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For all the introverts out there, here's some networking tips that will take you from awkward to awesome.

What's your networking tip? Let us know in the comments.
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Some great advice going to test these out ASAP
Be sure to bring your patch cable!
This article had nothing to do with introverts or extroverts, at all.

The article suggests some vague, obvious 'tips' to follow at networking events.
Not all Introverts are shy, awkward, or lack confidence. It's a good article for anybody.
i pray that the day they make articles 4 adults isn't during my time because adult news is full of war, high taxes, and then some
^everyone gets both their 15 min of fame and their 15 min of awesome
After that last mag cover, Time had lost any respectability and credibility it had. They are no longer a must read unless you like tabloids. Sad really. I grew up reading it. Now just looking at it makes me sick. Pathetic liberal pandering isn't journalism.
Wasn't the last magazine about going from "mediocre to awkward"? I thought that was what you were trying to go for. Kudos if that was your intent!
Networking is like being at a never ending user car salesman convention - not for me. I prefer being an entrepreneurial innovator and paying some butt kisser to do that nonsense for me when or if necessary.
Hi can any one tell me how to get more traffic to my web site?
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+Sahasranshu Panda Has posted an excellent link there, I watched it about a week ago, highly recommended... +Ann Nguyen being shy and being an introvert are not the same thing, you can get shy extroverts and confident introverts, one of the best ways of describing the difference (or one I've always thought did it well) is: If they're at a party and it's getting late, the extrovert is charged-up and ready to party on all night, the introvert is worn down out and ready for some alone time...all that interaction that wears down the introvert, whereas it charges up the extrovert...
A better title for this article would be " how to use people that you don't really like to advance yourself as the phoney you really are" . Real people don't want or need a "map" of who they should associate with and get to know. They will build real relationships with people based on mutual respect and trust and not based on "how much good can this person do me?".
Unfortunately, you're probably right. Is it two guys shakin' hands or a guy and a girl? The one on the right almost makes me think of a woman, but I is no sure....
Here we go again, another article trying to fix introverts just because they are the 25% minority who don't fit into the 75% extrovert majority world.
Yeah but, introverts like myself still need to find ways to communicate.
But this isn't very helpful. From an extrovert perspective, it seems flawless. Haha. If we want real advice on how to talk to others, we need advice from other introverts who found ways that work. Not this.
We need our own people helping us out.
I tend to be an introvert and see nothing wrong with it. I like the person that I am, and don't have any crying need to be the center of attention.
Introverts unite! I happen to enjoy being a wallflower, thank you ;D
Her tips are not solely helpful for introverts, rather for everyone. In facts, introverts know those tips and we don't need her article. She doesn't know the difference between introvert and socially awkward! She doesn't know the difference between introvert and socially incompetent! She doesn't know the mere difference between introvert and shy!
"For those of us who are not natural extroverts, networking events can be painful."
" It stinks to be in a crowded room at one of those tall tables with no one to talk to"
I'm sorry, miss, but you're mistaken! I go to parties at my friends' house who are like family to me and I know each individual there; yet, I drag myself into solitude for a couple of minutes because I like it. I LOVE it. It doesn't stink a bit! It's not painful at all!
+TIME, my tip for you is to have someone who does their research!
Check out Susan Cain writings on introverts and her TED talk:
I cut the sleeves off one of my T-shirts and slid them over the heads of my two cats. The female, an extrovert, thinks she's wearing a turtle-neck. The male, an introvert, thinks he needs to be circumcized.
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