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Google partners with KitKat for the next version of Android (not a typo)
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Give a piece of that kit kat bar lol
I am not sure how I feel about this.  The idea of the themed based names for Linux releases is something that I, personally, think of as non-markitable.  Sure they are silly, but that is the nature of the beast, and also some of it's fun.

But to sell it to the highest bidder?  Me no no like...
I am not so surprised with this.
Over the last months I have removed several official Google pages from my timeline as they became very annoying with 'advertising'. 
Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Phone...
At least it follows the pattern with K being the next letter.
And the next version would be Now & Later. lol
Liza Gere
More corporate marketing BS being shoved down our throats! You can keep it your piece of Kit-kat!
chill lady just apiece of chocolate you don't have to eat it if you don't want to.
Who actually, truly gives a flying fuck what an OS is called. 
Great functionality and tastes good, too!
With this kind of product placement, why not just call it CandyCrush?
I think is cool of them to keep it within the same idea that Google wanted. Like google said that they wanted everyone to experience the new version of android, and I'm sure that everyone has had a kitkat. Well most of them I should say, more people has had a kitkat then they had key lime pie that's for sure. 
Lol. So long Keylime Pie. I honestly was never a Keylime pie lover myself, so this is cool. Not like it would really have mattered when it came to the performance what the name was, but KitKats are better than Keylime Pie. 
I mean, it's disappointing, but whatever. as long as they keep their services free and their products cheap
Couldnt they have just done Android Tiramisou or somthing... Kitkat really how stupid lol!
Following the Google naming of Android OS this will be a nice change but keep the same overall look that JB had and ICS before. Meaning 5.0 will be a HUGE update changing the look and feel of android. 
Will KitKat wrappers have coupons for free Android Market downloads? 
Android is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the next kitkat will be free, and full of advertisement.
from article, because I know no one reads now a days,
However, Google told the BBC that it had come up with the idea and that neither side was paying the other.

"This is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal," John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, told the BBC.

Instead, he said, the idea was to do something "fun and unexpected".
Wonder how much Hershey paid for that.
I'm scared there wouldn't be left of this android if its really a Kit Kat lol mmmm!♡;-)
hey!  i was promised Key Lime Pie by the Google/Androids!  
so key lime pie is out and kit kat is in, gosh nestle would witness a surge
So, instead of Key Lime Pie, now they'll use KitKat after Jelly Bean?
like +Graham Mooney said, who gives a flying fuck. like the name's going to make the os any better or worse. and it's more like kitkat whoring itself out. how could kitkat say no to that kind of exposure/advertising, no matter what they said i'm sure a suitcase or few full of money is going to going to be given to kitkat for the use of its name.
2 birds 1 stone, nice one google!
From the BBC article: "Nestle now plans to deliver more than 50 million chocolate bars featuring the Android mascot to shops in 19 markets, including the UK, US, Brazil, India, Japan and Russia."

What a great idea. Now everyone (even the iPhone fans) will get a taste of Android!
I wonder if they'll start selling android kit kat bars...
I think its funny as hell all the nerds bitchin about when key lime pie was coming out. Bam! Ur dumb ass just wasted 6 months of ur life. 
2 good things put together: KitKat and... More KitKat
Someone in this thread said that KitKat is whoring itself out? Please, KitKat is the John here. Google is the, well, you know. Charging $ for a piece of a...dvertising.
it would fit the Android naming theme better than Key Lime pie.
Too bad Kitkat uses child slave labor in Africa to farm their cocoa...
Their are lot more good chocolates than kitkat. Say, bournville is far better
Nice marketing :-) and since it's only version 4.4 I don't see a big update coming
Well Google are an advertising company after all. Gotta shove an ad down your neck at every given.
Can't wait to sink my teeth into this! Loove kit-kats!
As long as they keep coming up with new ideas and innovation who cares what it's called
Ok, I will be calling it Android 4.4 then...
I guess Google is no longer free trade lol
If you people read correctly, straight from google and Nestle, this was not a money changing hands kind of thing, just two companies running and advertising campaign together. No ones getting paid, and also notice, Google is ony allowed to use Kitkat, no space, not Kit Kat, or Kit-Kat, like the candy bar. 
Can't wait going from 4.3 to 4.4?...really?
For an unbranded version name you could always say "Android Kitty Cat"
WOW - anyone else hearing "sellout" here?  Officially a name brand product endorsement?  Android has gone down the tubes on this one I'm afraid :(
+Lisa Driscoll - heh… sellout? Last I checked, Android is a commercial product, too.  Exactly which corporation is selling out in this deal?
I have to agree with Nelson. This is different than a city or family owning a public arena or other sporting venue. Android is already corporate and can make partnerships as it sees fit.
well, the picture looks tasty...
Great marketing strategy!!! 
Hmmmm looks yummy!! I love kitkat!!! runs to buy one
Random note: +Warren Isaac you have an attractive face :)
Fantastic name!

Soooo glad its not Key Lime Pie, serves you all right! :-)

KitKat is much better. 
It didn't take long after the management shakeup for things to change, did it? Now they're selling naming rights like a football stadium?
Tim P
are people really complaining about this? Its just a damn name. I think whats more important, are the features. They could call it Android Kitten Kaboodle, and i wouldnt give two flying fucks. The features of the OS are whats important. People need to stop trying to find things to complain about. I wonder if someone will start a petition for this like they did with Ben Affleck as Batman. Who cares how you feel about it? No money is coming out of your pocket.
Tim P
and no money has been exchanged between the two
Fantastic name - outside U.S, not many had even heard of or tried a Key Lime Pie.

Everyone knows KitKat - globally.

Google is already getting exposure and massive media attention just for a name of its android version - without even stating what it will bring. LOL :-)

Good move for both Google and Nestle. 
U make me want to buy kitkat!.....sweet!
Please, Hershey doesn't own KitKat, Google met with Nestle!
Why do you want to associate yourself with all the bad press of Nestle? Or is it for them to boost their image? 
What happened to all ! !

Same If you were the first time you see Ketkat
Abby S
yummmmmmm looking so gooooooood!!
Yuck, hate kit Kat's but love me some key lime pie
Chris W
My fav......I Love it
The people can not sleap today because the KtKat !!!
I wish it was Kiss instead of KitKat. Kiss is even sweeter and made by the same company I believe. 
OH MY GOSH. That is so cool and delicious looking!! Oh I just want to eat it! ;)
2 of my most ffavorite things choclate and droids
Key Lime Pie....wait what? I did NOT see that coming
Android 4.4 KitKat I could live with that 
+Jason Ansaldo it's not your regular desktop distro. That's Android you're talking about. A product owned and backed by a multi-billion dollar advertising company. One of the biggest reasons that that "Linux" you're talking about is on over a billion smartphones around the world. 
Please please please please PLEASE actually sell this!
All i know is if after the update and i find one tiny shred of actual kittkat advertisement on my phone i will make it rain blood. 
+Leonardo Abreu haha. If you spent billions on developing an os and phones you could name any part of it what ever the heck you want. 
Google is about to drop a bomb prettyyyy soon. (Nexus5 & KitKat 4.4) Boooooommmmmm...
i'm the 2013th liker!!! LOL....
 Get it?? =P
okta rp
bagusan Klepon :p
The next one should be called "Lamington" :-P
How desperate you guys must be to announce this only 10 days before Apple's new iOS 7 upgrade.. Feels like a cheap shot to try and get attention away from Apple..

Android 4.4 should have been named "Kopy Kat"

Chris M
The funny thing is people care more about this than the next iPhone. Its hardly desperate of Google, its just clever.
Google partners with KitKat for the first ever edible web browser.
Cool stuff.... I love Android and KitKat
Now Child also android models..........
As I have grown with Android, and Android with me, my fondness has diminished. Not because the operating system isn't top notch, but because Google, a company I was starting to love, turned the identity of Android into a cheep gimmicky childish global marketing insult. Yup kids and adults unaware eat this kind of brand-washing up, um um good. Hey, let's all get Android seat and steering wheel covers for our cars. The thing is Googles marketing and ad campaign in general focuses us more and more on ourselves, self-centeredness. It's clear now that everything Google says they do for our good, may appear like advancement, but is clearly for revenue. I know they are a business, but corporations also hold BIG influence over how we all live. There has been a lot of comment about the ethics of this new friend Nestlé and Google sharing company. And you are judged by the company you keep.
I don't think marketing is a bad thing. U might be waiting out for the indie garage band OS, that once it gets marketed becomes like Nirvana...
cool this new im getting interested......
Marketing to get information out to people about what your product is, and all about, is great. I loved Google's Android naming scheme, timeless unbranded sweets.
Marketing that has reappropriated popular culture to drive sales is a very bad thing. Likely even ruined capitalism.
Up until now Androids identity was for sweets with a long lived wholesome childhood feel. With the announcement of KitKat Android has become a health concern at least and at worst the partnership with Nestlé, accused of forest destruction for palm oil to put into tasty but bad for you candy bars like KitKat. Seriously since becoming an adult, I don't even eat cavity candy. I really am not enticed to give a hoot about Android anymore, cause Google markets very expensive devices to children. I'm certainly not the target audience here. 
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