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With more men than ever flocking to so-called 'pink-collar' jobs, such as teaching or nursing, is it time to retire the term?
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This is the first time I'm hearing about it.
Teaching is considered pink collar? Wasn't Socrates a teacher?
Me too and frankly I find this post silly. Maybe we should ask of those that know what it is... Who gives a shit?
I thought it was white collar/blue
I've never heard it until just now. To me, you just invented the term.
Honestly, I'd never heard of this term. Is it a generational one, because it may have died before it was ever in need of retirement.
Only Time could come up with this...LOL
In these tough times, ANY full time job is a blessing, so who cares what color the collar is!
Yes, please retire the term that nobody else ever heard of or used.
This term was never used in anything I ever read. Might as well start using it now (-:
Does it also mean there will be more men flocking to Chip N Dale for us ladies? ☺
Since when was teaching effeminate?
Go on with that sexist B.S! When did you come up with that word, TIME?
I have worked at Elementary Schools and in Library's and we normally referred to it as jobs dominated by women. While men are increasing in Elementary schools I feel that l am looked at as an oddity in most places as a Librarian.
Good by me..I never heard the term before anyway.
+Paul Darr So you're saying the term actually exists?
+Timothy Dornan what I was trying to say is that people did not use that term but referred to it as "female dominated work". Or say "hey I imagine a lady doing your job". At least that has been my personal experience.
I'd never heard of the term "pink-collar" jobs before.
about 95% of my teachers in elementary school were women. does this mean than men will be taking away their job? now that's some news... yikes. =s
i've heard of the term. ask pres. bill clinton. this was the term of his era, and surely, it existed before him. and why cache the term suddenly? to hide the malicious measures about to be undertaken?
Thanks for the clarification, +*Paul Darr*. I've had more than a few male teachers, but they were none of them "pink" anything. BTW, nice haircut. 
Weren't men originally the teachers?
Do woman teachers or nurses consider their jobs "Pink Collar"? They are professionals, are they not?
I think the only thing pink here is the political leanings of the publication in question. 
This is the first time I've ever heard or read about "Pink Collar" anything. Pink slime? yes. Pink collars? Only on my pitbull.

You made it up, but the only meme in the making is that magazine and newspaper editors occasionally come up with some bloodless headlines.
Yan Li
new phrase l've ever heard
So somebody writes a book 35 years ago, and nobody cares about the title today. This article title is a stretch, and the theme presented is that men are moving across the "traditional" gender boundaries that only have meaning to "traditional" people. To me, it's an artificial distinction from start to finish. I work in IT and nearly all of my managers are currently women, even the CEO of my company is a woman.

Some people may find these ideas to be threatening, but I have found that the best teams to work with, are the ones that are most diverse with sincere appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses each person brings.

Ps. I work for IBM, and my opinions are my own, though you are welcome to share them with me ;-)
How have I never heard this term before? I have so many friends & family members in these professions!
Definitely old fashioned word and I don't know what it does means it's awful 
I think this term has already retired. People and I don't know this term when NYT told us. 
As a reasonably well rounded individual who gets her news from a number of sources, I've never heard this incredibly silly classification. Perhaps it's not as ubiquitous in the real world as some people think.
Yep, I have also never heard of this term... I know what it is referring too and indeed these jobs do not have enough males in them. My fiancée is a nurse and is forever complaining about the mess caused by a female dominated work place has caused. Apparently the few guys that are there help a lot but it is very hard for them... 
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