multitouch support. This is the way how technology advances. Now its time for Apple to admit somebody else took the flag and go further than what they did upto know.

However this is Apple's classic strategy. They banned the flash support from their devices to direct the users to Appstore and force them to stay in Apple ecosystem. But their announcement was about the power usage of flash. Again they don't want to accept the truth that they can't compete but instead trying to prevent other companies by suing them. Just pathetic....
+John Roepke Your comments here were really as irrelevant to the article as the price of tea in China.
Every time Apple goes after Samsung, it's sales increase in the Asian marketplace.  Keep this up Apple and you will soon go down the same global/public perception road as the American Corporations, the American Republican Party and Fox News.  The bully-American Mega-Company who can't out-innovate/out-think/out-maneuver has to rely on it's crony, vulture'ish lawyers to bring a zippy, upstart competitor to heel.  It's not the first time the West has treated the East this way and Apple is sure driving that damn old stereotypical response home again.  Thanks Apple! Way to play the "heel" or have you forgot?  Everyone loves an underdog!  I might buy a Samsung this fall when my contract runs out too.  Just to stick it to Steve Jobs legacy device. 
+William Beem Not true.  For someone who claims to be educated on the lawsuit, and the issues under scrutiny I thought you'd know that one of the biggest comparisons that Apple likes to make is their iOS homescreen (with rows of apps) and the Android App Tray.  To try prove their point that Samsung copied the iPhone to steal market share, Apple's lawyers continuously show these photos side-by-side.   

The underlying technology of both screens is different, and they overlying architecture of the phones are now industry standards.  It's a failed patent system that allows Apple to patent a rectangle with rounded corners.  
+William Beem If what apple is doing is fair then IBM shouldn't have allowed anybody in the computer market, Ford should have screwed every car company at first place, Motorola should have owned whole mobile market alone. If that would have happened, where the hell world would have headed? There would be only bunch of asshole Hitlers forcing consumers to buy their shit even if its not worth it. 
Apple didn’t invent phone or tablet, they only improved existing ideas. In fact I would like to ask Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?
Now they want all the market which became reality because of other’s hard work. Samsung and other companies own so many patents of so much valuable technology compared to stupid patent of round cornered rectangle, without them apple can make an empty black boxes no iphone no ipad nothing. But look what apple is trying to do? Using their technology but blocking them from entering in the market.
+Kevin Larson I just read it.  Interesting and I agree with the premise of the article that these documents don't matter unless a company has a patent and someone violated it. 
+William Beem - It's fine and good to be a fanboi in some cases. Unfortunately, it can end up being as rational as love for a particular sports team. Since you picked your sports team, I guess we'll see how it ends up? I do see that you're picking the low hanging fruit, though.

When the lawsuit says, "We don't care about what released previous to 2012, we're protecting our future products." Well, it should be easy enough to avoid those future products ... since they have barely budged on change for the last 5 years.

I'd recommend having no allegiance. Because they don't have an allegiance to you. It's safer that way. :)
+John Roepke It's interesting that you have an opinion, but it's irrelevant.  Maybe you don't like the patent system, but that's immaterial and irrelevant.  It exists.  Deal with it.
I agree with the article you posted as well.  There are some things that Apple has done so well that would seem better off in the hands of everyone and let the lawyers figure out the cost of using that technology by non-Apple companies.  
+Erik Collett I hate sports fans.  They're annoying.  The same is true of Apple or Android fan boys.
+Kevin Larson Here's the thing that annoys other companies.  Apple innovates and won't license its technology.  They want to use it, though.  Apple gets annoyed that they copy instead of making their own innovations.

I think we'd all be better off with more innovation and less copying, but that's just my opinion.
+William Beem And the patent system will be proven wrong as a result of this case, even if it has to go all the way to the supreme court.  In the UK of course they don't have that issue, Apple has been ordered to post "Samsung did not copy" on their homescreen as punishment for wasting everyones time.
+William Beem I'm not sure you understood that article. Also patenting and innovating are two different things. You can patent just about anything and that doesn't make it innovative
I've said this many times before, both privately and publicly, the things that Apple does well it does exceedingly well at and it's hard to not to give the devil his due.  I have no problem with that.  But lawsuits over the basic designs of phones the basic designs of apps?  I dunno?  That's like Ford going after Toyota for designing a sedan-shaped car with four wheels and the driver's side on the left?  I can see going after another company for stealing (using without paying due compensation) crucial tech, crucial components to the OS or to hardware that create the unique experience that Apple is striving for.  But truth be told, at least two or three companies were toying with a square'ish touch screen only phone for awhile before Apple cracked it wide open for the public. Nokia expressed regrets at not going down that road when it had the design in mind years ago in fact.  But their shareholders wanted them to pursue the feature phone, not the smartphone end of the business and they lost out on something big.  I tip my hat off to Apple for being first to the punch and best at it for years.  But these lawsuits are getting ridiculous. 
+Kevin Larson  IP lawsuits are a pain in the ass.  I sued once for copyright infringement and won.  The money was nice, but I don't want to go through it again.
+William Beem  "It exists.  Deal with it." If something exists, it doesn't meant it can't be wrong. Let me tell you US patent office so much screwed than anything on whole earth... europeans have much better patent system. For example about that idiotic slid to unlock patent of apple which existed in a device NeoNode N1m in 2004 long before iph appeared. UK court ruled it invalid but stupid americans still can't see it and blocking all the devices in US. 
So you should also deal with the fact that what apple is doing is completely wrong... They always rip off from others but sue others from doing the same. Apple has history of stealing from others since they stole Xeros's UI to make MAC. Now check how much they ripped off from android 
Apple copies a bunch of features from Android, calls it iOS5
Whatever happens in this court case I hope it forces people left, down the road of innovation and instead of to the courthouse.  I hope this scared some companies to be honest.
+Pravin Gangwar Are you really foolish enough to believe that the legal system has anything to do with your perception of "right vs wrong?"
+William Beem Not me but it seems you sure are foolish enough to believe in reality distortion field around you created by apple. That's why you are still going on and on and on.
+Pravin Gangwar Please write more.  Your naïve outlook on our legal system amuses me.

Look.  I buy Apple products and I use Google services.  It doesn't really matter to me who wins, but I do appreciate the process as it stands. The law favors a settlement. Courts simply cannot sustain a trial for every suit that's filed.  When it gets to this point, there is a very strong argument on both sides.  It's important to let them hash it out and see the result.
+Andrew Dorsey Yep :) btw In my country media is always with corrupt people :| I am not generalizing it but still in my opinion today's media doesn't give a damn about responsible journalism. They just want number of views/clicks per article to make money :/
Samsung should create their own product, apple changed everything now let's see if other companies can buy people back from the revolutionary change apple brought about, just as people left their Nokia phones to buy apple ones- other companies need to be different it's how people see the change
+William Beem You didn't responded to any of comment I made about apple but chose to write some gibberish and called me foolish and naive so look at yourself and see who is a troll here?
If your legal system is so right then why can't they differentiate between prior art and inventions? They way they are awarding idiotic patents for wedge shape and rectangle it surely seems your legal system is foll of idiots.
Btw your so called right legal system should award patents only when somebody has working prototype. Most of the apple patents are only in theory, they just reserve it so that they can sure others later. For example recent patent on google glass kind of technology. Google has working prototype so it makes sense to award them patent but why apple?
Anyway... I don't have time to argue with you so as we both live in free world, we both can keep believing in what we think is right. Next time come up with some better argument rather trolling and labeling others foolish and naive.
+William Beem now, who didn't do his homework? The prices of tea in china are more important than you might think. 
+William Beem ur best comeback is to attempt to discredit someone's opinion cuz they abbr.? C'mon. I'm just going to troll away: apple's behavior just sucks right now. Such whiners.
In fact, wasn't Microsoft the first company to release a computer based tablet before the iPhone?
In fact, wasn't Microsoft the first company to release a computer based tablet before the iPhone?
+L CM No, of course not.  I discredit them because they're lazy thinkers who don't know how to spell.
Apple deserves credit, of course for leading the cell phone industry to its current state. But, it cannot claim absolute ownership to the invention of touch screen technology. The market will eventually dictate the winner, which is TBD.
+L CM Can you point to any document whee Apple claims absolute ownership to the invention of touch screen technology?
protecting their future products... yeah, you do that apple because after Jelly Bean, only deluded apple fanboys will be buying your iphones. Fighting with lawsuits is just about the only thing they can do now isn't it.
+Daris Theerakulpisut How many people are running Jelly Bean?  Not many.  Not even 1% according to an article I read last week.  That's because the cell companies have no incentive to distribute it.  In fact, it costs them more money.  

Most Android users are still a couple of versions behind the latest release.  Yet Apple is showing outstanding adoption of its latest iOS release.

You can insult other people for the choices they make.  It doesn't support your position at all.  It just makes you look childish.  
No need to.  Better yet, I direct you to Apple's ongoing patent lawsuits.  As for the adoption of Google's latest OS updates, I am running JB.  Once again, the market will dictate. 
I'll never understand how you can compare android to apple unless your speaking on the droid which is now a google phone. If apple you let other manufactures use the iOS you wouldn't have an android. Like I keep saying you have to add all manufactures phone under 1 software to add up the sell of 1, only one iPhone. Wow!! But everyone has a right to like what they like and that's the bottom line.
+L CM Must be nice to ignore facts and live in your own little world.

Look, don't take it so personally.  I don't care what you use and it doesn't matter what I use.  Don't let your insecurities get so wrapped up in other people's business.
+Seth Hall True, but that wasn't the claim.  Android is popular, but Android updates are not.
+William Beem Don't make me laugh with your inability to think of an argument or a logical and sound point to counter but rather stoop to personal attacks on me.  I am not insecure. I can assure of that.  However, seeing as how you are the only one in this discussion that appears to be responding to specific individuals and continuing to stir up the debate, while at the same time trying not to appear to be hanging on Apple's nuts, would lead me to deduce that you sir are the insecure one in this whole Apple vs. Samsung debate. As I previously stated, you can give Apple credit for its accomplishments.  I, am telling you that the market, i.e., the consumers, will ultimately dictate the true outcome of this so called patent war.  Now, go and continue to suckle on whatever your heart desires.   
+L CM I noticed you never once found a document to support your claims.  Just keep making it up as you go along.
+Lyndon Bredenkamp I see no mention of Hollywood or other recipients as the post I challenged.  Again, show me the proof of the claim.  This just says they have a big marketing budget, not how they spent it.
It seems someone is on apples d/%k. Dam is just a phone. Apple is not giving you any $€£¥ money so . Who cares...
+William Beem It's also interesting that apparently your opinion is the only one that matters, as you apparently have all the answers.  Maybe the judge in the case should defer to your expert judgement since the case is all but won, in your expert opinion. 
+Lyndon Bredenkamp As I said before, prove it.  You're speculating.  Any of us can do that.  If you're going to make a claim, have something to back it up.

+John Roepke  Not at all.  If you pay attention, you'll see that I've agreed with other folks who have made valid points. I'm just not falling for the silly claims just because they're made with emotion or speculation.
Prove what?  +William Beem 
I'm speculating that they spent more than 1 billions dollars in advertising the iPhone and iPad?
He said:
Apple sprays money at the media and hollywood

The fact that apple spent that much on advertising is proof that what he said is true.  No?
What a surprise.  Apple has a marketing budget.  Who could imagine that?

So where is the proof that Apple blows that money on media and Hollywood?  Where is the deal with Conan?  

Marketing is more than advertising.
What a surprise.  Apple has a marketing budget.  Who could imagine that?

No point in talking to you +William Beem 
+Lyndon Bredenkamp Well, not if you can't backup your claims (or the claims you adopt).  You keep switching from point to point to point and then whine when I bring you back to the original point.
No my point was simple.  And there was only just point.  Apple spends a lot of money on marketing and therefore advertising which is what +Richard Lee  said.  The thing about Conan was not my point.  

Where did I switch from point to point anyway?  Now you're just making things up.

Good nigh, it's 3 in the morning here.  
As I suspected, you're confusing marketing with advertising. Richard's point is the one you chimed in to defend, but then went off on your own tangent about budget.

At no time did I deny any of this.  All I did was ask for proof of the claims Richard made.  Is it really such a surprise that Apple has a marketing budget?  Of course not.  That wasn't the point expressed, though.  The point was about how that budget was used. A claim was made and I asked for proof.

That's how you jumped from one point to the next.  You never addressed the issue being discussed.  Not that it really matters, but it would have saved us a lot of time.
Good exchange of comments. Intelligent, I hope so, since some of you cited your sources. I have to read more on this matter. Please don't stop your discussion.
What a lame article, they picked conan as there refrence or solid some1 could really sink. After this trial and if there is really justice in the whole system apple should perish and we read later in history books how corruption and greed led to distruction of such company.
Let's hope Ford doesn't decide to sue Chevy because Chevy also put 4 rubber wheels and a steering wheel on a car. 
Apple is sitting on 100 billion and still complaining. Does a boar ever get full?
+L CM - Apparently not... plus they charge a lot.

(har har har)
It doesnt matter. Samsung chose to copy then to innovate Apple products. 
+jenella herring I have another one, let's hope Microsoft doesn't sue all of the other voice sync systems that are popping up in all types of cars.  The list goes on and on and on.  The market will decide. I hear iphones start to break down 1 year after purchase.  Any coincidence a new iphone is released each year? But hey, if you've got the money to spend on a new phone EACH year, go ahead.   
+L CM, a new expensive phone EACH year......  

I do hope the judge looks at cars today, SUVs in particular. Has anybody noticed how today's SUV's look alike? And how different they were 15 years ago. I will throw TVs in the mix along with french door fridges. Not to say anything about canines, felines and others. Design, through the evolution of ideas, shapes, body dynamics, moves to create the most efficient way to attain a goal. That is why all the above examples show a convergence of design. Not stealing, it is just how things evolve. Samsung did look at Apples design choices and made changes to choices Samsung had made. Not always copying, sometimes improving.
+Aman Sharma  thats because that patent is still pending.
I think people need to play nice!  Both fanbois in both camps and the tech companies in general.  
Yes Apple have some very broad reaching patents which it is defending in court.  
But all of them that I have read.. ALL OF THEM relating to the cases so far, I can list examples of prior art which should invalidate them.  the fact is that the USPTO is simply awarding patents which should not be granted in the first place.  I hope that the outcome of this case is a great number of patents being invalidated, however I do think that certain models (the Galaxy S with touch wiz) do infringe on apple trade dress. 
I mean I hate what these apple lawsuits have done to the tech websites.  Its all about the lawsuits and not about the new awesome technology.
People please please stop with the mindless insults hurled at each other over nothing but an emotional connection and brand loyalty.

Just for my 2 cents of troll bait :) the nexus experience is the superior purely because I can use Google services on ANY platform (including IOS), I get more features and more frequent updates (note I said nexus) and I cant use Apple services on anything other than apple devices.  AND.... ATTACK!
I'm sure ya'll have heard of Moto's patent lawsuit against Apple.  research on +Google or +Google+ . Apple needs  little taste of its own medicine. 
I wonder if +William Beem has been following the USPTO outcomes on Apple's pinch-to-zoom & rubber-band effect "inventions".  
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