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Here's why a Texas father who killed his daughter's rapist wont face chargers.
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I support this.  Rapists should be flogged in public and have their genitals cut off and bleed out to death along with stoning and public humiliation!  They should rot in Hell where they belong!
Nice to see the justice system actually work for once...
i don't condone violence, but I would have done the same thing. The father does not deserve the indignity of prosecution after doing the right thing by his daughter.
"The grand jury aside, did the dad use excessive force?"
Yes, the father used excessive force... the rapist should have had a slower and painfuller death.
What father wouldn't do the same. Poor man & daughter. 
+Callum J Hackett i am amazed that you see this as an unnecessary death.  The way I see it this father has saved countless other innocent children from being abused/molested by that freak of nature.
ah yes the all mighty judicial system that lets repeat offenders off the hook all the time.  Good point you are totally right.  This bastard should have been kept alive to do this again to another child in a couple years when he is let out of prison for "good behavior".  You must not have any children if you feel that way.
+Callum J Hackett Sometimes the judicial system isn't going to work.  This act of violence is JUSTIFIED.  I support the father, for i would have done the same thing.  Death to pedophiles!  i support +Megan Diamond 
the way i see it, survival of the fittest.  this world is over populated with the dumbest, rudest, vial people ever in the history of man.  Unfortunately these are the people that are running this world.
This is not going to lead to anarchy, this leads to an eye opening movement that we as a people need to watch out for the defenseless in this country.  I would want justice to be done by the courts in a CIVIL crime, such as robbery or assault.  This was beyond CIVIL and therefore beyond the ideas of a Court.
I'm not saying that everyone should grab a gun and go on a shooting rampage but if someone is caught IN THE ACT fuck yea they should be shot or even better tortured before they meet their maker.  
Historical awareness has nothing to do with it at this point in the game.  Count yourself lucky that the court system is in place, for like my very first comment, Death in the most cruel of manners for the most cruel of nature.  You know what they used to do to pedophiles and the like back in the day, they were put in the City square where everyone could see and tied to a post and had a sign put above their head that said "Fucker",  for the acts they committed.
+Megan Diamond it always amazes me how easy it is for people to disregard another human entirely. Yes it is horrible to rape a child and the father did the right thing. But he still called 911 in a panic because he did not mean to kill that man. Doing the right thing doesn't always mean you get to feel good about it. 
+Callum J Hackett Barbaric and shameful and animalistic?  If you  call it that then so be it, however I think of it as "RULE BY FEAR!"  make them fear the consequences and they will stay in line. Threaten by fear without force, if it doesnt work then make good on your word and use force without regret!
+Bryan Young im not saying anyone should feel GOOD taking another persons life.  But in this instance i'm pretty sure i would have felt pleased with myself for making sure that bastard did not repeat this with another child. 
The girl will now sleep peacefully at night knowing for CERTAIN that her rapist is dead and will never come back.  
Don Simms
That's a proud moment because as a father I'll kill anyone that touches my daughters in any kind of way that might be questionable. Let alone if they actually did rape them... Torture before death comes to mind.
America couldn't punish a father for doing what dads are meant to do. If you punish him for protecting his child, then what's next? Damn right let him walk! I'd like to shake his hand and buy him a drink to congratulate him for being a good father for protecting her. 
I believe rehabilitation is too good for people who commit an act as Vile as this.  
Callum, it is not a sense of "superior morality"  that causes so many people to stand behind this father -  it's simply morality. It is immoral to rape anyone and especially heinous to assault a child.
And btw - the very first article's I read concerning this all stated that the father came running in answer to his daughters screams. He saw the man attacking her.  I also read early on that there was a  corroborating witness.   
Chimps.  HAHA.  yes by evolutional standards we are no more than smart monkeys.  But that is not the case!  you cannot tell me that if you had a daughter, or son, that was raped that you would not want to see the perpetrator dead.
when it comes to protecting my child intelligence has NOTHING to do with it.  I would be a PROUD enraged "chimpanzee" if someone did this to my child.  
yea i have and and eye for an eye makes the world blind.  but there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule.
you are trying to reason with emotion, it will not win or work here callum.  Im sorry but when it comes to the safety of a child, the courts have no say in this matter of mendacity 
it is permissible in a society such as ours where FEAR is will  be the only thing to keep the TRUE "ANIMALS" In line!
now you are being transcendent +Callum J Hackett , why are you defending the idea of even giving an evil person a second chance through any means whether it be Rehab or by a judicial system? 
Excuse me, but do not compare me with those idiots who run the country!  And do not say I am ignorant for speaking from my heart on this matter.  I would gladly kill a man to protect someone i care about.  You have no room to judge me +Callum J Hackett .
Of course two wrongs don't make a right - this father did not set out to commit a wrong (unlike his daughters attacker) - he set out to protect his child.  Read the transcript  of the 911 call he made before the pedophile died - he was screaming at the dispatcher to hurry up - the man was dying.  He did not set out to kill even this monster.  But it happened and I say Thank God.
I do not condemn this man. The rage one feels when someone or something they love is being hurt. I will wager that this man feels regret for what he did. Hopefully this will give pause to those who label themselves "minor attracted", we will protect our children. 
Deterrents are the warning, the force makes sure that people are protected.
My heart goes out to that little girl and her awesome father. He's a hero. 
No, this father being let off has nothing to do with me.  But he is in fact an exception to the rule.
I condone protection of the weak and defenseless.  Thats what I condone. 
+Chris Jacobs he wasn't a vigilante. He didn't go looking for someone to bring to justice. He was a father who wanted to stop someone from hurting his child. It is very easy to kill someone by accident in a fist fight especially when you are enraged. He called 911 for help, he did not do the things many people here condone and encourage, he did the best he could. 
Anytime someone is killed at the hands of another we have a duty to bring the accused killer to stand trial by jury.  We can not allow the determination of appropriate force to lie in the hands of investigators.  This is why we have a criminal justice system with a trial by a jury of peers.

I don't doubt he was justified in his actions, and I am confident that a jury would find him not guilty, but we can't allow the precedent to be set.  

We must not forget, a man is dead by the hands of another.
I do not judge you, but you judge me?  okay i see how it is.  How bout this, take yourself and your judicial animalistic nature BS and GTFO!  for i have no time for a judgemental person from one to another.  as you so assume of me.
A stand-your-ground law states that a person may use force in self-defense when there is reasonable belief of a threat, without an obligation to retreat first. In some cases, a person may use deadly force in public areas without a duty to retreat. Under these legal concepts, a person is justified in using deadly force in certain situations and the "stand your ground" law would be a defense or immunity to criminal charges and civil suit. 
Nice to see the justice system getting something right for a change.
last line - immunity to criminal charges & civil suit
+Megan Diamond stand your ground laws are unnecessary, if the force is necessary, it will come out in trial.  Stand your ground empowers law enforcement to determine who is guilty and who is innocent.  I do not like the idea of giving that power to law enforcement.

We should be repealing Stand Your Ground, not expanding it. 
One of the few things I love about Texas. They must be purged from this world. Has anyone seen the first season of Borgia. They have a neat sawing in half trick. Down the middle the rough way, its public there's more than one and they do it one after the other so the next in line watch.
There is no such thing as self defense anymore. I say we go back to the old days. If somebody kills a person the murderer must die as soon as they catch him. Instead of waiting on death row forever! That's my two cents.
Im all for the stand your ground law.  It saves the victim from being charged unnecessarily.
But I wonder about the AP’s conclusion that the father was “authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter.” One blow probably would have been sufficient to separate the alleged predator from the girl

The problem here is what if the perpetrator had been armed?  The father has no way to know this.  The article doesn't specify exactly what the attacker was doing to her, but the attack could have killed his daughter.
+Callum J Hackett This really gets into the concept of free will and culpability, whether or not people can control these impulses. (I don't believe in free will, so this is what is informing my opinion.) I think the father's actions in this instance are understandable; were it my child, I might have (probably would have) reacted in the same way, and, certainly, the rights and safety of the child are the top priority here. No ifs, ands, or buts. The aggressor must be stopped at all costs, and I think the parental protection impulse alone might be sufficient to withhold pressing charges, even if further investigation found that extreme force might not have been necessary but was used nonetheless. In such a moment, a parent cannot be said to be reacting with rationality but with what is probably a hardwired survival instinct. (I'm sure we could debate this, though I consider it a finer point of the argument at hand.)

But I think these people are sick, not evil, and I do have pity for humans unlucky enough to have such impulses. Just as the thought of a child being molested makes me sick, so too does the thought that people are physiologically (neurologically?) prone to molestation or murder or derangement. We should be suspicious of the revenge impulse. The immediacy of a situation might call for extreme force, yes, but institutionally, the thought of executing or torturing people is, in my opinion, reprehensible, as you've said. If we can protect the rights of the innocent without killing the guilty, that, I think, is the preferable route to take.

It's simply a matter of luck and probability that you, I, or anyone else does not suffer from an inwardly or outwardly debilitating sickness that would make us dangers to other people.

Basically, a very long way in which to state my agreement with you.
I do not condone taking delight in ending a human life - even the sickest among us were once children and have or had someone that loves (or loved) them.  Whatever the circumstance - deserved or not - there are consequences when we take a life - and they are serious.  But that is not to say they are always punishable - or should be.
Give the dad a medal and bury the waste of human flesh with his balls in his mouth and his penis in his ass. Fuck it. Don't bury him.. that's what you do for humans..
I don't think even the father delighted in taking a life.  He called 9-1-1 for the man attacking his daughter and was described as being genuinely remorseful (I live in the area where this happened).

There's also a somewhat perverse logic when it comes to using force.  If you kill someone you a have a solid argument that your or a third party's life was in imminent danger.  If you merely harm someone you lose that argument.  If your life wasn't in imminent danger then you had no business attacking the person.  This is why in concealed carry classes they teach to shoot to kill.  Shooting to maim only opens you to lawsuits and raises doubts about the seriousness of the threat.
+John Mayson what i learn from weilding any weapon, if your going to use it, only use to kill.  And be ready to kill if it comes up, but if it does not call to kill, then keep the weapon out of the matter until such time arises.
+Callum J Hackett Because you have no children, your thoughts on the subject are null. A loving parent that understands their role to protect their own completely condones this man's actions. If you are unfamiliar with the responsibility of that role, you cannot understand the father's duty and right. This father is a role model to all self-respecting parents. He saved his daughter, called authorities, and felt remorse. Case closed.
It is alittle sad that when you shoot you should just shoot to kill cause of all the crap some burglar rapist or other scum can claim against you.
The laws on this are sick cause they're riddled with loopholes and exceptions. I'm sick of hearing about there rights and what they deserve. When a child has non and has to suffer threw it over and over again.
+King Cash Hold your horses, that is a little extreme.  The police do help, and revenge is not a way to go for everything,  This was one instance of where the Rules are non existent, the police you can trust in most cases.  
Robert Sullivan - well said - especially the last two sentences.  
good f@#king ridance,one less mother f@#king child molester on this planet.. I wouldve done the same thing...
I would never have the problem of having them in town and having to keep an eye out all the time. "They need a place to live too.." Throw them in an isolated city. Eliminate the chance of repeat offenders.
D White
The bottom line for me is that he would've gotten the same beat down from me. Yes a man died and by no means I'm advocating killing someone but when it comes to my child there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect mine.
in reference to +Megan Diamond 's comment just now, i can say i dont have any children, but i do have brothers and sisters all younger, and i know that if they were ever hurt id kill for them.  and die for them.  for all I have is my family.  as does everyone else here who understands that.
This father should be given a medal ! Child molesters should be tied up in the middle of town and burn alive.
This is one nice thing about Texas, we are nearly a nation unto ourselves. We wouldn't have joined the union without state sovereignty. I'm a TOTAL pacifist, but I can say i'd have done the same thing.
I would do the same without hesitation!
I am a pacifist. i hate fighting, i hate arguments, however i cannot stand or tolerate ignorance and violence on the defenseless.  I don not condone death to an innocient man or even another human being, however, this is one act i could never forgive.  
Wrong! He should look up the word total.
People are sick these days. If anyone ever mistreated my daughter I'd kill them too! What happened to the days when kids could just play outside without fear that some wacko will come around. I pray that things will change someday and I strongly believe in what comes around goes around! These people will get what they deserve.
+Callum J Hackett --really? You think I'd use a word without knowig what it means?? I've never hit anybody and I have no children. I still applaud the man. Insult is a form of violence... I've got a few choice names for people like you, but alas, judgement of others is a form of violence. I'll pray for you.
Now the million dollar question. If you kill someone in public and no one cares does anyone care he fell?
+Chris Jacobs was the police officer who shot the Miami "cannibal" a vigilante?  Why is it okay for law enforcement to kill but not for victims or parents of victims to do the same?
Wow Cecil your really not a pacifist now. Abusing a word. That's terrible. Lol
Omg John stop now. That was just... I can't even process that someone tell him what that was.
+Megan Diamond When seconds count the police are just minutes away.  Had the father waited for the cops to show up his daughter might have been dead.  It's not vigilantism, it's self-defense.
I was just saying that that would be the cops defense on the difference in them vs a civilian. I agree with you.
+Chris Jacobs how can you say it was vigilantism he did not take law enforcement into his own hands. He acted in a legal manner to protect someone else on his property. He did not try to enforce the law on him, he did not handcuff or try and arrest him. I mean this sincerely, how do you see it as vigilantism and what was his other recourse?
We collectively make decisions about what to do with convicted offenders. Hence, the jury of peers. He had to be unanimously acquitted, and even in Texas we're not all a bunch of backwater morons. There was at least one material nihilist, one secular humanist and one true christian (aka pacifist) on that jury. Whether or not we have free will (it'd literally have to be a miracle if we did), we've got a justice system that supposes we do. Otherwise, we'd call it a rehabilitation system. +Ian McNeill try to stop hating (dropping judgement of others is the best way to stop hate) if you want to REALLY get into pacifism. +Callum J Hackett is taunting you, me all of us and trying to consternate the issue. PEACE would have stopped the sex offender...that girl will never forget how her individual sovereignty (if there is such a thing) was violated, and it may affect her attachment strategy her whole life.
Callum I think you're taking the 'delight' sentiments too literally.  I think alot is said in these kinds of conversations for effect.  I do not believe this father is celebrating what he did nor do I think the majority of us here posting would celebrate doing the same if we were faced with a similar situation.   Most of us -  I think - would understand the gravity of taking a human life - even as we understood that sometimes it can't be helped.    
I'm no expert but I believe even when an officer kills or shots someone they go thru an investigation itself..correct me if I'm wrong
I am glad the father was not convicted. The court system actually worked for once. It is a father's job to protect his child. If it had been my daughter, I would have done the same. The real sad part of this story is that it happened at all. That poor little girl will be screwed up for life because of this.
Why do we have trials and procedures for proving a person's guilt or innocence? If anyone in this thread wants to consider the implications of allowing a man to avoid a trial be cause it seems right, pay close attention. What if I invite you to my home in about a year when my daughter will be 10 months old. I beat you to death with my bare hands, pull your pants down, and call the police and report you as a child molester. Why do we have trials? TO PREVENT THESE KINDS OF SCENARIOS! If he did molest her, I have no sympathy for HIM but some for his family. The point is, are we certain he did molest her? What is the best way to be certain before ending a person's life? Is rage an excuse for murder? Any rage? What if I hear my 17 year old daughter scream, run to her room and see a man holding her down I don't recognize? Am I allowed to beat him to death in a fit of rage? Would that be acceptable? And what if I hear my daughter say, after I've killed him, that it's her boyfriend that I haven't met yet? Even if what they were doing was wrong, is it worth killing a boy? Isn't this why we aren't supposed to make decisions based upon emotions? Shouldn't we try to get a few facts before condemning a man/woman to death? If possible of course. Again, if he did it, I have no sympathy for him. A trial would have laid it all to rest sensibly I think. We should never take the killing of a man/woman lightly.
To me, the Jury of Peers system worked.  Yes the force was excessive, but the level of self control was within what people using "common sense" thought was reasonable.  Things like this cannot be defined by lines in a book, and situations like this justify an expensive court system where crimes can't be simply defined by black and white rules.
+chris currence He was defending his defenseless 5 year old daughter.  All evidence pointed to that.  The 911 call was made by him and he was trying to save this child molester's life.  If he was trying to kill that scum bag, he wouldn't have called the police on himself.
Matt V
+Callum J Hackett "Unnecessary death" are you for real? Here's something real. The scumbag that got shot tried to stick his cock into that little girl. Forever her life is changed. I guess you don't have kids otherwise you wouldn't be saying such stupid things. You liberals need to forget criminal rights & focus on victims rights. I condone violence 100% when your children are at stake. I also believe pedophiles should be put to death. They are of no use in this already overcrowded world. Also the judicial system is a joke. They let people who are too dumb to get out of jury duty to decide people's fates. 
+Callum J Hackett The crime of passion sits in a gray area, for me, and the instinctual reaction to protect one's reproductive opportunity is also hardwired. It would seem that some people couldn't control such a response, and were a jury to let them off the hook entirely, I might blink an eye, yes. However, if the incident were truly isolated, truly fueled by whatever ill-defined evolutionary drivers were at play, I think one couldn't consider incarceration rehabilitative for this person; you'd have to call it punishment, and punishment seems to me to be standing on increasingly infirm ground.

Sticking this person in a cell would markedly not achieve two things: it would neither "fix" the murderer nor protect innocent people (not likely, anyway, though it might protect the legally innocent potential cheaters of his/her future relationships). I suppose you could make the argument that dangling the specter of incarceration for such acts might serve as a deterrent, but I'm not sure this possibility would often occur to someone who'd just walked in on a scene like that. To me, it depends on what we deem the purpose of any punitive action to be taken, the impulsiveness of the murder, and the ostensible risks and benefits with regard to rights protection, both to the accused as well as to the public.

However, it would seem odd to let the person off completely, without any kind of consequence for a passion-driven murder. I'm not sure jail would be the answer, though.

To answer your other question, I agree with you that the response here is largely emotive, which is both unsurprising and understandable. (I don't know how many times you're going to have to say you'd probably do the same thing. I don't have kids either, but the simple thought of something similar happening one of my siblings or parents sparks a palpable rage.) The fact that this girl was molested, of course, is utterly horrible, and positions this issue, as far as the father's impulse is concerned, into more defensible ground than the hypothetical you posed. But I think there is a rational basis that happens to support the emotions here, and justifies the court's outright forgiveness of the father's actions: the stakes, should the father have failed to protect his daughter, are much higher than those the betrayed lover would have faced. This was a defense of person rather than of dignity or pride or reproduction.

Further, the nightmare is one both the father and daughter will have to live with for the rest of their lives; they have both been violated irreversibly.
One of the many circumstances in which the eye for an eye would not work.
+Matt V I believe the potential rapist was actually beaten to death.
@Chris: you got to emotional dude. Its funny that you mentioned keeping your emotions out of this but that's exactly what you committed.
I agree with the father no facing charges, I consider myself a pacifist but facing a situation like this my instinct to protect my love ones will take over and will not be aware of the consequences after the fact, is good to see that the court system works.
+chris currence --what if he killed the guy upon examining the risk of his release from prison? Or sitting on death row. Let it be appealed to the supreme court and be done with it. Texas ALWAYS sides with the landlord, the employer, the property owner. Hands down, end of question. Lets just say the legal system tacitly approves of such cases of personal justice if there's reason to....saves public tax dollars. My guess is, as is usually the case, he was either methed ot of his mind, or had been abused himself. The reason parolled sex offenders have to register in public is because of the overwhelming repeat offense probability. Our punitive approach is really the culprit, but to exact an effective rehabilitation system would involve ethically and morally questionable techniques....
+Matt V So it's smart people ditching out on jury duty that's the problem with the justice system. People so smart they don't care to do their civic duty. 
+Jason Kalka And when I invite you over (as I spelled out earlier) I too will put on the best show I can to get away with murder won't I? What part of the scenario I spelled out is different than what happened here? The girl was old enough to say that he molested her I suppose. That does mean something. But what if she wasn't old enough to testify? How do we KNOW he didn't stage it?
If it would if happened in newyork the father would have been charged for murder & made an example if for taking justice into gigs own hands, in NewYork citizens risk there freedom when protecting themselves because they want all NY citizens to rely on the police & become accustomed to being cowards since they'll never or rarely have the chance to do things or protect themselves, it's as if the NY government wants the citizens to rely on the officers that shoot & murder men,children,sodomize & even rape woman....YouTube for facts,It's low.
I didn't even know the father called 911 to save the guys life. That means he's feeling a remorse the offender never would have. --I hope he gets enouh public support to make up for the event. Overwhelmingly we seem to agree hat he did the right thing all around. I just hope he knows that. I personally don't think he did anyhing wrong. But if there's no free will, are moral decisions even possible?
+William Roelker How did I get emotional? This is an emotional topic but that shouldn't be an excuse for taking the law into our own hands. Only when necessary is that acceptable in a society. Our emotions don't always guide us to do the right thing.
wow Callum you are a very stupid man if you have to bring up Hitler to make a point which has nothing to do with the current topic
round of applause for the jurry! good job! now, lets bring that sandusky fella to texas... eh eh eh.
i believe all child rapists or child murderers should be immediately shot
Guy did the right thing... I wouldn't have called 911...
+Cecil Harwell You guess he was methed out. You guess he was abused as a child. Do you know this? This is the problem. Until we have a trial where all the evidence can be provided and "guessing" is no longer necessary do we have the ability to make a proper decision as to the guilty party's fate. To refuse the attacker's family a day in court is dangerous to us all. That's my only point here. I'm not defending child molesters. I think it is probably at the top of my list of evil things in this world. I'm just saying that there's a process for a reason. We shouldn't disregard the process due to our emotions. We should PROVE that a person committed a crime before saying another can decide to kill him for it. This could open a Pandora's box which will be hard to close if we do let this go on. It would make it very easy for me to kill anyone I can get to come to my home and justify it by appealing to human emotion. That's my problem with it.
The simple answer is that it's not illegal to kill a non-human being, and rapists aren't human beings.
I would have done the same if I were this man. what if he would of waited for the police to arrive his daughter would be hurt badly or worse. If this would been my wife our daughter I would have tried for the same outcome. I would even give my life if it came to that. Our justice cant protect stuff that is happening split second. Basically what I am saying if you are married or have kids you have a duty to your daughter or wife to defend them. If you can't accept that don't get married or have kids.
I have to admit, even if it was someone else's kid instead of my own i probably would have killed him for it too.  
Cant lie I would have done the same
+chris currence --point. However, in Texas, he didn't NEED to construct a scenario, or alibi. An unsolicited stranger was unlawfully on his property. We're free to shoot first and ask questions later. So lets say he had no intention of molesting the girl. What if they just had some prize winning rose garden in the back yard. The father would have had the right to kill the man JUST for TRESSPASSING. Thus, far easier for a jury to acquit the father, he had no motive to construct a scenario that might have been necessary to evade prosecution in other states.
no death necessary -- just whack his weenie with a meat tenderizer
oh, and send his photo into viral
There is hope for humanity. Well done Grand Jury. 
I can't believe some people are against the father here, some even calling his actions that of a vigilante.  He found the guy in the act of trying to rape his daughter!  What was he supposed to do?  Run back to the house and call the police while the guy finishes what he started on his little girl?  Being a father myself I'm in complete support of him and the actions he took to protect his family.
A person who has violated the right of another to feel secure has forfeited his own rights. In Florida we too believe that deadly force is justified when such people make their decision to cause harm to another. For all you la la land liberals who think a perfect world is attainable, rest assured in Florida if imminent harm is befalling you or someone you know, my bullets will defend you and you will live another day. To all who would commit violence against the innocent, consider carefully the state your in because in Florida we look out for one another and your future may well be shorter than the act you intend to perpetrate.
I think the dad didn't mean to kill him if he did mean to beat him to death than he should've been jailed but he didn't mean to 
I think anyone in that situation would do the same thing!!
I Agrre With The Father. I All Rapist Were Caught And Not Allowed Move About Rampantly. All Youths moested assaulted rape would live better lives without fear. Many Female Can live comfortable lifestyles with their Mate.
+Paul Hickey --I'm a liberal and I'm not stopping you. Chill out please. Liberals are FAR less dangerous than you give us credit for.... now, I'm a native Texan, born and raised, so maybe a liberal Texan is something like a conservative Californian ....but I doubt it. ;-P
Good for that grand jury.  only sickos who cannot be changed rape especially a child that young.  It's against nature, so not sure what it is those goes on in the mind of those type of people.  Disgusting and deplorable only begin to describe it.
T- ilex
I think that he should be tried, this is America. Granted he should be found innocent, and given a medal. Myself, I would have crushed some of his 12 thoracic vertebra, and paralyzed him for life.
Obviously callum has no kids. If i saw someone raping callum i'ddo what the penn state people did, nothing. Callum if you could have a kid or was able to find a girl to have one with you would know better. Get off your computer once in a while. 
I'm not sure that I possess the kind of super-human strength required to keep from killing a man raping my daughter.  It's doesn't seem fair to expect this guy to.
I feel sorry for the little girl a very tragic day for her. 
No jury in Texas would have convicted him anyway!!! Gotta ❤ Texas!!!😊
Josh: Pervert assaults child. Pervert gets killed to death. No BS charges on the HERO.
I consider myself a non-violent person, but I'm also indifferent to the repercussions of the child abuser in this case. None of us know how we'd react to a situation like that until it happens to us personally. I'm left sad for the child at the end of this story. Is there ever really justice in the end of a story like this? My concern is with the child. 
I have to say I'm glad I fully read this article. It makes sense that he should not stand trial, it would be a waste of time and money. The father caught the Flores sexually abusing his daughter. It is not natural to fly into a rage at such a heinous act, worse still from a family friend. The plea would be temporary insanity, there was no pre-meditation and the father showed genuine remorse in calling 911 to save the mans life...I think many of us would find that a difficult thing to achieve. No jury could convict.

I personally have no children but I would act in kind if I witnessed this happening to any child.

In any case I think that the matter needs to be dealt with properly, people cannot be allowed to believe that this is "acceptable".
... a line from Pulp Fiction about getting medieval comes to mind ...

... it does seem strange that a child rapist who would prey on the vulnerable would take such a risk ... but what do i know ... i trust the evidence was overwhelming ... and most importantly ... may the emotional wound to the child heal completely .
I'm a bit surprised how many people side with the child molester.
He did what any father wud do. Good on him.
I support this decision whatever happened with the child will rage anyone. As a father myself I salute you.
Charges, not "chargers". I'm happy for the father, but I hope he can live with what he's done. I hope he doesn't get messed up mentally. 
You got that RIGHT! Texas.  A time to kill.
The guy that did this to the four yr old got wat was needed to be done for the girl. Of course the man did this at a family bbq. That's their favorite places to take advantage of a situation. Believe me..
.I know. God bless fathers everywhere who love their daughters.
I already know why the father won’t face charges; he didn’t commit a crime.
This man is my hero. I have a daughter and I would literally beat the shit out of anyone who did this
It's acceptable! This is an ideal outcome. (except for demise of perpetrator). Could of gone the other way, you know. Good thing Mom didn't have to pitch in. She would of probably done a Roca Magnata on him.

I still wonder about single-mom that snuck a gun into court and killed her daughter's assailant--she got ten years. Shudaduna Roca?

I was not molested, but a friend of my father was amazingly nimble while allegedly groping for his coat, which was on my bed, and I protested loud enough for all our guests to note. This man's family, and my father queried my tale, for decades.

My father, a show-off and a braggart invited this person to a house-warming party. This party was properly impressed, and wanted to leave collateral damage behind.
I believe, my father was the intended victim, in this case.

+Jason Nunnelley  No one is siding with the child molester. No one has even insinuated that his actions are to be tolerated or that the father shouldn't have intervened to save his daughter. One thing that literally every person on this thread agrees with: rape and sexual molestation are Bad.

It is mind-boggling how explicitly and repeatedly this has been stated, and yet people who supposedly revile rape are now wishing it upon those with a modicum of awareness that there is a moral question as to whether it is right to kill someone under these circumstances, or whether someone who kills such an assailant ought to be forgiven without trial. Frankly, some of the comments here are downright frightening.

The questions that run counter to the prevailing sentiment of this thread, for the most part, have to do with the medieval revenge impulse people seem so eager to employ and which informs what they view as the morally justified absolute punishment.

And, again, lest my intention be misunderstood—and to presumptuously speak on behalf of those who've been so viciously  attacked on this thread without warrant, for daring to consider the embedded moral ambiguities in this situation (not with reference to rape, obviously, which is immoral)—I support the fact that this father will receive no criminal penalties. His daughter was violated; he was violated; his family will have to deal with this tragedy for the rest of their lives. That is an awful, awful thing.

But it appears as if people are literally putting their fingers in their ears and simply hearing what they want to hear because they're angry. Well, I'm angry that this kind of shit happens, too; it makes me sick. But that's no excuse to aim pitchforks at people.
Murder is wrong....that said, if someone ever intentionally hurt my child I would kill them with my bare hands, too.
I agree the father does not deserve to go to jail over this.  However, I think the grand jury did him a disservice in failing to indict him.  Because murder has not statue of limitations, and who knows what could happen in the future.  If the grand jury were to have indicted him, however, and a jury in a jury trial found him not guilty, he forever is free of facing charges on this case again.

Case in point:
Former President Clinton faced multiple grand juries, double jeopardy only applies to an actual trial, not a grand jury.
I guess there is, still, a little justice left in the world.
Yea, well i would have done the samething, whether it was my kid or not. You cannot stand by and watch something like that happen. No sympathy for anyone messing with kids, period!
I wouldn't have stopped beating him, until I knew he was dead for sure.
Lawyers just complicate matters and try to steal people's money. Thieves, murderers, rapists, people who commit such dirty crimes should immediately be killed no questions.
That this man is dead does not bother me. I'm much more bothered by the trivial nature of the comments regarding a person taking another's life. It's an act that cannot be undone, and nobody should see that action as a "right" under any circumstance. It can be a necessity, but never a right.
that dady of heres needs to go jail like he was dady enywas
The Trial must be there. Judges are skillful  enough to find our who is lying. Even the witnesses can be lying if the they belong to on party.  But when trial comes into action and every single witness is asked same questions one by one, the judges can realize what is the truth.  Since this whole process of Law and order is not made in a day we should have a faith on it .  And the Trial process should take place in every single criminal case.
Since I was not there dont know what is the reality. Though after many cross questions as in trial we can make a picture of reality.....True?
It's a natural that father has to protect his child from evil things so he did. And it's great that jury consider rule of nature before any civic law.
Terrible,as a victim of sexual assault I can fully empathizie with this family.
Good for that father,doing what any good parent would do. He deserves a medal for ridding the earth of scum.
This man was great this poor the bible said an eye for an eye that is what happened this father handled the problem self that is what should happen . Because the world has gone to hell parent have know control of there children this needs to stop that is why the next children are out of control the goverment should keep there noise out of the home.
I think anyone who has ever done wrong should be killed like this man.....
Good point +Dinesh Anand, a trial should be held.  It can be open and shut, but all the evidence should be looked at and examined.  The prosecution should be allowed to try and prove the father guilty.  In point of fact, he admits to bludgeoned the alleged molester to death.  The jury then holds the ultimate power to determine that the father should not be punished for the death.

Without a trial, 20 years from now public opinion could be different.  There could a be a stupid aggressive prosecutor out to make a name for himself, who tries, and convicts this father for murder, which currently, no jury in the nation (especially Texas) would ever do.

I say try him, air "ALL" the evidence, find him not guilty, and let them all close this painful chapter of their lives forever.
who is single herecuz im lookin for a mate
This is what I would. Do for my child, if some sick perveted were to ever to touch my child it is time that we fight back against these sick people I dont want a stranger scarring my child or anyone else child
When I was a Sr. In high school I was date raped on my Prom night. He told me if I told any that they would laugh in my face. When I did tell someone they believed me. So much he had to drop out of college. More people loved me and stood up for me then I had ever dreamed possible. God is so good to me.
When I was a Sr. In high school I was date raped on my Prom night. He told me if I told any that they would laugh in my face. When I did tell someone they believed me. So much he had to drop out of college. More people loved me and stood up for me then I had ever dreamed possible. God is so good to me.
As a father I dont see myself saying "sir would you step away from my child please"? No, I would have beat the shit out of him too. I do not condone violence and never want to take someone's life, but in a situation like this necessecary force is more than justified. Thank you jury for making the obvious and correct choice regarding his indictment.
Any man on this Planet would have done the same thing! ALL Pedophiles should be hung but their balls until they rip apart and then stuff the empty sac in their mouth,and then shot between the eyes! 😁😖
For all of you who don't understand why there even is an argument, I can guarantee you have never thought about the loss of a human life to the full extent. You take away the most basic human right from someone by your own will, not that of natural occurrences or through decisions that one person would make. You may argue that this man deserved to die, and maybe this was so, but modern rehabilitation techniques and a lengthy prison sentence would first bring the offender into some kind of parallel to normal society, and the prison sentence would break his spirit from trying such acts.
Also pacifism is belief in no violence whatsoever, so condoning this killing nulls your pacifism.
"The grand jury aside, did the dad use excessive force?" There is no such thing when it comes to protecting your children. Not only "No", but "HELL, NO!!!"
Legally speaking, if this became a precedent setting case, the concern would be that unscrupulous types, could do you, and me, under pretext of defending their progeny. It could potentially become a weapon against the peace, and bad law. It was very very important that this father called the cops himself.

If you are found on another's turf, all they need is a gun to show intent and it's self-defense. The fact that there was no weapon involved in this case must of lent weight to perception of a spontaneous brawl, without intent to maim or kill. In these cases perpetrators are not "protected". They are out of place, but apparently, if they reach the sidewalk, retreat, then you have some kind of responsibility to do likewise.

Father acts in child's defense, that's what he's there for. That's his official legal status, and obligation. The authorities are at a loss how to deal effectively with these predators --somethings got to give!

+Callum J Hackett I just want to applaud what you're doing here. The resistance that has met you in this thread is somewhat alarming.
If the father was 100% sure that the man had done this to his child, then I support his decision.  From reading all of these comments though, I would like to warn people not to always take their childs word for it.  Have them tested immediately to make sure this happened.  Teenagers are the worst for lying about rape.  I have seen it many times where teens *sometimes pre-teens) will lie about being rapped just to try and get someone in trouble.  If you know for sure ( you catch them in the act, have them tested and it shows rape) that someone has hurt your family, well ... that is a different story. 

I am behind this man for his actions.  I hope someday all his (and his daughters) pain will fade.
+Shayne Trimbell and a little girl has to live with that terrifying experience for the rest of her life. That's emotional torture for the rest of her life... Speaking of not condoning torture even for a criminal.
Question: What did this father do before the act to prevent the crime, to insure his daughters safety? As the father and head of the household it is his duty to incorporate preventative measures that would deny access to any and all who would harm his loved ones. 
 After reading the comments on this story, most of which was in favor of the father, and I have to admit my sympathy lies with the father also. However, he did not act in the interests of Justice. He let himself be overcome with hate and rage, and committed a punishable crime himself. The crime against his daughter was an outrage and against all that is decent. But it is never lawful for a citizen to be Judge, Jury, or Executioner. 
Read the history of Nazi Germany, and you will see that there is a progression and escalation of violence and atrocities committed once hate and rage are encouraged rather than controlled.
I'll close with this quote and admonition, "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it".
The penalty for rapist in Islam is death. What more can you ask from Allah, who command this law from the heavens. A praise worthy act from a real father, a real man.
One wise decision finally
Awesome.  Texas is one of the few states where one is still able to save their own neck.
He did the right thing and god blessed texas with the power to do whats right, even if it means bludgening a peddifile
I'm glad the jury was reasonable about this. If it had been me in his place I would have done the same thing.
People who are paedophiles are never cured. They continue do it and sooner or later will start killing .
congraulations dad, i hope he died slowly
You guys are looking at this wrong. This is a story about a pedophile who committed suicide and a loving father who wanted to help this man meet God.
I am a father to a precocious young lad , I will do virtually anything to protect and defend my progeny short of murder. I know many of you will insult me and falsely accuse me of condoning the acts of the pedophile. I understand the fathers rage and pray for the family. 
Texas has some great laws, Castle Doctrine being one of them. I would have beat him or shot him. It is about time that the transgresser is punished instead of the victim. Anyone who has ever let the "judicial system" work for them knows that it doesn't work.
I can't believe the author thinks one blow would have been satisfactory. Seriously.
If a man cant protect his child what hope do we have of a right and just world try to think who was wrong doer and who was wrong he did what he had to do
And thats why TX is like no place else. Id have to give tjem a +100.
Excellent precedent to set. If more criminals were handled this way, there would be less crime PERIOD.

This is why "Investigators confirmed that the scenario played out as it had been described by the father and witnesses. The girl was taken to a hospital and examined, where forensic evidence indicated she’d been sexually abused. Emergency responders found Flores with his pants and underwear pulled down."
The keyword here is "allegedly".
It is good to see this case did not get caught up in the legal mumbo-jumbo (if the glove fits type stuff) instead it looks like people were able to see what's right is right. +1 for this grand jury.
Finally, something positive from Texas
Well, in Texas you can use deadly force to protect your property...this is not so much of a stretch.
I hate to say it but good job dad. Forgive yourself and enjoy your little girl.
Any right thinking man would do the same
As a parent, human or animal it is inherent for us to protect our young. The father has enough punishment to come after such an act, I think that although murder is a crime we are all capable of it when faced with such a heinous crime! 
All these folks who think this Dad is a hero and want to shake his hand and buy him a beer don't seem to realize the pain that this Dad is now going through, and will be going through for quite some time. 1) His little daughter was terribly harmed! Raped! 2) He accidentally killed someone!

I think shaking your hand as you praise what he did would pretty much be the last thing in the world that he'd want!
Yes forgiving himself he will have to try and deal with but at least in the eyes of the law he is although not an innocent party, a victim of the crime himself and could sure do with some counselling in place. As a mother I can honestly say It would be my first instinct too. A five year old girl can hardly stand up to him herself and her life will be affected in ways nobody would understand unless they too have been there themselves, in my experience 8 out of 10 girls have suffered a similar fate, I think once she grows up and she understands she will only love him all the more :)
Had to read the entire thread. A lot of good points made. Guiga Ajaime, in my opinion, summed it up best. Our justice system is not perfect, but I believe humanity has been served.
i think that he might have regrets for taking the law in to his owne hands but dosent regret protecting his daughter i think rapests shuld be punnished like they punished them in the old days,hung by the neck  from a tall tree and short rope.
You wouldn't even feel bad about it after. You would worry about your little girl seeing a perverted fuck with his pants down and then her watching the many fatal blows to the idiots face which ended his useless life. I pray the first few minutes that followed consisted of her instant removal from the scene and then onto good thoughts to focus her attention on something else real fast...
That man deserved worse... Death was only  start..
The judicial system is flawed at best. You rape somebody - especially an infant - you should die. It's just a shame that the father didn't go pulp fiction marcellus wallace on his ass. Thank you undisclosed father, you protected probably many more innocent children.
You guys have a shitty legal system in the US.

In my home country it's just dead simple: whoever bride the police won't face charges, no matter how many people you kill for protecting your girl or whatever reason. It is what we call efficiency!
I bet the man who was killed didn't have a father as good as the man who killed him.
Like it says, sad someone had to die...but who wouldn't have done what the father did? Good for the jury for having been decisive and, in my opinion, smart.
He did what anyone should do. In protecting his child he saved many more from the abuser. No one in their right mind wants to kill but I am sure he is a hero to anyone that has been the victim of such a crime. Finally a grand jury that has it right.
A crime is a crime, no matter what. I understand that the rapist deserved punishment; However, it wasn't in anyway the father daughter to give the sentence. The justice is a part of our system that should be the one taking a such decision because it should be objective and not being directly related by the case. The man who killed his rapist daughter should have take reponsibility of his act in front of the justice.
The father did the right thing.  After all, he caught the rapist in the act.  Children should NEVER have to experience that type of trauma... or any other type for that matter.
From what I read in that article, it was an accident.

The dad rushed to attack the rapist and kill him to protect his girl. It was clearly an act for protecting the child instead of an act of revenge. He sure hit too hard, but most people understand why he hit so hard.

The witness said when he called 911, from what he said they believe that he doesn't mean to kill that guy. That's the reason why it was an accident that the rapist is killed.

The article said there's no winner here, and I disagree. I think the winners are all the people in Texas (or even the whole US) who enjoy such a legal system with justice.
I don't have kids, but I agree with this 100%. I'm very glad this father was not charged with homicide. The disgusting pile of piss of a person (Jesus Flore) got what he deserved. A five year old girl? People saying Flores should've been given a chance to right his wrong are living in a fantasy world. People don't change, he would do it again. You Texans really need to get a new DA.
great news!! the state of Texas has it together.....they don't mess around!! they don't make their citizens keep up death row inmates for years, unlike my state of S.C. - i would be proud to live there!!! as far as that father is concerned, he should be given a medal or something...if we don't protect our kids, who will??
I'm pleased to hear the story turned out this way, but Times, please edit your headlines! He won't face charges, not chargers.
Hats off to this dad !! As parents we should all be allowed to murder any person who violates our children! Pedophiles almost have as many rights as their victims. This man is the face of parental justice!!! Kudos to the prosecutor. JUSTICE SERVED.
+Callum J Hackett you say the father was NOT authorized to use deadly force to protect his daughter... the man he killed wasn't "authorized" to rape his five year old daughter. ... i must disagree, dad had absolutely EVERY right to kill that son of a bitch!! ...
Im glad you all are so quick to say rapists should be killed. I personally believe its not mans job to say who lives and who dies. However, no one said that dying is their only option. Im glad i believe this because i say that being killed is way to sweet of a death. What you gotta do is peel his skin of exposing his raw flesh while he's alive. Then, you roll him around in the dirt while striking him with a branch, that way dirt fills his wounds. Then, you rub salt and lemons into the cuts, taking your time so each wound gets a treatment. Then, you get a hot iron and you brand him. Finally, you tie him up to four horses, hit then al at once, and he will be quartered. That's just what i would do. But do feel free to keep saying he deserves to die instead.
WONT? Seriously Time? WONT? "accustomed, inclined, apt"; So you are saying he WILL face charges? Are you people STUPID?
+christopher ibarra in cases where you catch the person in the act i think you should have every right to do as you please with the person you should basically own their life for messing up your familys 
+pauly hart What's the problem dude?  Just so you know, the proper word is "won't" with an apostrophe just like they spelled it, not you.  It stands for "will not"...   This guy "will not" face charges.  
It's so gratifying to see so many so called Christians willing and endorsing the death of a paedophile, If only you could translate this moral outrage to other forms of abuse by corrupt Lawyers, Lobbyists and Politicians tainting the American culture and forcing it's laws and belief system on the rest of the world. I am not saying that I do not endorse the man's death just that I am an atheist and glad that I don't live in America. Even if the father hadn't killed him, once he was convicted the other prison inmates would have done the job for him
Oh no, someone thought for themselves! This has all the sheeple scared.... Anyway, while taking a life is never a thing to celebrate, the fact that many more lives will be spared is.

Sometimes when you find a bad apples, you have to pluck it out. Sure it sucks that you lost one apple, but you kept it from rotting every OTHER apple it came in contact with. I applaud this dad for (intentionally or not) removing a predator from spoiling those around him.

I whole heartedly believe in street justice. Violence is terrible, but it can be used for good. It is a tool and a tool only. You can use a wrench to fix a car, or to take it apart, but the wrench itself is neutral. So it is also with violence. You can use it to intimidate the weak and helpless into giving you what you want, or you can use it to protect the weak and helpless.
what that man(the rapist) did was absolutely despicable. I don't like to say this, but I think he deserved what he got.
After considering circumstances which lead to the incident, i also think that jury did the righteous thing to do. 
Absolute justifiable vindication. Not only should he not be charged, he should be given a medal!  He did the world a favor by ridding it of a sick parasite that would do that to a 4 year old. Sic Semper Pedophiles!
I wouldn't have called the cops,I would,if I could see well enough to drive,have taken him out to the woods,and left him to rot,good for the father,by the way!
the father did what God wants done to this type of person. they do not deserve to go to jail and be given free food cloths and shelter.  there should be more Hero's like this father.
let's face it, nobody wants such scumbag in the society and locking him up for life isn't worth people's tax money, so someone has to do it.  amen.
+John Splater doesn't the Lord say "Vengeance is mine; I will repay"?  I'm not sad that this happened, but I disagree that it's our place to know what God "wants done". 

Important point:  The dude didn't get a trial.  What if the evidence was fabricated and this was just some sick way to cover up a murder?  I dunno, I wasn't there.
+Scott Mc Every piece of evidence that was released to the public points to this man accidentally killing this child molester while defending his daughter.
was also thinking this over, and found out that an eye for an eye. cus the same court would set him free mostly in and out of court the whole of the life time
I hope all the ppl posting in here that the father should not have killed the pedophile, or that this was the wrong way to handle it either dont have kids, or are complete religious zealots. Cause if you do have kids and you dont sympathize/understand/condone what the father did then you are terrible parents and even worse human beings. And for the religious zealots, I give you a pass since you can't think for yourself anyway.
the father did not have time to think about about 911 !
the father responded normal to an abnormal situation.
This is what you do when you find someone raping a child Mr Mike McQueary formally of penn st, not go call your daddy! 
Hey scott, shut up! Cause you obviously don't know what the fuck ur talking about. You have a problem with religious people, then you can end up like the rapist. You need to be careful with what u say around people if since you read my post, which i know u did since you +1 it, then you'd know i'm a crazy religious mother fucker. You let people believe what they believe, and you stay clear of their business. I have nothing more to say to you. 
I was talkin to scott jacobs. Just in case of misunderstandings
Mothers and other women can now be beaten to death in Texas for free and they are more or less half of all child abusers. It's open season (and the dead can't talk).
To those opposing defense of a father protecting their child '' while crime being committed" is very sickening......i am more than sure there are victims of sexual abuse whom never saw justice prevail in their lives reliving their nightmare again...thanks to you sick minded fools whom hide behind your cold and thick skin.....Justice Served!
oh and i would like to her little heart her dad is her hero.....and she has learned first-hand what qualifications her future husband must meet!   Love it!
Someone who kills to avenge one who was raped is no better than the rapist. Death doesn't right anything. Humans cannot talk about true justice. The father is not a hero, he killed a rapist yes, but he still killed and he's a murderer. Justice and revenge are never the same thing. Don't ever get the two mixed up. Humans are driven by revenge, and stubborness. Our stubborness makes us see vengence as a kind of justice. It's not.
Instinct. The instinct to save another person drives actions. If I saw a child, or an innocent person being brutalized, my instinct would be to react on behalf of the victim, and I would use all the force and power I could muster. Instinct! We humans are not that far removed from chimps. My dog instinctively reacts to protect me, risking his life for me. It is not much different when trying to protect another person from harm. You use all your strength and power, you use whatever weapon you have at hand, and reason is trumped by instinct. Fear and self preservation are instincts. We don/'t react rationally when we are in real danger.  It is either fight or fliight. When it comes to our children, the instinct to protect is going to trump everything else.. Revenge is an instinct. It is not rational, but it is an instinct. That is why  primitive societies, for example, the ancient Jews, had an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth reaction to life. It ensured preservation.
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