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With all due respect, Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. Is Apple starting to lose its shine? Weigh in, G+.
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dorio x
No, even Steve Jobs around they are still gonna lose. Close system gonna lose in the long run. 
no question, they are losing/lost their shine.
I think the sue happy-iness of the company has me completely turned off from ever owning an Apple product.  
it kinda seems so, but i think we have to give it more time. a shift in power can take a step back before it moves forward again.
They don't need another jobs but they can't afford to screw up a big product launch like the iPhone 5, either. 
Ward A
This happened when Tim Cook ran it before. 
Marcus Rogers
I think they are killing themselves pursuing all these frivolous lawsuits instead of focusing on new and innovative products and services.
Ofcourse, all great empires on this earth lost their charm after certain period of time. It's just a matter of time before some other innovator will take over!
yes it's quite obvious.
We would forgive Apple anything with Jobs at the helm....
It's risks sure seem to have increased a few notches in the last few months. 
I was having an interesting conversation, with a friend/colleague yesterday at lunch. We do both like Apple products and can see many people are fanboys (he sort of is one). He was saying, the iPhone 5 needs to be perfect so people can believe that Apple can survive without Steve (it can but some people can not see that). If the iPhone 5 doesn't wow market analysts and others, Apple share prices might go down the drain. Plus also if their case against Samsung, goes down the toilet also (anything possible). Many fanboys might be heart broken and jump ship giving up on Apple. As an investor, it would be interesting seeing Apple taking a hit of 10-25%.
They were losing it when Jobs was still alive.  Apple TV flopped and ended a run of new successful products to market every 18-24 months.

They'd already started their SCO tactics of stifling innovation through tort while he was around as well.
Even with Steve Jobs on the lead, people would eventually start to see what Apple really does!
A bit early to be throwing dirt on the casket, no?  Let's see what September brings; I'm still optimistic that it will be a year or two before we will see the "new" Apple and can make these judgments.
I'm guessing a LOT of Android users posting on this story... I've never been too hasty about counting Apple out, even when they were trading at $12 a share in the 90's. The next round of product releases will show if they are still a pack leader or if they're just trying to keep up. The bigger question is where is Microsoft? Can they stage a come-back or are they too late to the mobile party, dragging old bloatware sensibilities with them? I love Windows 7 on my Toshiba laptop, but fewer folks want workstations. Nokia Lumia was already a stutter step (though a nice product). Surface and Windows 8 need to deliver for Microsoft or the company will be stuck in the office forever.
I think that a lot of it has to do with people not wanting to pay the ridiculous prices for smartphones, and data plans that we're required to have with them. I have an iPhone, and I'm considering going back to a non-smartphone, because I'm tired of paying the bill for something I don't use to it's potential. 
I'm on my second iPhone now and there are four things that will stop me at this point from getting a third.

1. Not improving labour conditions in their Chinese manufacturing sector.

2. Keeping iTunes the raging POS it is.

3. Keep neglecting compatibility issues with UConnect

4. Keep releasing next gens with minimal improvements.
Imho, current Apple's market share drop was unavoidable, even with Steve.
But a lot of success is based on motivation, Steven was the source of motivation. We are yet to see if Tim can be that source.
People on G+ think Apple is losing its shine! I am shocked I tell you. G+ is the most anti-Apple place I have been in a long time. Not that Apple in perfect, but it really is one group of fanboys calling another group of fanboys stupid for being fanboys. 

Luckily there is a lot of other awesome stuff going on on G+.
Ok, the reason why apple's iPhone sales are a bit low, is because everyone who knows apple is waiting for the next iPhone, unfortunately the likes of HTC and Samsung have released some truly amazing phones which are currently better than the iPhone (on paper), which means that a lot of people are leaving apple to try out new things, I am an apple mega fan, I love all my apple tech and I wouldn't go anywhere else, I have played with both the one x and the gs3 and I found them jittery and buggy, whereas my iPhone 4 is fluid and just as quick as it was when it was new, it will be interesting to see apple's figures once the new iPhone has been released, and in any case, apple are a bit of a champion at making comebacks lol.
I think $117 billion in liquidity can make them pretty shiny if they can continue to imagine and be creative. I want to see what they're going to do with all that cash.
Apple hasn't changed one bit.  But it takes a man like Steve Jobs to polish a terd.
Remember when Jobs left to do Next? This is like that, only he's not coming back. Unless of course they use their billions to try to reanimate his corpse.
+Vitaly Stockman My comment was about the amount of people agreeing with the article in the comments. I was pointing out the bias of G+, not a bad thing, but something that needs to be kept in mind. 

When a group or system is as homogenous as G+ it is important to realize that the opinions inside the system do not reflect the opinions outside the system.

Pointing this out guards against group-think and prompts real discussion. Not a waste of typing at all.
Probably best to just start suing everything in sight on the assumption that the company is no longer able to innovate to compete. Oh wait...
Exhibit A: The new "Genius" ads.
Decades of branding on an image of elegance of design and simplicity and ease of use, undone by an ad that says "Hey dummy, you need special help to use our machines."
+J T Mills May be you should give another try with jelly bean and you will certainly change your mind. Btw google now blows away siri which your poor iph4 cant even run but my 2 yr old nexus s is way speedy than earlier n runs google now :)
Surely it is losing its shine...
Shifting focus from innovation to lawsuits.....
Everyone commenting here is gonna get sued.
The UI on some of their new applications is not up to their normal standards in my opinion. The faux paper look is not working well. Just shows that some things are slipping through the cracks.
I think a "slow down" can be expected just due to market/consumer constraints.  They will also lose some customers to competition - there are plenty of competitors out there.  So, no, I don't see them losing their "shine" any time soon.  Any stalls in growth or other performance indicators are just business as usual.
Rod 410
They are losing their shine as far as iPhone goes but iPad and computers they can't be touched 
+Rod Rod My girl has an iPad3 and my friend a Nexus 7 and let me just say that little android trumps any apple tablet. iPad is a toy the Android tablet is a device.
its more got to do with Samsung better sales, than anything to do with Apple's weakness.....
Yes, Steve would have never approved the new Genius commercial campaign.  The 7" is late, and unless they come out with something other than a copy of Project Glass, then the idea that Apple has lost it's "innovation" brand image might be gone with Jobs. 

Beyond that, the Apple brand has suffered from the patent wars and a lack of innovation in education.  iTunes University could have been spectacular if Jobs wasn't so disillusioned with the education system that he didn't even want to try to influence reforms.  

Apple is not doing enough to promote creativity.  They're promoting stupidity and reaping the profits. 

Cheap labor and expensive, stylish products.  That's the Apple equation.  Apple wants to be the Nike of portable devices.  Buy a new pair of $200 shoes (that cost $50 to make) when the old ones get scuffed.  
I figured 5 years for Apple to drop out of it's groove post-Jobs, but I guess it happened faster than that when he left to start NeXT so it could happen faster this time as well.
endless frivolous lawsuits and injunctions, no wonder the public opinion is turning.
The latest iPhone will be a hit.  The real test will come in the next two years as devices that Steve Jobs worked on are all released and they have to innovate (or steal) further to keep competitive. 
Sean Patrick
People buy iPhones because everyone else does...not for it's practical use or features. 
From iphone, ipad etc to i-court copyright cases etc
Hard to replace a matter what you thought of him. Yes, Apple is absolutely struggling without him.
They always have sold the same crap, then and now. the only difference is that Steve Jobs knew how to sell and advertise it, they do not.
For whats its worth i kind of lost my interest in apple a while before Jobs passed. Between the law suits and then iTunes not wanting to stay turned off on my comp I got feed up pretty fast. plus I can get just as good if not some times better for cheaper from android and Zune plus the attitude I get from some Apple fan boys just killed my interest.
Steve jobs is the most overrated person in history
+TIME, with all due respect, no one will ever be Steve Jobs.  He was as unique an individual as it gets. I'm not sure how this relates to Apple's success going forward.
The commercials for the iPhone are for features that have nothing to do with being a phone.  That it's called an iPhone is so backwards and non-Apple. 

The device is barely used as a phone anymore.  If Apple was as innovative as people claim, it would not have been called an iPhone, they would have stuck with the iPod brand name. 

And as far as the device, everyone was waiting for a Wifi device with a large touch screen for web browsing.  It wasn't an innovation.  The original iPod MP3 player and turning that into a touchscreen mini-computer/phone was technically innovative, but most technical people were waiting and hoping for it to be developed.

The new iPhone will not have that many new features and is going to continue to lose market share to Android/Samsung devices which are superior products. 
Apple was losing its shine even when Steve Jobs was alive. It's just that he was a better clown and deceiver than Cook. 
Ah, misguided individuals.  Everyone is waiting for the next iPhone to come out sometime in September.  Then see what the health of the company looks like.  I'm an Android fanatic but this is not rocket science.
This is no Jobs for a Cook. But I doubt even Steve could halt the slide.
+Chris Taylor That's not true, there are plenty of Steve Jobs out there.  But nobody is going to risk letting them run a company like Apple.  Because the focus is not on the user or the product, it's on the share price. 
Ah, misguided individuals.  Everyone is waiting for the next iPhone to come out sometime in September.  Then see what the health of the company looks like.  I'm an Android fanatic but this is not rocket science.
i never knew apple had a shine to begin with
The sad news is, Steve Jobs is gone.  Just as disappointing is that Windows is still a more popular operating system than OSX.
k, no haters for apple, they can't do everything. my personal fantasy is for apple and android to work together :)
I still don't understand how record ipad sales and growth in market share is considered a disappointing quarter.
I don't think Apple will be able to come out with new products that are as successful as their previous ones with Steve Jobs. I'm sure at Apples next earnings report it'll be a lot lower :) 
Apple and Android - that would be a great combination.
Try rubbing it on your trouser leg,dear.
I think it depends on Tim. I wont judge too soon.
Then that he was in a position to do what he did makes him unique.   Either way, it's probably best to keep comparisons of CEOs, past, present and future aside from the success of the company.
I just got a Samsung galaxy today and I'm in a universe far far away from mac now
Exactly how many products has Apple released without Steve Jobs? New iPad, new router, a retina Macbook Pro, along with speed bump Macs and an OSX update that Steve had input on. Am I missing anything?
+Danica de Jesus, that would be great, it would also be wonderful if Israel and Iran where buds, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

The fact of the matter is that I don't think there ever was and possibly never will be a man that can make simple things shine and complex things seem simple like Steve Jobs did. He was able to take products that never quite caught on and turn them into something you wouldn't want to live with out. Apple CAN"T be the same with out Jobs.
In my mind, Apple has always needed Steve Jobs. After they fired him, the company started slipping. They hired him back, and all was golden again. Now that he's passed, I don't see how Apple will stay afloat. The whole company was a cult of Jobs' personality, and Tim Cook (or anyone else, for that matter) simply can't replace him.

I do think Apple are right up there with Microsoft and 80s IBM on the 'evil scale', so it doesn't really bother me that they're slipping. But yeah, slipping they are, and I don't see them coming back up.
Apple makes nice products but they are not worth the premium they charge. I also don't like the move towards making very expensive devices that are essentially throw-away (i.e. non-repairable, non-upgradable).
I think it's a fantasy to think that the loss of Steve Jobs hasn't hurt Apple. I think they have a lot of great products and will likely continue to be very competitive in whichever space they enter, but the "shine" of Apple was lost the day that Steve Jobs died. Apple was transformed from a company with a one-of-a-kind visionary into another large technology company. Tim Cook has a huge task at hand to prove otherwise.
its lost its Charisma, and risk taking nature
Remember the first time Jobs left Apple? It tanked. He then came back with innovative designs. The reason the iPhone has the screen it does, is so that your thumb can easily traverse the entire screen. That was the beauty of that design. Jobs never intended for that to change. Now Cook wants Apple to play catch up with all of the other mobile devices out there, but will this come at a cost? We will see.

 Albeit I do own Android devices, I can see the beauty of Jobs' designs. Simplicity. I will be sticking with Android devices though. Much better to customize, and I'm not behind a walled garden. I like to change things up a bit.
Agreed. The proof is in the product. With Google and Android putting a whole lot of attention on UX lately, I'd be interested in seeing how (or if) they can widen the gap again.
Apple is a very large firm. Large firms do not go bad overnight as would be the case now after Job's unfortunate passing. 

Like most all successful tech firms they are built and grow on continued new products and market expansion. Apple has had two revolutionary product classes in the last five years or so: iPAd and iPhone. To continue their massive yearly growth they need revolutionary products with even more market size. Thus their eventual entry into TV and eventually broadband to replace the choke hold of cable/internet suppliers in the USA. 
+Clayton Reeves, except for Johnathan Ive, who headed the design for the iPhone, iPod, and iMac and still has veto power over anybody in Apple when it comes to product design.  I don't know why folks assume Apple is a little workshop where Steve Jobs diligently worked like Gepetto, cranking out iPhones.  A lot of people worked at Apple before Mr. Jobs passed away, and most of the same people still work there. 

Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs, and thank goodness, they need Tim Cook to run their operations, not a visionary in industrial design.
The iPhone 5 will still be rock solid and sell by the millions...but I will still be purchasing a different device this fall. It's time for Apple to reinvent the iPhone and I don't think Tim Cook is willing/ready to do that while Steve Jobs probably would at this point.
yes, apple is lossing his shine, i thing it is going down
Steve would have never allowed those recent Olympics ads to see the light of day. They are awful! Apple is losing its shine quickly
No. Apple isn't losing its shine with its overpriced, second rate, subpar devices that run on an OS that is a few important features behind the top. Oh, and the constant lawsuits used to try and keep superior devices off the market and stuns the growth of innovation. Apple never had a shine. They took other companies ideas and claimed they pioneered it.
I would never trade an Apple product for
an Android or any Microsoft garbage! 
Over the time what I've observed is, people complain a lot about apple(closed policies, sue others etc) but still can't keep their hands of apple products. They will be the first in the queue I suppose.
Probably not, but to be fair Samsung ans HTC are cranking out some really good Android products and Google has been doing an excellent job of expanding content available in the Play Store. Not to mention the fact they have also begun designing their own devices and the Galaxy SIII and Nexus 7 are kind of serving as halo products for Android attracting a lot of attention and fan fare
Apple user forever! From the 2e to future been with them 100%
Mac makes decent products for high drain processes like rendering and video editing. But the iphone, ipod, imac, ipad popularity was little more than a cult of personality. Like most cults, it's comes as no surprise to those outside of it.
Apple will lose its creativity running after Samsung in the courtrooms.
a bit too early and a but too soon +TIME it's been a year since Mr. Jobs left Apple and almost a year since he passed.  Perhaps wait until the new iPhone comes out. and then make judgments.

Granted, Apple has been flubbing a lot and their ads are not as "emotional" as before but that is just some transition quirks.
Their time at the top will come to a close soon.  The reign will soon be over.
Apple was recently losing its luster under Jobs as well. It's a shame.
The Apple culture was fully created by Steve. Now it will continue to dominate for a while, but its power decreases overtime. They've been on the edge, and they might go there again. Cause all good things come to an end..
Apple started losing customers after all the lawsuits. I was a big fan of them. Sold everything. Android forever.
Yes, only because Apple is synonymous with Jobs. He was the brand... People bought into him as much as they bought into the products.
I imagine it is extremely difficult to take the big gamble and investments needed to make a revolutionary new product.  Steve Jobs could do that because it was 'his' company.  We will have to wait and see if they still can take the big risks.  There were also many not-so-spectacular products under Steve.  What will happen if they take a risk on the way to a newer idea, but have one of those failures?
Steve was the leader .. others just followers. When the leader die, the follower who become the new leader will have no idea how to lead. What he can do is only the one thing that he knows best to follow others ... in this case ppl are coming with 7" tablet, so follow and produce one ... ppl are producing 4" to 5" phone ... so follow them .. "Nothing to loose it is the market trend" whisper the follower (new leader)
I had more respect for Apple in the '90s when they were the alternative to the supremacy of Windows and had some humility. Now they're just like Microsoft, if not worse.
Concur with +Sean Cahill .  Plus, much as I despised the man (or at least what I heard about him) I have to give him credit for having superlative taste.  He wasn't an artist himself, but he hired talented artists and he didn't accept anything that didn't rise to his standards.
The iPhone has transformed the global telecommunications industry and completely changed how many people experience the internet. About 60% of all US mobile phones are smartphones. That started with iPhone. Like them or not, in 5 years they changed the equation and turned the telco's into dumb pipes carrying data for Android and iOS devices. That's a lot more than a cult of personality. 
Unless the iPhone 5 is spectacularly better than the latest and greatest Androids, it's going to be a flop. It will be real tough for Apple to trump both Android Jelly Bean software and Samsung S3 / HTC One X hardware in iPhone 5. What revolutionary features can they introduce at this time? Over 70% of the new features in the iPhone 5 are going to be 'me too' ones that have already been done by Android phones. Given the spate of patent lawsuits from Apple lately, the tech press and social media threads are going to have a field day criticizing iPhone 5 for the 'me too' features. All this negative press is going to hurt Apple even more. Many people who are waiting for the new iPhone 5 will go get some other phones.
Gee, asking Google+ users if Apple is losing it's shine?  You are clearly looking for a biased answer.
Another example of how wrong Obama is with "You did not build that". In fast moving industries such as high tech, the CEO makes all the difference in the world.
its so stupid that a company can do that in this time in history. Lets face it, they produce very nice hardware, no doubt, its their approach to the market that sucks and sends bad vibes everywhere. . It reminds me of Bill Gates at Microsoft and their dirty games. Grow up Apple. For that alone I'm Android 100%
Apple has lost some of it's energy now. Their new ad campaigns suck. I was an Apple fan, not because I used their products, but because I admired Steve Jobs. But now, it's just falling apart. To be honest however, I think Apple is just as bad as every other tech company, sadly including Google. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, none of them are what they once were. They are no longer the young warriors fighting an uphill battle, but they are kings now, that are ruling with an iron fist. 
Let's wait until a new iPhone or iPad falls flat before we declare Apple on the decline. A down quarter in anticipation of the iPhone 5 should not surprise anyone--but Apple may need to adjust their schedule.
I don't think the same apple is apple and it will beat the best

They need to rethink their launch strategy. As a consumer, it feels like they are now being stubborn about launches and cutting their nose riff to spite their face. Why else would they potentially lose millions simply because they don't want to launch the iphone5 early! ?
I suppose there hasn't been a truly new product since SJ...
I guess we'll see after the iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called) unveiling....
Well I don't think their losing their shine. It's the same products, they should actually be gaining their shine. 
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Let's be honest everyone, Apple products just look great and their iOS  platform is smooth and visually appealing.  But, a technological product such as a phone, given it's price, should function like it's price dictates and the overall emphasis on its appeal shouldnt be based on looks.  The reason the iOS is so smooth, is because it's limited, lets just be real and that's why it's simple to use whereas the android platform allows for more functionality.  This is the purpose of technology right?  Who cares what brand of phone people see you have when you're on a street corner making a call?  If you want a true premium brand, why not fork out seriously big bucks for a Vertu Phone, now that's a premium brand because I'm sure not most people can or would want to afford a phone that costs several thousand dollars!  My point, eventually people should come to realize how limited they are when they buy an Apple iphone as far as functionality is concerned and that visual appeal should not outweigh function.  With Android's new Jelly Bean, all the previous clitches and minor problems have pretty much been solved and what you have now is a stable, fast, and truly functional platform on which to use on.  Best part, the Android gives consumers what every consumer in theory strives for...CHOICE!  The good news with Android, it's OS is offered in a mass variety of different phones with different sizes, quality and price to meet anyone's needs and the best part is that these phones already on the market doesnt cost any more than an iphone.  If the present is any indication, Google should be unveiling more Nexus phones on multiple handset makers which would offer it's best and most current OS platform (currently Jelly Bean) to consumers more timely and more widespread.  Fragmentation should be reduced significantly.
apple is a poor global citizen and more interested in litigation than innovation. so yeah, the shine is off.
Yes. So many smart people at Apple, capable of revolutionary and innovative things. Unfortunately, it seems that Jobs was the genius that drove them to do great things. I wonder how much longer the innovative people will stick around while Apple is just hiring more lawyers to do its "innovating."
I think apple are great masters at one thing....advertising, they big up a product like nobody else and tell you that it's apples innovation...and then they have the audacity and cheek to accuse other companies of copying them.... shame on you apple !!!
I don't care who is running apple. i would have given them respect if they were honest with people from the start. now the truth is out. Let's see what happens
what this cant be happening apple is the best!!!!!!!!
The question is: was Apple great because it was led by a Mozart?
I'm no fan of Apple, but have experienced the impact of their products from the AppleI/II to this day.

Without some miracle, Steve Jobs WAS Apple.  He steered Woz to develop the first Apple I/II into commercial successes.  He saw the value of the GUI interface at PARC, and more importantly, made it happen on a widely-used machine.  If I read Cringely correctly, he pushed the Engineers at Apple to unheard of levels of optimization of the original iPod/iPhone design to make the design smaller, cleaner, etc...  And what would the iPod be without podcasts and the iTunes store?

When Jobs left (kicked out?) of Apple he created NEXT.  The NEXT was a computer I didn't use, (I liked VAX and VMS) but one that brought together several technologies at least 10 years ahead of the rest of the market, and more importantly steered the rest of the market.  

PIXAR defined what computer animation should do and also steered the rest of the market.  If you don't think so, why wasn't Disney bigger on computer animation at the outset?  I will bet, just like the story of the quartz crystal watch, insiders/animators at Disney saw the future in CGI and computer animation, but couldn't get anyone to listen.

I wish Apple well, but just like when GM lost all of its 'car guys' and started to be dominated by bean-counters, look for the same type thing to happen at Apple.
It seems like now they are so big though dont actually care. When there was Steve jobs with antennagate they did nothing for a month but in the end improved the situation. With ios5 lag on some iPods which has been going on for a while apple haven't even mentioned it
Apple has good hardware, decent OS and sub par mobile OS. But they have AMAZING marketing and HUGE markups so that's really all they need. 
Time to bring in some consultants to dress up the company for a sale to the highest bidder!
I think some of Jobs' driving ideas behind Apple are actually part of the problem. His focus on making digital items look like real-life items (calendar, notes, etc.) has made their entire OS look a little clunky, particularly when compared with Jelly Bean. But this entire discussion is akin to the horse race discussions with politics; it's something for geeks to talk about when there's not much else to talk about.

There is no competition to the Retina Display MacBook Pro - none that's out-of-the-box, anyway. To spec out a comparably priced Windows machine that the average user doesn't have to build simply isn't possible. There's probably an argument to be had about whether you need/don't need that much power in a laptop (hint: Most don't), but that's beside the point. The larger point is that Apple had an iconic CEO, and doesn't anymore, so everyone Chicken Little's every decision they make. Companies are much more than their CEO - supply chain, logistics, engineering and design arguably are far more important. If Apple is having problems now (and I see no evidence that they are), these problems were building when Jobs was in charge and are longstanding and deep-seated. 
Yes, indeed Apple have lost much of their shine, not because the Jobs's death, but because their dominance in the market and their policy to "consumerization" of the products, every move who have taken make dumber products with more limitation and less possibilities.
Dominate whats it dominating? Dominating would be like windows market share over apples.... That and who really cares about consumer electronics. Mac has nothing on the server side, well unless you count the server app witch isn't very good at all. Don't get me wrong I like the apple look but the software is consumer based and does suck on the IT side. Posted from my macbook air so don't fanboy blast me.
Um....kind of a ridiculous premise if you ask me.  Is there any doubt that the incremental improvements in all of their products along with the manner in which those products all continue to become the default comparison for any competition indicate that they are still on top of their game?  Smells like attention baiting...and I bit.  When I see a big misstep by Apple, I'll subscribe to the idea that they've lost their edge.  A couple weird ad campaigns?  Not enough to convince me that much has changed in Steve Jobs' absence. 
2012 will be the year that Apple will be judged against the competition by sheer features and prices, rather than by hype and shine. Both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini will have to compete with the latest Androids by offering better features and prices, and Apple will be found lacking in this arena.
I really love their products & honestly wish I had an iPad versus an Android tablet, as it has more app options. However, all Apple seems content to do right now is litigate. How about focusing on making newer & better products instead of litigating? Innovate not litigate. Shame on them. They've become a tech bully.
Apple is a different company to compare with. When everybody had those keypads, they came up with full touch screen iPhone. When others started copying(just admit that), they came up with the retina display. Simply none of the other screens can match that quality. When others were talking about bulky tablets, they came up with the iPad. Everyone told that the iPad is a blown up iPhone and nobody wants it. But it sold in millions and same people who made the statements were found in the lines to buy the iPad. Likewise they started pushing the technology ahead of others all the time and now they have to come up with the next revolutionary technology. Just give them time. you can't deny even when you stand in your head, most of the phones and tablets are simply iPhone & iPad Copies.
Tim Cook is not a "product guy"--Apple is in trouble (they just don't know it yet)
Totally agree... Apple will never be the same without Steve Jobs.
Apple was "great" when Steve Jobs ran it, and Microsoft better than it's current state when it had "Bill Gates." Why? Those guys set bars high, were about customers and producing good usable end products. What do we have now? Iphone 5 on the horizon thats several steps behind android just coming out the door, and windows 8, that's like a complete disregard to everything learned about usability the last 15-20 years.
As long as the US Patent system allows "speculative patenting" ie. patenting ideas that you cannot produce and demonstrate yourself yet, Apple will keep on strangling innovation. I still can't believe ANYONE can be awarded a patent for "Slide to unlock." It's ridiculous.
Steve put apple on the right track, i think it will take them a long time to loose focus. But it will most likely happen. Just as it happens with every other company
At the beginning I didn't want to believe it, but yes. In my opinion,, the've lost that "touch" that made their products so wanted and useful. Now they made a Retina Macbook Pro and left other MacBooks behind (they improved them, but not really).
That and who's going to buy an non-4g phone now.
I'm afraid they are. Before I continue I must state that I'm an apple die hard.

I think their problem is Steve Jobs. They feel like they have to live in his shadow. I'm sure they have said multiple times "what would Steve do" and then do it. They need to start thinking outside the box. I have a bad feeling that the iPhone 5 will flop. 
They used to be focused on making cool products. Now they're mostly focused on litigation. That in itself is an implicit admission that they don't know how to stay ahead anymore.
the brightest stars burn out the fastest
I am thinking of shorting them Long way to fall Anyone remember when Microsoft traded over $80?
The individuals responsible for the iPhone and other successful Apple products are still alive and are still working for Apple. If Apple is losing its shine, it is simply because they have no other person to charm consumers despite Apple creating still really good products.
Until now they are still on top, but it has to renovate too much especially in its iOS, as people started to get bored from not changing for a very long time.
+Jonny Morris yeah. Who else did put out a phone with multi touch at that time. I still remember those PDA junk with Windows mobile in them. Never liked them from the first day I saw them.
Umm, just watch. They are still running off of SJ genius and designs before he passed away, they will most likely lose it next year when they have to roll out something new on their own.
Tao Xie
Recent olympic "genius" ads shows How innovative apple is :p
I think the last year's sudden barrage of lawsuits is a sign that innovation is fading.
As a friend said, "You know Apple is in trouble when they feature 'turn by turn navigation' on their new product, like, seriously?" ;)
With all the litigation against Android, Apple is creating a bad image for herself and it's starting to show.
Apple gas a great passion for what they do and always has, with or without Jobs. I don't like their arrogance but it only exists because of their passion. Their users misplaced arrogance is what drives me crazy. Looking to the future the OS is becoming a moot point while the browser takes over. Thus causing a decline in importance of the OS. At some point they will need to become a SAAS company.
The sad reason most iPhone users keep buying the iPhone is their investment into a closed ecosystem. They have spent so much money into it they are forced to stay with a lesser device instead of a top Android phone which offers more and is not limiting.
Apple was a great company. I admit it, I'm on the other team, whooping the fumble of my opponent. But when any great opponent loses, one must pay their respects. I'll be drinking some long Island Iced tea, in remembrance of the immortal steve jobs. May his pinche ass rerrange heaven into a glorified tech wonderland. :)
This, coming from a magazine that lost its shine in the 80s.
Apple has always been overrated trash.
+Daniel Vice , it's not the we hate Apple, it's just an observation of their latest operating procedures, and the quality of their latest products that has left us with a bitter aftertaste. I own three iPods and an iPad 2. Growing up in the school system, the first computer I learned on was an Apple IIe. I have had nothing but great results from ever calling Apple Customer Service. Those things aside, their let's sue our competition since we can't better innovate attitude is not working to their advantage. That, and the slow and tedious evolution of their technology is drawing a significant percentage of the Apple Alum to go PC, Android, etc. Fanboy or not, it doesn't take an Apple Genius to see that Apple needs to better strategize if they are going to oust Microsoft and Android from their thrones.
They've traded innovation for litigation. Doesn't that speak volumes?
Every company eventually looses some focus, and some never come out of it, i.e., Polaroid, Kodak. We could spend days talking about the philosophy behind the one man company. Good things come and go, and the world turns, doesn't it. Funny thing though, the Chinese companies are right there to pick up the slack and fill right in. And their products are excellent, regardless of the patent infringements or not.
I've been blindly loyal to Apple since I picked up my first iPod from the PX in Baghdad in 2005, and my entire household up until now has been heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. Unfortunately at this point we're seriously exploring moving in other directions. The fact that Apple seems to be spending their social capital on litigation does make me less inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, but not enough to turn me off to a great product. Apple products, however, increasingly suffer from a lack of attention to detail and from an emphasis on capitalizing on past laurels over innovation. I can easily see a time in the not-too-distant future when my family and I distribute our dollars across a more diverse set of technology producers, which five years ago would have seemed anathema.
not ....yet can be decided.......dont forget that i-phone 5 is about to come in the market.....!!!
They have for sure lost a bit of luster. To me they seem to be turning into a money hungry organization. I love their products, however I don't like that they are suing companies day in and day out. 
Marko Z
S Jobs did good things for Apple. But towards the end of his life, it showed a sickened mind to threaten patent war in notably exaggerated terms. The longer Apple continues in this direction, the less I care to consider Apple products.
D White
It's simple,Android is the new kid on the block! If apple want 2 pick #'s back up drop the prices because they still have enough followers who could care less about the #'s they just can't afford the products! Most of the people who buy apple is for status anyway. I ask customers all the time can you tell me why you want an iPhone and the first response my friend has one or I never had one. OK, I tell them I never had a broken leg but I don't want one either!
It's not losing its allure, consumers are simply stronger of mind. If more people realize there are options and innovations they'll simply switch instead of being brand loyalists. It's the nature of economics
Tim Cook is a manager. Steve Jobs was a visionary. We've seen this movie before. Remember when the board of Apple ousted Steve Jobs 20 years ago? Yeah, it's only a matter of time until Apple products become commoditized. 
Yes, Jobs was undoubtedly a terrific visionary who drove the company's overall direction and invigorated their capacity for innovation. However, I think, more than anything else, that we may be observing the death of the closed-source platform. The tech community is more excited about open-source ecosystems than ever - particularly the mobile gaming community. 
Why is this a surprise? I think many including myself predicted exactly this. Jobs extended his Reality Distortion Field outside of the walls of the business and into consumers' perceptions, that is all. Gadgets are not that important, they aren't worth all that. Apple was destined to deflate when he disappeared.
+Daniel Vice Instead of flawed logic arriving to an inaccurate conclusion, why not state an argument that supports your bias? That's one of the great things about G+, take advantage of the privilege.
iPhone sales were up 28% that does not sound like they are faltering all, the problem is Wall Street expected/wanted more.
Android all the way. All Apple does anymore is sue anyone that tries advance the phone industry. All i can say is while i can just order a new battery, change my broken glass, and even change my blown speakers. Apple users will have to take there phones in to the store everytime.
If you can compare the Apple in which Jobs was still alive with the Apple which will spend 10 years since Jobs died, the answer will come out with nature.
No specific electronics brand will ever be a commodity Lmao Commodities are life essentials, like food and water, you won't die without your iPhone
Absolutely. As on onlooker you can see the subtle differences that just seem to be a little off. From the very un-Apple looking Genius commercials, to some of the recent products and release schedules, you have to think that Jobs would not have green lighted a lot of these decisions.

I think the release and reception of the next iPad and iPhone are going to be very telling of the company's immediate future. 
No company is safe. There is always ups and downs. Just like Sony, Nokia, MySpace, etc.
really, people think that people are going to pay 800.00 , for a phone, that will be shot to pieces to by a 200.00 dollar Android, If i see anyone with that phone and it doesnt do miracles i am laughing in thier face.
I think when Apple started this deluge of lawsuits around the world and getting sued they really started showing their true colors. Tim Cook hasn't brought anything new to the table that says "wow, that is an Apple product that I would by". Apple needs to embrace competition in order to make themselves better and all they have done is file a bunch of lawsuits (money that they could use to build better products with instead paying lawyers!). iPhone 5 will have to be really over-the-top to show Tim Cook's leadership skills.
I don't think the answer to apple's future can be answered by a geek. The general consumer does not think negatively about apple.

The non emotional answer will be in the sales figures. Currently apple is growing year after year. 
Samsung is now taking the lead. iphone is slowing going down it has to improve its app features after steve jobs is gone right from that day iphone started going down and samsung started coming up
He is no Steve Jobs but damn what is up with all the suing? I dont think that such small thing should be focused on especially when one of the people that you are suing makes ure parts, if you have an issue with them resolve it behind close doors. I like apple but to tell the truth this junk is really making me wonder what will happen to the company.
Steve was the Style man! I believe he approved 99% of the style that was Apple. Luts hope they can find someone with a vision like his. Apple makes good products and offers good service for that product if you pay what it takes to get it. that's ok as long as I get something in return for my money but when the shareholders start nickle and diming it, wanting my money then finding ways no to poney up it will be time to jump ship.
+Larry Olson makes a good point.  I love gadgets of all stripes - I mean really love them - but always found the Jobs-created hysteria around Apple products to be just bizarre.  These weren't gadget folks or technophiles that loved Apple. These folks had a cult-like obsession with it.  They have/had a nearly militant "Apple Can Do No Wrong" mentality.  

Now that he's gone, it's like a church with no pastor...  
Not sure the next iPhone iteration is a fair example of Cook's leadership, except to point out that Apple hasn't come out with anything truly original since the iPad, and now have fallen into money raking mode, a la Microsoft in the mid-90's. We'll be talking about all the fools using iPhones in 5 years like we talk about people who still use Internet Explorer.
Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. Great journalism there.
I think these stupid lawsuits are hurting them more than helping.  They are coming off as nothing more than school yard bullies.  Android is not going away and Apple just needs to accept that fact, instead of destroying the patent process in Steve Job's quest to go nuclear on Google.
+Sean Patrick people buy iPhones because the majority of consumers are not tech geeks. They want something that they can take out of the box and use. One device, one store, one os...very simple. Whatever area android might have an advantage in, this is not one of them. 
Yes. Apple's Olympic ads were an abomination. Cook is not managing Apple nearly as well as Jobs did. Prepare for the rise of Google, Facebook & Amazon.
iPhone 5 will be Apple's last great hit. Why? Because their marketing campaign will be slathered with claims that Jobs was an essential part of the product team up until the end. It doesn't have to be true, it just needs to be said.
With hater's and competition, it definitely gives that impression.   Steve Jobs, was the visionary and the enforcer of drive, thought and imagination.Your best was not good enough. With end results, he was right. He has inspired and touch all of us one way or another. with his vision, tenacity and fortitude to explore uncharted path's of thought.  
The number of anti-mac fanbois here is smothering.

Look people Apple is like any other company. Whether it survives depends on its people first and foremost. If you don't like Apple fine, but why gloat? That's shows a lot of class, not.
+Rafael Lopez android is not limiting? So I can take those apps with me if I decide I want an iPhone or windows phone? 
Here's food for thought, what's the one thing the differentiates Apple,Microsoft from say Linux or Google/Android for that matter? Open source versus proprietary. It's always been that way with apple and microsoft, but now with demand high you have the iphone5 coming that'll be behind on the times just out of the door, and windows 8, which is going to be a mt vesuvius of a failure with a complete disregard for customer feedback and basic usability standards that were set in the past 20+ years. 

I don't think it's so much of a hate for apple, or the fact that they build products that work, it's because you're limited using those products. For the individual above that had to enter a credit card and register online JUST to use his ipod. To those of us knowing using windows right now where microsoft has their "genuine" tool running and checking on a daily basis that you have a "valid" copy of windows. Take a look at the iphones, you can't root/jail break them within their rules guidelines. What about if you want to transfer data to an iphone? You're stuck by default using itunes. Look at an android, it acts like a flash drive copy/paste from pc to phone no problem.

No, I don't think it's the company and all of it's products, it's the perception people have of them based on the choices they've set for a business model. Why block jail breaking? (alienate your more tech savvy individuals). Why toss ability to open phone to switch battery (alienate others that want extended battery or just ability to pull plug if it freezes). Why force people to use YOUR software, Itunes, to transfer data to a phone, which is realistically just a solid state drive with an apple os on it. That's the perception people get, when you're forced to use a piece of software for the sake of the company trying to control.

Look at microsoft and IE a few years ago with the courts in europe regarding their forced use of IE on computers without other options (firefox, chrome, safari etc). 

On a last note, yes to what +Ian Brown  said, closed source is what people don't want anymore. People don't want to be restricted with their software because the developing company wants to use their software and not have other options. Microsoft Office vs open office anyone? 

I am confident if we saw apple or microsoft go open source, they'd explode again with customer support. Revolution OS anyone?
Point of fact: Apple went into the tank once before...when Jobs was ousted as CEO. It took his reinstatement and a hefty bit of investment capital from Bill Gates to get Apple on top. No surprise that it could happen again.
@Rafael: I definitely agree with you that the Android OS is not as limiting and I personally know a lot of previous iPhone owners who are swapping from iPhone to Android OS-based phones and tablets because they want to get away from the closed system. No one is ever forced to stick w/ a specific device or OS, even iPhone users. If you realize you have new/different needs, then upgrade to a new device and/or OS that better suits your needs. On the flip side, most of the loyal iPhone buyers (and Apple lovers in general) usually stick w/ their Apple products simply out of loyalty to the company and/or because they are part of the whole "Apple culture" phenomenon that Steve Jobs created. Some of these users don't need an open OS because the iPhone does everything they want and they are content with that. Let's face it: the majority of iPhone owners are happy enough because all they do is download neat apps, play games, text and make phone calls. It's all about what you like and what you need. 
A couple ads means the shine is off Apple? We all know Jobs worked on stuff that hasn't released yet - so we have a few years of stuff to come out of the pipeline that we was involved with. The "slow" quarter which was still amazing is because people are waiting for new stuff to come out (iPhone 5, possible smaller iPad, etc.) I think this is a stretch to propose right now. At least Apple hasn't put out a booger like the Q in a long time...
One person doesn't make a difference, very wrong to compare CEO's. Jobs didnt have to contend with Samsung. Cook has to.
I'm not so sure they would have been able to hold on much longer even with Jobs around. That said, perception is much different from reality, and Jobs was perceived as some type of visionary. So, losing him probably does knock a little of the shine off.
I'm not anti-apple, but suing everyone seems to be the new way of doing business for Apple and it's stifling the innovations of products that Apple didn't make. 
Just because someone new took over doesnt mean it will lose it shine, nor will it gain shine just because of a single person. It will remain what it was because I see some strong rules and policies built into the organization which will take longer to change.
Having said that, all the "iDevices" that it makes are all tricks and mind games played on a large scale and its mind games are now legendary! They can even sell a donkey by branding it as a iDonkey, create a separate market for themselves and even sue others for silly things!
Yep, I agree.  I had a runny IPhone this morning.
I think Apple will be just fine. Do you people work for Microsoft?
I think Steve Jobs also served as an icon for apple as well and I know some people who felt they owed loyalty to Apple. They saw Apple as an underdog and an opponent to corporate greed from Microsoft. This view may have been fueled by his story of initial stumbling blocks and betrayal ending in his magnificent return.

I've noticed much talk in this thread of open source and open standards perhaps a new standard to bear?

I think the real answer is just the competition is learning and catching up. They had a period where they had a monopoly on innovative products but I don't even think Steve Jobs could have kept that up. Though I do have to thank him, I don't think another company could have released the Ipad and had so much success, but I think people's trust in him did allow that idea to flourish.
Too tough to judge if Apple's lost its mojo. We need at least one product cycle that didn't somehow include Steve to really judge if he was truly the force behind the creative risk taking Apple did that made it so successful.

Right now to me Apple is feeling a lot like Nintendo. I have great memories with their products, but if they are just going to be another Phone/Tablet on the market without any serious differentiation between them and the competition; then there is no reason for me to pay the Apple premium.
its good because samsung should grow
I think this is just part of the business cycle. You innovate, grow, dominate, then stagnate. Getting back to the new cycle is the challenge.
steve jobs rock . . i bet u anything that no one can replace him . .
Most days I'm able to completely forget that Apple even exists.
I think he was a bad American for the brand made overseas with all due respect too the man and his life
People tend to forget that Steve Jobs did not always get it right; can anyone say NeXT? He also almost killed Apple back in the 80's, along with some help from John Sculley. They also forget that he was out of the office a lot the last years before his death.

Not trying to be critical of Jobs. He did more things right than he did wrong. But he had also been working with people like John Ive and Tim Cook for years after his return in the 90's. He wasn't and isn't the only visionary at Apple. They continue to invest a lot of resources into R&D and still submit a ton of patents even after Jobs.

Let's chill out for a second and let them do their thing. I have faith in Apple...
Apple Lost its Style even before steve jobs was there.  The temporary and dummy things can never stay long.
I'd much rather work for Cook than Jobs.
Apple has lost it's shine. That's why they are pursing the lawsuits to keep the other major competitors at a step back just like apple, but ultimately these law suits will only prove that apple has lost.
I love my HTC phone better than my I phone
I think the frivolous lawsuits tell us all we need to know.  Apple will continue to do well for a while due to people that have had bad experiences with older, cheaper, outdated android phones, but as the market shakes out, over the long term, apple's resistance to innovation, relentless litigation, and lack of openness will slowly work against them.
This mew "genius" commercial makes me not want to buy an apple device. If i need help every 6 seconds why should i get the device? And with all this suing i don't really see innovation. I mean android has gotten smoother and looks nicer then the outdated grid feel of a apple product. Heck i have a ipod fourth gen and had jail break it to have any fun. why would i need help when there products have no complexity at all? Apple is losing its shine.
+Jeff Mayland I agree, the general consumer does not think negatively of Apple.  On the other hand I have no thoughts about that haircut of yours :)
I'm the biggest Apple hater there is but it's nothing to do with Steve Jobs being dead. The iPhone 4 is behind the curve. Next month when the iPhone 5 comes out, all the fanboys will be all over it and people will once again be saying how "great" Apple is. Galaxy S3 FTW!
Absolutly ...think steve jobs, think cutting edge design and want it now factor ...cant even remember the new guys name . I miss mr jobs and the excitement of new product hype he was truly a genius ..
The battery not being replaceable is not an issue as they last a day and half and some times even two days. I have also used android and I get one day doing a bunch of tweaks to save on battery, iphone no tweaks and double battery life.
Tim is a very nice, respectful person. Steve was very nice, but also got very mad sometimes, and was occasionally difficult to read his emotions. Tim doesn't get yell very often, he usually just sits down, and creates a very icy silence in the room. Steve Jobs was basically a technology god. It took him lot's of time to become the god he was though. I think that Tim, and Steve have very different philosophies, when it comes to running Apple, and that Tim is just getting the hang of being an amazing CEO, and I can't wait to watch Apple announce some amazing new products.
I am biased, but Apple lost it's shine long ago ... specifically, about the time they started their abuse of the broken patent system.
You think I'm EVER buying stock in Apple again?! ;)
I was just talking to friends about Jobs last night. One of, if not the, greatest minds in regards to business and innovation. But without him, how the heck can Apple keep up the innovation? It's only a matter of time before the iPhone is the "CD player" and another company introduces a new generation of technology to dominate!
I like apple, especially in pie or plain slices with a little peanut butter.
After Steve Jobs Now Apple Plan to Launch Low Price I Phones which definitely down the image of Apple.....
im a android fanboy. lets get that on the record before I say that Im about to say. apple is not losing its shine. in undersold last quarter because the iphone in old and needs a update.

apple has always produced top notch hardware and software. there pc sales are up, there tablet sales are up and iphone5 will sel 80 million once they are out. they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

all that being said, I hope someone at apple gets their head out of their butt and breaks away from the "steve jobs" ideas that will strangle this company. the idea that consumers need to be told what they want will be their undoing.. someday

otherwise.. we will all be using mac's, iphones, ipads... waking up in our ihomes, driving our icars to are ijobs and being the perfect iconsumers.
The random user doesn't care about openness. As long as it works great and feels shiny, the iPhone is what they will pick. Only nerds like to root and flash new ROMs. Get your heads out of your asses.
I think it started with Steve Jobs with me, and the lawsuits, all this "I'm going to sue" you just seems like a whiny cop out.
A pile of money will not keep them relevant, ask Microsoft.
No. Apple will keep its number 1 status. Except it and move on.
If they don't innovate, they will lose out in the smartphone world - computers is a different world.
Let the man Rest in Peace and let all of us remember him they way he was as a person. There is nothing positive to gain from comparing Steve's Apple to Tim's Apple. 
The new guy may not have the vision or enthusiasm of Steve Jobs, but his empire is solid. Apple's values of simplicity, uniformity, and reliability aren't going to disappear because Jobs is no longer here.
Wow. I don't think steve jobs has much of anything to do with apple slipping, which they are. Maybe people are just getting smarter. Hopefully...
its true that the apple company is losing the shine without steve jobs.
+Darnell Howard They've already lost their #1 position once, Samsung is #1 in mobile phone sales at the moment, I'm sure it will change some when iPhone 5 comes out, but for how long?
As most of you remember Apple almost died in the past, Steve Jobs resurrected Apple and made them what they are today! Now that Steve is gone, and yes we lost a great visionary man, I don't think Apple will fail again. I feel that Steve worked closely with many people including Tim Cook and over the years these people learned from Steve. I feel the company will do just fine as long as they maintain the quality and due diligence in testing of their products before release. Apple makes solid products, OSX is far better than Windows and I challenge anyone to prove to me that it is not? Apple might have a closed architecture but this has worked for them and it allows them to maintain the quality and experience that many Apple fans have expected for years! For example, my wife who is not a tech person is always complaining on how to use her Android phone but the first time she picked up my iPhone to use it, she asked "How do you use..." and silence. Next, I hear her talking. That's the experience Apple has tried to produce and mastered.
No business exceeds expectations every quarter. As much as I admired Steve Jobs and his accomplishments, it's time to embrace the new Apple and let the new Apple become what ever it's going to be. Least we forget GE is still GE, even with out Thomas Edison, and Ford is still Ford, etc. As an innovative company they will release some insanely great products and some that aren't so great. The fact is they "Boldly take us where no man has ever gone before" and I feel confident that the child of Steve Jobs will continue to do so in the future.
We all Apple lovers'll missed you Steve.
Cook doesn't apear to the same minimalist sense of style necessary to pick the right people for the right teams, but then again he was picked by Jobs so it's possible that there are talents there that I simply am not seeing.
Without Steve Jobs there is no Apple and without Apple there wouldnt be Android. I dont think that anybody can take over from where Steve Jobs left off.
They have potential.yes they can do it.its just tat they feel less confident
No. Apple route is different. Dont compare to other. Apple is awesome
I think its samsung time to shine and apple is losing its shine
If Apple dies... I will die.
I love Apple and it will never go out of style or lose interest, but like they say there's always someone bigger than the big guy
yea people thought he would be around forever and didnt think to look into what happens when he's gone, they let their creativity pass with him
when you are at the top, there is now where but down to go! Cheers!
The apple brand of iphones are way to expensive like here in kenya it costs more than 80'000 shilings.
I hate apple hate their fidgety ui, someone passed me an Ipad trying to show me something as I picked it up the picture just got hidden by a keyboard. Yes I hate the user interface of all apple products.
Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs? Do you mean he's a good dad?
Apple makes good products, but I can't rationalize spending what I could get 2 of from another company.  I can buy 2 good laptops for the price of 1 Mac.  I can buy 2 Nexus 7's for a iPad.  Why by one for myself when I could buy 2 for me and the wife.  The OS is nice, but not THAT nice.  Also I work in IT, I don't need their OS as an insulator from Malware, I'm not stupid enough to get it in the first place.
LMAO without apple there would be no android..  android is linux based ... linux has been around since the 90s.  :)   
Steve Jobs was Apple. It was he whom was the visionary that helped Apple rise to prominence. As a Mac user, I fear that the death of Steve Jobs was the beginning of the decline of Apple. Only time will tell.
I still think they make great products its just their anti competitive behavior that sours me on buying anything from them. Trying to sue the competition out of existance doesn't set well with me.
No offense to anybody but Apple sucks
I was just looking at the screen of my new G S 4! All i can say is who is apple?
Wil San
Yes..recent commercials with "Dell" dude are proof.

Honestly speaking, losing its shine.... Samsung is gaining popularity with all that technology, speed, efficiency... Have you guys checked the Samsung Beam?
Many people like the Apple subscription zeitgeist.  Pay way too much for a device to be locked into the money machine that is Apple.  I think it's creating a generation of technologically ignorant people and that users should have at least a basic understanding of the tech in their hands.  My kids first computer has a distro of the Linux OS which is not to say I'm technologically elitist, but I want them to know what is possible and how to fix something when it breaks.  Not an Apple subscriber and never will be. 
I would hate to think that Apple is losing it's shine. I am confident that Apple has much in store. I am not at all impressed with Samsung's phones. They are different, but not better than Apple's iPhone.
They ARE nothing without Jobs.  Hell, they were nothing without him anyway.  He was a self-admitted "pirate" of technology.  I believe he was even quoted as saying that "Art isn't created, it's "borrowed".  This coming from a guy who blatantly flew the Jolly Roger over Apple HQ for years.
If blackberry doesn't make the same mistake as HP did to webos I predict an amazing outcome.
Maybe apple will find its way using turn by turn audible direc... oh wait.
Jobs decided the company's fate by declaring thermonuclear war. Cook could define his legacy by ending it.
Apple has a solid team that builds great products. However, somebody needs to tell them what to do. The company runs like a dictatorship and they need someone strong to lead them to the promise land. Will this be maintained?
Cook is an accountant. Jobs was a visionary.
Not that there's anything wrong with that situation, it's just different. They are losing the "aura" which was the Cult of Mac however. But that comes with the ubiquity of the products vs. how it used to be years ago as a niche company.
Maybe not...if they working hard...
Yes. Apple stop living in the past. It's 2012, not 2007. Innovate, don't just litigate.  
The Apple top management is being distracted by lawsuits instead of using that time to design new products.   That has to have a negative effect down the line.
Kiaz Mc
Steve gave presentation - he spoke and the masses bought - just because. He could sell salt to the ocean calling it an upgrade the to salt it already has in it. Never have been an apple product owner and never will. 
Everyone here has to admit that you're waiting for iPhone 5 to release right? Wait for that and we'll see how terrible the situation is: is this iPhone 4GS for added 4G functionality just to stall time for better phone or are they desperate to "wow" the market with cutting edge technology like Steve did. We all know they can't stall anymore as the 4S is essentially the stall for a stronger product later, but with Android pushing them so hard, I don't think they can deliver what consumers want: the "wow" factor anymore. Prove? Recent patent war.
Absolutely, the latest commercials are awful Jobs would be disgusted by them.
Many feel about Apple without Steve Jobs how people felt about Disney without Walt. Apple and Disney are very similar in that their iconic figureheads left their DNA blueprint for the company to continue on long into the future. It took time for others who were inspired by Walt to create the same magic, but look at Disney today. I feel the same about Apple, it will take time but in the end Steve's magic will blossom again and Apple will grow.
Tim is very similar to John Sculley a numbers man trying to protect the companies interest instead of continuing to innovate like it's predecessor. I believe Marissa Mayer would be the best person to run Apple she is tech savvy and has a passion for innovation.
yeah, no shit Time news - took you this long to figure it out?
I'm glad they're going downhill.
Nothing has changed kids.  Things are still secrets prior to big releases.  The recent sales numbers being lower than expected is entirely due to the upcoming iPhone release and adaptation to retina display for all displays.  That's it kiddos.  
Based on the latest product "announcements" it seems like there's a lot less innovation happening at Apple without Steve.  He was a large part of that company and its culture, I'm not sure it can maintain its current success without him ...
Apple has not lost its shine u wait and c when iPhone 5 comes out it will happen all over again 4in screen might help
The lawsuits seem to hint that they're getting desperate
+Joshua Solanes No, lawsuits like this happen constantly.  They are just another business practice.  It's just that they usually don't get this amount of press.
Anyone that's never patented anything complains like little bitches. 
+Logan Kraus Probably, because it's not that common for one company to request injunctions against 30+ different products within a year, over features that are trivial, and a microscopic piece of the overall product in question.

Apple's gone thermonuclear, like Jobs wanted, it's just now that he's passed, Apple can't convince us that they're not bat-shit-crazy.
Even with Steve Jobs out Apple wont lose their shine.
Considering what I've read about Steve Job's personality inside Apple and the way he pushed his developers to extreme perfectionism, I guess it's hard to mantain his former "small tyranny".
Ask an Apple employee how they feel in the post Jobs company. I think you will find that the company itself will be a much healthier place... 

Will that mean the profits suffer? Perhaps. Or, perhaps in a few years, once the employees have had some time to express themselves and their creativity, you will see a new kind of innovation from Apple. It has been a while, even with Jobs there, since anything really innovative came out of the company. The iPad was a tremendous success, but not innovative. The iPhone was, in my opinion, the last truly great innovation from Cupertino. 

With all of that in mind, Apple will be just fine for a decade or two, no matter what happens!
"The report was notable for weak iPhone sales growth, which Apple tried to explain by citing “rumors and speculation” about a new iPhone that could be leading consumers to hold out for the new model."

This explanation makes me laugh every time I read it.
I think the biggest danger to Apple right now is the vague methods they seem to have about Cloud technology.  That first edition of photostream was ridiculous.  And iWork has been in beta for what seems like years.  As much as I hate Microsoft, I have to give them credit for their skydrive and fat client/web client choice.  And google is awesome with android phone automatically posting photos to the cloud.  But anyway, I won't be jumping off the Apple ship anytime soon.  They'll have to fall a long way before I do.
The hardware and customer support are fantastic, Mac OS is a fine operating system - the problem for a lot of people I know is the lack of freedom with iOS. Giving a "install apps from third party sources" option and not charging people to develop on the platform would likely stop the exodus to android.

The problem for Apple will come if iOS continues to generate a negative halo effect for knowledgeable users...
The legacy of Jobs is a bunch of smoke and mirrors. He didn't reinvent the tech world; he was simply a good salesman. Maybe even a brilliant salesman. But the media (and the general public) gives him far too much credit. Apple is the same now as it was under Jobs, it's just the perception of Apple that's changed; but, for a company built on public perception, that may be a very important factor. Doesn't change the fact that their tech is no better or worse at present.
I am impressed with all the Apple hate here. Apple is an American company. The most valuable company on the planet, and a huge employer in the USA. They don't only keep food on the table for their employees, but hundreds if not thousands of other companies that are suppliers/vendors for apple.. Yet it seems my fellow Americans seem happy to disparage this great company and seem to want it to fail.. Sad.. 
Seems apple turned to litigation instead of innovation since jobsy popped his clogs. Although I'm sure he would approve considering his hate for android.
Apple is like my grandfather in its thiking
No...basically TIME wanted clicks and views - it got it !
Apple will crash and burn just as they did in the 90s when Steve left the first time.
Apple never had "shine". They've ripped everyone off since the begining
Fading fast. The leak of the new iPhone already is proof. Nobody forgot it at a bar this time. It just leaked..
Usama should take a spelling test from the grandfather.
What do you thik?
Can't lose something you never had
There running out of ideas and when the Steve jobs timeline runs out there done.
To any Apple fan the appearance of Jobs was on a par with the second coming. The publicity alone was priceless! They were always going to find it hard at Apple post Jobs. Now the company faces a real challenge. Sell your product on the strength of the product!
Said it before. I give them 2 to 5 years tops, before they are reduced to niche market and patent leaches.
They sure did drop the ball on those new tv ads.. they were just horrible.. I could've made something better.. but i guess we will have to wait until the release of the new iphone comes.. that will be the biggest test for Apple after Steve Jobs.
Apple will either find a way to redefine the way we precieve the word shine or they will sue someone who is shinier than them and hope some of it rubs off. The company is amazing at spin and strategic lawsuits. Their products are quite cool, but I think their attitude is starting to lose it's appeal.
Bryan M
With the way the new iPhone is looking I'm not sure they still have their zest, and I am saying that as a huge supporter of Apple. The iPhone needs an overhaul at this point. I'm not paying premium price for a replica of the last two iPhone releases. The phone needs to be made bigger as well. I can't stand how small it is, especially seeing the new Samsung Galaxy S3. That thing is sweet! Come on Apple!! Make something happen.
Absolutely, if he were still alive apple would never be on a pre-paid carrier. Not that I am against pre-paid, but apple has always portrayed themselves as better then everyone else. Apple is losing more users to Samsung / Android everyday.
They are losing there shine because of the type of company they are running, not because Steve Jobs is dead. Stop suing everyone that is competition.
Apples demise has been predicted many times and the nay sayer were wrong then and wrong now!
The whole economy is slow Apple is still better than most
He did good, the only thing about workaholics is forgetting about health a bit, money cant buy health. In not too long the mouse will be dead as well.
Apple is was not just Steve Jobs, many who worked with him knew his vision and direction.  He prepared them, yet, he was integral.  But as is known, without those around him he would have been just another man. No man is an island to himself nor is a company built with one as the foundation though perceptions of trouble will always fall back to  "It is because Steve Jobs died."  The reality is Disney survived Disney's death and went on. Hewlett Packard also.  It is also remiss to think that there is no one who can carry his vision and move this company forward.  Remember, they have been through this before. As Mark Twain, rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated.
Apple is not losing its shine... It's the only company that runs against itself, there is no other company today that has the capability and quality of their products... the problem is that Apple reached the top, and to always innovate and increase the bar starts to get ruff... it is like the famous General Electrics (GE) case some years ago..
May be ... But I think apple is still the best
Sad but true. Stop patent trolling and get busy building. So much time and money wasted. Stunting competition with lawsuits isn't a way to keep you in the game in the long run.
Still, Larry Page s the greatest entrepreneur of all time
Have you forgotten what apple was like before he came back?
One has to remember what happened to Apple when they fired  Jobs a few years ago and had to crawl back to get him to come back.. So Jobs built Apple twice  
Most definitely. At least 3 people I know have switched from iPhone to Android after seeing my One X.
I think the company's incredible and consistent innovation died with Jobs. Now they've become nothing more than a patent troll with a shiny logo. Sad.
Apple is going the way of BlackBerry, they made something that was ground breaking and amazing. Then nothing, they havent bothered to try and change or improve their products. Steve jobs wouldnt have been able to save the company ethier. I can only hope that Android doesnt go the way or BlackBerry and Apple
Some of these comments are a bit hypocritical and a tad- bit laced with envy. Cause I can understand if the products produced thus far were a mega fail in expectations. However it has been quite the contrary. They have led in new and innovative technology for awhile, with much credit to Jobs. Though if individuals were to look at the true inventors behind some of these technologies they would see a list of engineers and inventors. Who, by the way, are still integral players in the company. So in conclusion to my somewhat bias observation, I do think that Apple can maintain their customer base once they continue to be fresh and innovative as they were under Steve Jobs. And should another company launch something even more on the cutting edge, then it would be a challenge thrown to Apple to up their game to that next step.
Hang on

iPhone 1 phone = 1 hit wonder and putting an "s" after the model number does not make it a new device just has better Samsung parts installed

iPad = 3 versions of the same device
iOS that is still the same as it was in 2007 just with a few extra apps

Android please tell me how many Companies there are outside of lala land that are producing the devices , phones or tablets

Apple overpriced crap made for people that are shitscared of new cutting edge technology , A Company that only cares about its shareholders and the bottom line

Meh.  Apple has always been a horrible company from a business ethics, morals, price and hardware standpoint.  The only thing I can think of that Apple is good at is their software (it's good, but the closed system is shit) and their marketing.  

Either way, I've never bought an Apple product and never will.
I hope not :(. Steve Jobs was about making the device "perfect" and completely user-friendly. Each device made when he was alive was really "revolutionary" (except the 3GS). Jobs had a certain way of his keynote presentations, one that would make anybody excited about apple's new device. Coming from an Android and IOS user, I feel the difference of smoothness and user-experience. Android (4.0) is getting better, but still very, very far away from the experience that an IOS device gives someone. I really hope Apple gives the world a huge shocker when the Iphone 5 comes out- I still think Tim Cook can run Apple.
I find it amazing the number of people predicting the demise of Apple without Steve Jobs. Makes you wonder how all the other companies that never had a Steve manage!

It started losing the shine when the reports came out about the working conditions at the Asian product manufacturers. Jobs was still alive and the press only gave it attention on a superficial level for a short period of time.
Is MIcrosoft starting to lose its shine after Bill Gates?  Did Microsoft ever have any shine?

It seems like that would be a better story.  After all Ballmer was the one listed as worst CEO that should already have been fired by Forbes magazine.
While it is emotionally comforting to think of Steve personally building and designing and selling everything at Apple, we all know that it was and is a giant team. The team didn't die, the head of that team did. The real question at Apple will come when they pick the first new (was not discussed with Jobs) and significant hardware or software category to pursue. Those are the kinds of decisions where absent/present Jobs matters most. The huge decisions, not the incremental ones. 
Still too soon to tell but I certainly hope not... I truly appreciate Apple's eye for quality, detail, finish, seamless usability, etc.
I agree. The hardware team is still phenomenal but the software team needs a kick. If they loose some of the creative geniuses such as Ives, forstall then I might be concerned. 
I think Apple drew some very bad Karma with Steve Jobs already in the last 2 years. Now that the "Steve distortion field" is gone, people begin to think about how bad Apple's attitude really is.
+TIME No offense "Tim3" but asking if "Apple starting to lose its shine?" in THIS forum is like going to the Microsoft campus and asking if the PlayStation is not quite as good as the Xbox. What answers did you expect? It's unlikely you'll find more support for Android (Google's creation) in any other forum. Just be aware the answers WILL be rather skewed.  Just sayin'.
I have to also say though, that I agree partly with +BryanM . I'm less enthusiastic to pay premium dollar for a replica of the past 2 IPhones! It needs a wow factor to peak my upgrade interest. 
Company will never be the same. He was a genius
Can't loose what they didn't have.
Nt exactly....but I guess Steve Jobs would have handled situations more better
I think it is still too soon to know. Being as fanatical as was reported I am sure he left plans for some time in the future. How they execute them remains to be seen. 
Migs B
New iPhone this new iPhone that, screw that I'm waiting for the galaxy note 2
Migs B
Or even the next nexus ..
The only reason android gets more sales is cuz the phones arent over priced and apples iPhone has always been over priced if they put the cost to a more reasonable value they might be able to out sale Android
Does doubling the pixels of every device and stopping your competitors from trading count as innovation? No. So yes, they are fading.
Well we're talking about him on g+ so I guess apple lost.
I've met some other execs over there and wondered why they weren't in the big seat. Not to say Cook's bad, but these other individuals just really amazed me and seemed like they had the "woosha" needed to lead. I'd imagine the next quarter or two will show whether or not he has the jedi skills needed to run that place.
In general, Apple people have always been idiots that choose brand loyalty over common sense.
I think Apple has plateaued. They're still riding on the back of the innovative products Jobs created/started. Once they are past, I don't think Apple will be the trendsetter it used to be.
Kassy G
 no one can replace Steve Jobs he was Apple. and Tim Cook is ok but there is now way that he could contribute to the compnay like Steve Jobs did.
Every company has ups and downs. Expecting Apple to continue their trajectory under Jobs is ridiculous. Apple is not in hot water by any means. Let Tim Cook have time.
отличное фото гениального человека
Apple is now ranked the most valuable American company, its stock value is something like $600 billion US or somewhere close to that. And Tim Cook is the one at the helm when Apple reaches that value.
There's never been so many leaks of new iPhone before the event as there's been of the upcoming #iPhone5. 
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