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EXCLUSIVE: How President Barack #Obama data-mined his re-election victory:

(Photo: Brooks Kraft—Corbis for TIME)
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If romney became president i would have killed myself
daw kyi
Congratulation our President
saba diba
Congratulation Obama
Can we afford four more years of this Obamanation?
The sky is falling, the sky is falling
Stay on Facebook Jasmine, we dont want you here at google plus!
we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES I KNOW HE WILL WIN!!!!!
opama won ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes won of opama????????????????
Sarah M
Obama " So it was u, who took my chicken ! "
Yes sir, favor always win over foolishness!!! Congratulations Mr. President, you deserve it!!!
To tom hightower don't be so quick to talk. If ppl like you would come out of ur box and help the cause. Maybe things will work. If ppl like u do what y'all did during the first time Italy gone be problems.
An Rya
God Bless us.. we truly need your guidance. he can keep spending more money on Garbage that no one needs and mess up America even more
Amber K
Romney still has a chance, when vote's are counted by friday...  Same thing that happend to Gord Bush, who also had an election party and was taken back form him... The people vote's didin't even count, they shouldn't have went by electorial vote's. For they make a big deal we vote, and they don't even count.
Well by Friday Amber K. we would likeyou to stand up, and Solute our President  of the United States Mr.Obama, in winning Presidency for the second term. We have had and heard enough negativity through out this campain process. Yes Obama is your President. Lets just move Forward. Like his theme song says. Here I am Baby Signed Sealed dilvered he's ours.!!!!
+Amber K
 Well by Friday Amber K. we would likeyou to stand up, and Solute our President  of the United States Mr.Obama, in winning Presidency for the second term. We have had and heard enough negativity through out this campain process. Yes Obama is your President. Lets just move Forward. Like his theme song says. Here I am Baby Signed Sealed dilvered he's ours.!!!!
Amber, if Romney thought there was any chance the vote could change, he would not have conceded defeat. The votes not yet counted are not in heavily Republican areas and all indication is that Obama is going to take the popular vote by 1% or 2% when all is said and done. And yes, every vote counts. Obama's lead in some of the states he took were razor thin. If we didn't have the electoral college, the candidates would campaign only in California and New York and most states would truly have no say. 
Amber K
I am going strong who i voted for and believe that the people's vote should have counted look at it a this point of view if you voted for Obama and Romney won, cause they didn't count the people's vote, YOU'R vote would you or would you not be pissed?
The popular vote in each state gives all or a percentage of the electoral college reps for each state, depending on the state.  The electoral college reps usually vote the way they were elected, but they don't have to.  That is why there are differences.  The electoral college is the body that eventually elects the President.
I love how all the ConTards are losing their mind about the electoral college now, but in 2000 they were all about "it's a constitutional part of the fabric of the flag! move to canada, loser!"
+Dillon Britt What is your plan on the spending deficiet. Any helpful thoughts would be appreciated. lets work together. If you have a plan in cutting spending, lowering the 1.6 trillion deficiet per year that the Bush administration created, ( fact) but,  makes it looks like Obama doing it all by his self. We are all Open for suggestions.........There is no perfect solution, but everyone has their perfect ideas on how Obama should run his office. May we hear some of yours?
How did the people's vote not count? If you're talking about the mail-in votes yet to be counted, they will be counted and if statistics prove to be accurate, which they typically are in these cases, the same result will occur. This is not new stuff, this is normal stuff.
Adam K
To voters who reelected this administration:

"Thanks a lot". You just killed the United States of America. SHAME ON YOU!
Amber K
I'm just livid my vote did not count.
+Sarah Mouddene And it was NOT good, he shared it with his fellow Americans. And we threw your green bean casserole in the trash. You cant even cook something as simple as chicken. Sad sad sad. But ill make sure he invites you to the White House Bar B Que Party. Dont bring your chicken........
so glad he won that way i dont have to see Romney face for the next 8 years
World is relieved at the victory of Obama reasons are obvious congratulation president Obama 
Amber K
After all Obama's lies i can't believe he has another 4 year's to live in the White House, and we have to live in the mess me made. I think he need's to live the way we have to, budgets, gass prices, food prices, taxe's. But ill count the time's we see him working at a desk and how many talk show's he is on.
Congratulation Mr.Obama, may God blessed u and ur family as ur in 4 years times,gd job America we are moving forward.
Well honestly i'm glad we don't have to see the political ads & hear the bs anymore for awhile lol but on a serious note I say God bless & guide our President, God bless our Soldiers fighting for our freedoms & God bless America & her people. We have a lot to be thankful for....
If we survived Bush, we should be able to survive four more yrs of Obama, congrats Mr president.
Despite 10 million unemployed and economy in tatters, he still won ! Truely the blessed one !
obama is going to be a good president for 4 more years who ever thinks obama shoudn,t be president fuck you bitch lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Amber K has the memory of a gold fish...8 years of Bush with all the lies and huge deficit and war of choice to enrich his friends... Romney and Co want the same with Iran this time + trillion of deficit and he is a MORMON (he believes in a different GOD and in an angel named MORONI... really doesn't give you any clue...) and his politic is for already rich rich not for the people without talking about racism, anti-gay etc etc etc... So I'm glad he didn't win...
+Amber K the election has shown that people likes the Muslim better than your so called "real president"...four more years.
+Johnny Conner Jr : huh? dude, if you're gonna rag on me, at least quit mumbling.
+LaRisa Marie : that's basically what I was telling some friends last night; America made it thru Bush/Clinton/Bush, we can surely make it thru Obama - we'll be broke, but we'll make it.
Last nite did not go my way at all but what is the bigger picture, what is the truth? Has anyone watched the documentary "2016, Obama's America"?
Mulatto precisely half BLACK half WHITE...:)
In regards to the popular vote, I agree if that's how things were based then we no longer have a say, only the large markets are heard.  Electoral votes help to equalize the process.  Also, in most election popular vote trends with the electoral vote, its no different now.  Obama leads in popular vote as well
+Reundrick souljer young  Obama will have to start a war to gain another term in office. Other than that we have a 2 term limit for the office of President of the USA in this country.
Looks like you are wrong Paul. The best Man Won!!!
America settled for mediocrity.
Don't blame me. I voted for Gary Johnson, the other white meat!
You have to love the hate that this president has caused. Palin said he was "shucking and jiving" you had two other Republicans call him lazy, and another call him stupid. You would think that we could move past the racism, but some people just can't except it.

As far as him destroying America?? Were republicans saying that about Bush when he had the military stretched too thin?? Fighting two wars at the same time? no! Did they say anything about all the outsourcing of jobs to China and India? NO! Did you even bother to say anything when Cheney and Halliburton got caught red handed ripping off the military and the people of the United States? Hell NO!! 

Face it, it's not a Red/Blue thing. It's a black/white thing You have racism in you and you don't want to admit it. Don't bring out your one black or Hispanic friend argument either.  

Health care reform, shamelessly called ObamaCare has helped people that needed it. Even my WHITE friends in red states that were against it because they didn't educate themselves  they just believed Fox news and regurgitated the words to me. I showed them the articles on what it really is and they were able to get care for something they couldn't afford at first.

If he is such a disaster, I guess saving Detroit wasn't a good thing? just let them die and have all those people not have work. What more unemployment?? Then PRESIDENT Obama would be blamed for that. What the Lilly Lead better act is a bad thing?? omg equal pay for women ? Well of course its not right. Woman belong in the kitchen , right repebs?? Ohh wait, we pulled out of Iran, why in the hell would we do that?? Well that's were your deficit took such a big turn, that along with tax cuts for the rich.

Stop being such assholes, educate yourselves and stop being bigots!!  Hug someone of color, i promise out color wont rub off on you!! Talk to one of us, I bet you I speak better English than you , and I do it without an accent!!

Done with my rant, so pissed off right now I need to go carjack a white person. OHH WAIT!! I can't I am a black person and I don't own a fucking gun!! how can that be!!
+Amber K please send this information page, link or web site that states all votes have not been acounted for, do like Mitt is doing loosing gracefully and is ready to move forward in assisting the president in the continuous process on rebuilding our country. No one like a sore looser and Im sure Mitt wouldnt like that either.  Rep Mitt, but Rep him well.
how is calling him lazy or stupid racist. I seriously think some folk don't know what the word means.
+E Mart dont choke....but if so we have the OBAMA care, you can receive medical...
I hope the ppl who put up the hanging Obama thing in Georgia put it down because guess who won? BARACK OBAMA!!!
I'm sure canada and palin are relieved they did not experience a "unscheduled eclipse" if romney FORBID had won. Some will miss this...... lol
+Jonathan Freedman I don't think you are old enough to know about the history of the Civil rights movement. I barely know enough about it, but I know enough, that the stereotypes of why Blacks were not considered hard workers is because Whites thought that were were Lazy, shiftless and stupid.
I do not care what some people stereotyped blacks as. The idea that somebody is a racist for thinking obama is lazy is just wrong. I am 40 if thats not old enough to know what racism is then silly me. was i just racist to myself. Or am i only being racist to myself if I say stupid me.
We are all doomed. America is sick.
thank you! another 4 years of him bye America im movin to Australia where people arent complete morons all the time
Its sicking. People are so deceived about Obama! Its so sad to see what America is becoming.  But, no matter what, GOD is in control.
Has America not seen how much has gone downhill in the past four years? I want to leave this country.
congrats to you Mr. President Obama & big thx for all who took the time to keep him in the White House were he & his family belongs.
Dillon britt.... "Understand" is one word.
Sorry Pamela, but he doesn't belong in the White House. They say he is the president that has put us most in debt. That is only one of the many reasons.
congrats to you mr.president Obama...
+Caylee Cheyenne White You do understand that Australia has higher taxes because their healthcare system is the responsibility of their federal government... like what we're trying to do.  And just like Switzerland.  This seems to indicate, through inference, that establishing universal healthcare in the U.S. is a very smart thing to do, considering that Australia and Switzerland outperform the U.S. in terms of education, literacy, science, education, etc.

EDIT: In fact, unless you go to a very unpleasant country, you will most likely find yourself taxed higher.  The U.S. is a low-tax country. That is partly why we have a deficit.  It's not just a spending problem; it's coupled with low revenue. We are severely under-taxed for what we aspire to be as a nation, which is, right now, not the best at anything, except number of incarcerated citizens per capita.
I second that Pamela! A woman in Labor left the hospital to vote for him! lol, too funny. My pride in being an American is restored. along with my hope for humanity. We are saved. Triana, you have obviously not done your research.
Nice choice of colors for dresses.
Ugh. Too bad Romney didn't make it =(. I feel bad for him.
+Amber K Let me edify you on gas prices: the president has virtually no control over them.  The only political entity that can alter gas prices is OPEC.  Secondly, gas prices go up when the economy is doing better, not worse.  That's how economics works.  Please educate yourself and don't believe everything you're told, especially in politics.
Why does someone have to be racist by simply being upset about him being president again? Why cant it simply be because he has put this nation in more debt than all presidents in history put together and now it's going to get worse? Or because he refuses to do anything about fuel prices?
lol he points at some random person like "Hell yeah i won, and you didn't vote."
I think that it was good for Obama to win.... he should people that you are never to black to be president.... Yeah Obama!!!!!
Congratulations Mr President Obama!
congrulation president obama now its time to reform the enconmy
lets see if these idiot sticks feel the same about obummer 4 years from now.
I personally didn't want either of them, but I voted for Obama. I'm part of the working class, and if Romney was picked, all would go to hell because only the rich would really benefit. Plus the long list of other things that would hurt this country all the more if he were president. At least Obama cares, even if they are puppets.
he realy shouldnt of^^^^^
^ Gary should've won. Not like you know anything about other parties anyway.
+Jade Broussard You do realize that if you do, you'll most likely be taxed higher because the U.S. is a low-tax country.  I recommend Switzerland.  Their tax rate is comparable to ours, but they have universal healthcare, better education (case in point: they hold the record for most number of Nobel Prize winners), all thanks for higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy.  Have fun.  Maybe in several years we'll be on par with them, which is essentially what we're trying to do.
Besides, fixing a country isn't exactly quick or easy (I don't know if he will or even think so). But it's a lot easier to make something crash then it is to build it up. Do people expect everything to be fixed so easily with so many things still being messed up as they are in regards to outside influences (and the whole puppet thing)? But as a friend once told me, we're not really voting for a president, we're voting for someone to blame when things don't get better. <3 lol
May God guide you in your path of leadership as the president of the United States.
reaily amrican are luckey they have a good presidendt like obama congrtulation mr obama n all usa
That's all you have to say? I guess everyone is entitled to they're opinion, walk a mile in someones shoes before you judge. Hell I know alot of you don't have off shore accounts, so don't tell me you know what it's like to struggle. No way would I be voting in some ass-clown  (Bull shit-Mitt) who wants to tell me what to do with my body. They need to pull jobs from Mexico and China, and get us back up and running!!
"Investor reaction is decidedly negative over the defeat of the more business-friendly Mitt Romney and the continued gridlock in Congress that makes it tough for lawmakers to avert a fiscal policy crisis by year-end."  USA TODAY.  Isn't that something to celebrate.
Before people make their comments on who should have won, they need to do a reaserch on all of the points that both condidates made, not just during the debates, but prior to those as well. Romeny could not have cared less about the minority votes, which was the stupidest thing on his part, keeping in mind not just the comments that he has made before, but also the fact that since 2008 elections, there was a lot on encouragement for minorities to vote, which they did and, obviously, helped the president win the las election. From the economical point, unless you want the middle class to disapear and become the lower class, while the rich are making even more money, when we are getting our fed taxes increase, so that we can put more money in their account. Facts, such as same sex marriage ans no effect on your or anyone else's life, its a moral issue. What people should be more concerned with is going broke, not just personally, but as a nation as well
hey, what are those two dark spots on the picturer of all the presidents
that's obama twice
Congrats to my President for continuing to make history.. You are the Bomb Diggity...........
Damn all of you who are sayin fuck Obama and stuff... How mature are you ? 
Majority of entitlement minded people.  You want something, do it the old fashioned way.  Work for it.  When you work for it it means so much more.  You don't take it for granted.  Just because we enjoy FREEDOM, doesn't mean it's FREE.  
Obviously someone who drank the Kool Aid served by rich old white dudes. Fortunately for the country, the rest of us weren't buying. 
Well...8 years of Bush Implies 8 years of Obama... I think there is a lesson here, no?... Next Rep candidate should be good if you Rep don't want another Dem to keep on winning...:D
To all the people trashing mitt Romney shut the fuck up. You know nothing about him and just need to keep your negative opinions to yourself. k, thanks :p
obama yea Buddy tell dem haters you in dis bit:)
um... I think that we should be able to say what we want to say 'cause it's a free country =D. And I wanted Mitt Romney to win. I don't agree with Obama.
im not racist im only saying that if Obama hadnt been reelected maybe somebody else (Romney) would have a chance to at least attempt to fix what he has done. Doc Miller i want to move to Australia maybe they are more expensive but at least their government is becoming just like the communists. Plus there is nothing in Australia that ignorant and arrogant americans or any one else has managed to destroy. 
^^^so articulate!
Go back to Facebook and Twitter
Amber your math doesn't add up, WILARD has NO chance it's over!!!!
It is a free country, hence the democracy. What is it ecxeactly that was driving you to want Mitts to win?
Obama is our only chance for the nation to try and get out of the hell hole that we are in
Tom Butler grow up really "don tlet the plane hit you in the ass"? you have got to be kidding and besides i want to get away from sheer destruction as fast as possible i wont need the plane if i could i would run all the way
+Franki Nodoze But i just scrolled down and saw the crap on my feed. I just think it's rude to talk trash about a person you probably know nothing about.
Enjoy your free birth control and your abortions morons!!!! It cost us our country!!!
You people who wana move outta the country, an announcement is not needed, just go!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats president Obama!!!! Ok, we helped you get re-elected, now lets get healthcare finished and gay marriage federally recognized please!!
Sarah W
I don't believe in criticising people, but for obama ill make an exceptiopn
The mess that Obama inherited had really been building up since Reagan.  Reagan is the one who did away with effective financial regulation by understaffing the government agencies tasked to oversee and enforce laws.   Add to that the deregulation under Clinton and others...  We need appropriate regulation and enforcement to make a level playing field for all the people in this country.  Hopefully Obama can restore some of that in his next term.
What's crazy is the negative people that's against the Obama team, do you all realize that we put ourselves in this mess way before President Obama ever took office. And time we had a good president like Kennedy and others like him we killed. So before we talk about our President what have we done to take our country back, and to answer that the proof is in black and white!!! The more this nation continue to be divided the worse we will become, stop blaming the president for our own selfish ways and start working together!!! Iceland overthrew their all government because of curruption!!! Our country is the same full of currupt people but if you really want change start with yourself period, once that happens then we can grow as a nation!!!

Oh this is just wonderful! Another 4 years of £€¥~%@@#@%&#@!!!!!!
good to be back, its wonderful
democracy shown
why couldn't it be the other dude?!?!?!?!?!?!
We are in for rough years ahead.  The U.S. will never be the same; more regluation; more dependence on foreign oil;fewer jobs; higher taxes; higher fuel costs; more social control; drones over America; erosion of the Constitition; comfort care for the elderly and limited treatment options for the sick; higher health care costs; more abortions - killing of the innocent; fines for not purchasing healthcare; fines for patient readmittance in our hospitals within a 30 day period; more coverups.  It is amazing how people will vote for their own demise!  This vote is a result of substandard educational system; people do not have a clue what is going on, not less understand the ramifications of their vote.  Socialism never worked and never will.  SAD, SAD day for Americans. 
It's a sad, that some of you all really think President Obama is not here to help, but what's worst we refuse to do our part as citizens of this country!!! No, one talks about how because the of history of lies this country was structure upon, or how before President Obama we were lied to by 1st and 2nd Bush or how about Nixon!!! I wish you all would wake up to reality, its only through our Creator Yahweh and being unified that this nation will be change!!!
God makes no mistakes. I am so proud of America

he win! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama and Biden are the worst thing for america.
And you think Romney would have done better? Do you really want the middle class to disapear and start puitting our money in the rich guy"s pocket? I cant believe people say these stupid thinkg without even knowing what they are talking agout. It has a lot to do with ignorance
Would you rather have a country full of lazy people sitting on corners with their hands out,  that is what Obama is all about.   Ask what you can give for the poor, then we will take the rest from you and give to them anyway,   Hard work to earn your keep is yesterdays way.  Take from  those who have and give to those too lazy to work for themselves is the new way.  The OBAMA way.  
I dont know what to say to that... both were crooks
such a sad end to our great country....
Congrats to you Mr. Obama, Best wishes to you.
Keep the faith and do the best for your country :)
our problems do not exist because of the actions or inaction of any one man or woman. they exist because open honest dialect can not be achieved in the face of such anger, hatred and unreasoning judgment. as i scrolled through the posts here i realized that until we each take responsibility to make not just ourselves, our homes, our communities, our nation but our WORLD a better place it isnt going to matter who is in the white house. 
After this election, I feel as though I don't have a bright future to look forward to in America anymore.  I see myself struggling through life to pay these deficits through sky high tax rates and "spread the wealth."  What has America done?
hes the reason that the world is going to end in 2012. Stupid Obama. (notice that obama=osama and biden= bin laden
America!....can you hear me?
what have you done???
Obama awesome but credible losing speech by Romney
omg how rude, makes me glad to be Canadian
Congrats !!!!! Mr President OBAMA....
An Open Letter To Obama Voters
     So you voted for Barrack Obama, again, to be our President and you're celebrating your victory today. You're emailing and calling all your Conservative friends and rubbing it in, as if it were a sporting event in which you each supported different teams. But it's not a sporting event, it's the fate of our country that hung in the balance of this election. You made your choice against traditional American values as outlined by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but in doing so you have also earned the responsibility to explain your decision to your children and grandchildren.
     Someday you must explain to your children and grandchildren why over 70% of their earnings are being confiscated by the federal government to pay for health care and other social programs. Additionally, you will have to explain to them why their grandparents and great-grandparents are being rationed to death by a health care system that now allows bureaucrats to choose who lives and who dies. You must explain why as Americans, even if we had the money, we can no longer travel anywhere abroad for fear of being kidnapped and murdered by Islamic extremists. You must tell your children and grandchildren that the decision you made in the 2012 Presidential election has lead to the terrorist attacks they now have to endure as they live their daily lives. Your children and grandchildren will know that it was your decision to re-elect Barack Obama that has caused a high percentage of their peers to be without work most of their adult lives, requiring them to live off a tiny pittance provided by the government. You will have to explain to your children and grand-children that in the free days of their country, people had access to as much energy as they wanted, anytime they wanted it and didn't have their energy rationed to them by the federal government. You, and you alone, will have to explain to your children and grandchildren why, when the liberty that heroes of the past spilled their blood to defend, you couldn't summon enough courage to vote in defense of that liberty. You will have to explain to your progeny why you chose the empty promises of a nanny-state over the liberty and prosperity of an opportunity society.
     Someday, if your ignorance hasn't completely blunted your senses, you will realize that this one decision will have had dire consequences that will span generations. You will have to explain to your children and grand-children that the liberty and prosperity enjoyed by over 200 years of Americans, was voted away by you for purely short-term and selfish reasons. God help you when your children and grand-children look at you with despair in their eyes and ask why you condemned them to a dark and desperate future where their only subsistence depends, not on their own ambition and drive, but on crumbs from an ever-expanding government. This is the country and the world you have left, not only for your own descendants, but for the descendants of all Americans. So celebrate your grand accomplishment. How does it feel?
This movie sux, i wanna see something else
and the racism rises to the surface. to anyone who is unhappy about this: HAHAHAHAAA!!
Congratulations PRESIDENT OMAMA. THE BEST MAN WON.!! I. FEEL SOOO HAPPY HAD TO WATCH.ALNIGHT LONG ..WHAT HUGE HUGE WIN FOR THIS WORLD. OTHER COUNTRIES ARE HAPPY TOO.!!! THIS WIN I. WANTED MORE THAN EVER. I. HATED M.R. FOR TREATING YOU SO RUDE IN ONE DEBATE . YOU. ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! !!! and he is nothing but pathetic. Rich old evil bastsrd. That tried and failed to flex muscel on the American people his lies and tricks didn't work for him.!! You. President. OBAMA are the one that cares about the people. And their problems . THE PEOPLE TRUST YOU! !! YOU'RE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH WAS DEEP AND POWERFUL IT WII BE WATCHED IN HISTORY AS TRUELY GREAT SPEECH. WE ARE ALL PROUD YOU ARE OUR PRESIDENT OBAMA! 4 More. YEARS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess What J. Carlisle. YOU  LOSE!!!  NANANANANANA. No power for your spoiled brat, rich boy, ROMNEY! SO SORRY LOSER, deal with it!
Dillon ur dumb as shit he got to spend money to clean up Bush's bullshit idiot
It's funny to you now but in 4 more years the Republicans will be laughing at all you dumbass Democrat
Conglatulation Mr. President Barack Obama... we feel you and God Bless you to Lead USA and the World. Says Mr. & Mrs. Bahati Singh - Tanzania
Amber shut the hell up theres no hope for liers
Amber k stop it ur mad cause our presidents black thats why most of yall ignorant fools r pissed move on fool its over
President Obama's Dream Team , did a terrific job connecting with the public . They believed in the vision and worked hard moving forward . The American People have spoken by making their voice heard with choosing the Best Man for leading the nation. Now our work as the people have work to do united . Working together with President Obama , make America a Nation of Prosperity
Amber k bitch get over it who gives a fuck
ur rite...its over, but i still worry about our country...but we still have to respect our president.  he could kill us all!! ;)
I love when empowering tittles describe who's the Boss !  HA...HA
that doesn't look like Hilary....
I don't love you :-(....but do a better job for the next 4 more years!!!! Good luck
America is now moving forward. :)
ha soon we'll be in a war, have higher taxes than ever, the highest unemployment rates ever(23 million are already out of work), and a national debt that keeps getting bigger and bigger 17 trillion and counting
Go Obama!!  Great speech, exciting election.  I'm SOOO happy he won!
I'm an Obama Llama. :D (In a good way. I support him.)
+Tyler L. Thank you for the link. I just may use it. And regardless as to whether it was written by you or not, it was appropriately timed. :)
Just goes to show arrogant and selfish Obama and his wife are. They did not deserve another 4 years, our nation is just gonna fall that much more now.
All I can say is thank goodness I got lots of guns and lots of ammo food and water. 
I am wiht you mr. Obama am so happy to have you for 4 mor years .
jeesh how come were so dumb.get some common sense people.hes a tyrant.and just for the record his ears are HUGE!!!!
Disasters will come, Obamas got re-elected.
Yeah, didn't we learn anything from Bush? Big ears are a clear sign of totalitarianism!
i think we should give someone else a chance instead of giving plain old body odor another chance
im happy he is in for 4 more years!
I'm so happy he got 4 more years he is there like it or hate it!!!!!
+kim day I didn't vote for President Obama but I sure as heck am not disrespecting him by making fun of the looks that God gave him.

I did not vote for him but I know God is in control and President Obama would not be in power if He did not allow it.

People need to join together rather than create so much animosity toward each other. Regardless who is our Commander in Chief we all live in the same country and need to work together to preserve what dignity we have left.

Who cares what color any of us are? In the end it doesn't even matter. NO-ONE is better than the other. NO-ONE.
Oh no, not another four years with him! We don't need anymore debt, and ugh....
Shall we now expect "Fast and Furious" part with nuclear weapons?
oh no why was Obama voted
why he will launch us into the second great depression
That pic is not from the 2012 re-election victory celebration.  That is NOT what Michelle was wearing!
The link posted by Tyler, is a joke...Ridiculous!  I honestly cannot wait for the outcome of the next 4 years, and wish I could come back to this post and say I told you so...change takes time, money, patience, and Obama was given literally no support when he first came into office, he walked in during a depression - people wanted change so they brought him in to clean up someone else's crap - I am Canadian and see what a fine job he did, given the tools he was given, and even having every viable force against him - Go Obama, clean up America and show them all! #obama2012  If you want a green environment, he's your man - think about this, if we all keep taking from the ground - don't you think those holes eventually have to be filled?  Hence the green energy work he is doing, taking from the sun, the sky etc. natural resources not from the ground.  If you have kids or grandkids, think about them, not yourself.  His work is for future, today is already gone...think in those terms and you might just see the light.  I have a sister in Illinois, and I only want wonderful things for her family - so I do have a voice in this regard.
obama obama obama obama yeah he won everybody new he was going to win because mit romey was mean and just mean all yeah and a bad president
i can`t stand obama with his big government ideas
Well America, here we go again. Four more years with the man who tripled our national debt in 4 years, supports the murder of unborn children, wants to raise taxes for the rich and give the money to those who are to lazy to get a job, raised the unemployment rate, supports gay marriage. I could go on and on, but in short; America's screwed. Please come soon Jesus!
Obama is such an idiot. same with Biden. thy don't have a plan that will make the economy better or anything better actually
(no offense)Do not be calling people idiots!!!! What if Obama called you an idiot.....I would cry for like 10 hours. I have strong opinons.
how can u b glad he won? r u blind and deaf? do u c and hear what is happening to this once great country?!
Congratulation President Barack Obama
Amen . he will even be here sooner
I am so happy that obama won Food Stamp!!!!
Well done Obama and congrats even if we are british still congrats to ya!
by by goes peace in our country we need more swat members job increase
Wow so you think Romney would have do better, when he's trying to take womens right away, stop programs for children and take the most important program away to help those that have been in a horrible storm like a couple of days ago. And what about the jobs that America have lost do we not need to suipport our families over here. Sad so sad
boo Jay
STOP! Hammertime
wooooow this is like sad. so many people voted for Obama thinking oh the gov will take care of us. woooow 
Hi all,
I am a Canadian and I just want to ask people commenting here to remember this. When President Obama took office 4 years ago, he had two wars to pay for. Multiple programs implemented by the previous president to pay for that we're still outstanding. Now that these have been paid for you are complaining about the deficit from these major bills?
I realize that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please educate yourselves before running your mouth. Don't be like Governor Romney in Ohio.
Oh and by the way, Jeep IS NOT moving production to china, but nice try Romney.
Now I know I'm gonna take some heat for my comment but it comes with territory, politics make for heated debates amount people.
Have a good one everybody. 
..LARISA MARIE..I agree with truely feel what u are saying..I feel that if the Republicans would actually LOOK AT THE BILLS an consider it..instead of saying NO ALL THE TIME..then maybe somethings can SHAKE AN MOVE FOR EVEN MORE BETTER THINGS..
Obama is the one. Romney needs to stop lying. Go Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
assia sabri umm have u met Romney? do u even know what his plans r? unless u know everything about him don't say he's a jerk. and yes GO ROMNEY RYAN
Oh please. Romney is a liar. Who wants a liar to be president. No one. Obama is going to be te best president again. Go Obama!!!!! Romney sucks. :-)
u go brooke!!!! and most of all obama obama obama!!!!!!
Well it would be an honor to see the end of the world on 21dec2012. Id prefer that then 4 yrs of evil running as president. I think he is the antichrist that wants utopian life. We are so screwed!!
Brooke noo Obama is the liar. and he has been one of the worse presidents ever I don't think that will change. Romney is a good person with faith and had a good plan to get the economy back together. 
this is what i live for... this moment right here.
have u noticed that in all of the debates Obama has called Romney a liar at least five times every debate
no nothing is good and everything will b worse with Obama
obama needs to stop blaming things on other people and do something if he is going to b president for four more years
Go on Mr. President.. from Dominican republic. Luis
Pathetic mistake making this man president.  
Yo peeps Mr.Presdaint is awesome!!
Everyone thought Hitler was great too.
mr president sucks and is making the economy worse. his forwards is backwards
So everyone (democrats) are HAPPY about this debt that he keeps helping to build? I may not like Obama but that doesn't mean I'm an arrogant racist. So you guys need to calm it down. To all those people who did NOT want him in office calm down... Those who did will get why we didn't vote for him in 4 years. And all you guys who voted for him.. shut up about it. You are instigating and making fights come up. If you like him.. FINE if you don't FINE... But obviously this is what was supposed to be..fate as some of you will call it. As you can tell I am definitely republican. Some of you say that if Romney won then only the wealthy would survive..false... think about it... the rich people are voting for a wealthy man and the lower class are voting for Obama... the promoter of hand outs.. what is that saying to Americans? I work hard for money.. I would be pissed off if someone decided I was making too much and took some away and gave it to someone sitting at home receiving a check in the mail. Yea Drive all the wealthy people away by taxing the crap out of them is the best thing... NO! They are the business owners and they hold our JOBS!! If he drives them off how do you think the employment rate will look in 4 years.. terrible. Just because I am young don't look down at me like I am uneducated.. because I am very well educated.
Obama is not going to make these four years better than the last he will make them worse. Romney had all of the math for his and obummers plans for the economy and there is no way b.o's will work
Tea Nix
Yahoo! 4 More years lets move forward!!
+James Bond He's not from Kenya, you moron.  Kill yourself you worthless racist.
+maggie hamman Romney had nothing in his plan that would actually pay for what he was proposing.  Unless you're a millionaire then he would have screwed you.  Plus, you're a woman so he would have screwed over several times more.  You need to get yourself an education.
So happy President Obama has the opportunity to continue to sacrafice more american people to cover up the evilness in our wonderful goverment. RIP to all that we kill in 911 by there own goverment
He won here in Florida against the odds! Whooo Hooo1
Now go on to 4 more years pick us up and don't let us down.go Obama go....
Obama is going to flush our country down the toilet.
Is someone angry?
Rena Kelker umm u don't know that actually. he refused to show people his birth certificate. and he refused to wear a pin with the American flag in it put the people made him. he wants to change the pledge of alegence so it does not say one nation under god. and he is not Christian for all u out there that think he is. he graduated from a Muslim high school
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