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Forget office visits; Sherpaa lets patients and doctors interact over email.
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I would definitely sign up for that.  I hate waiting at the doctor's office.
What could possibly go wrong? "Yeah, sure Doc -- I'm sending a picture of it now. It itches like hell ... OH MY GOD. I think I just sent that photo to Accounting." 
THANK you. So obvious. I'm continuously amazed by how much the medical profession lags the efficiency made possible by technology.
It would definitely have certain drawbacks, but overall it could be very efficient when it comes to time and money.
I've been following Jay's blog for a while now. He is one of the few leading a revolution in US healthcare.

This email service is not meant to completely replace visits to clinics but to complement them helping patients determine whether they should come into a hospital or simply get some Tylenol.

As an aspiring doctor I hope this increases patient doctor interaction to new levels. Good luck Jay. 
I just got set up for this service with my dr and its been a great blessing. Dont know why it wasnt thought up sooner.
+Paul Bennett Then the doctor would tell you to come in. This actually decreases your wait time for a doctor because only patients who actually need to be seen physically would come in. And the patients who need to simply be reassured wouldn't take up the time of other more needing patients.
An interesting story. But I don't expect this to work in Taiwan (at present). Telecommunication diagnosis and treatment are only allowed under some special or urgent circumstances according to Taiwan's Physicians Act.
This is the future of medicine I love this
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