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“DryBath was made to save the lives of the over 2 million destitute people who suffer and often die from easily treatable diseases like trachoma, diarrhoea, etc.,”

Introducing DryBath, a gel that will literally be a life saver for people who don’t have access to clean water.
A South African college student has a solution for your lazy hygiene: the Drybath. The world’s first shower gel that doesn’t require water to clean its user is conveniently packaged in a small packet,...
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How is this different than hand sanitizer?
+Mark Secare you mean I can smoke this shit too?  NICE!  Ima be eating tons of faces this weekend. Look out for me on CNN
I thought those with lazy hygiene wear perfume instead of taking baths/showers.
if this becomes popular, we'll have more bad smells in our lives, yikes
I can't be sure about it without trying it, but, until then, I'll be extremely sceptical to anything like that... Laziness has led to some of the most practical innovations, after all...! :) 
What will it do about the diseases they have contracted from having to ingest the contaminated water? If you do not have access to clean water, I'm not sure that being odour-free is a priority.
africa isn't the place i image can afford gel but not water
Isn't this just the same as waterless hand sanitiser that we've been using in hospitals for years?
If it is the same stuff as the hospital sanitisers, YUCKOLA! That stuff is sticky, nasty!  Even dry dog shampoos suck!  Sorry, you cannot replace water for a good cleanse.  Those  third world ppl can probably filter their gray water, collect rainwater, etc. 
+Adrian James Asbury as the Arizona distributor of dehydrated water, I thank you for mentioning our little know product. We are currently working on getting all of Mexico as our next territory. Africa was a little out of our way.
Why not, we have dry shampoo for hair and pets!!!!!!!! LOL
It could be useful for long trips, like traveling to Australia, being able to "stay clean" could make your journey easier.
I hope to say, but don't forget your deoderant!!!!!! tee hee LOL
Man another one of my inventions stolen! Oh well Im glad its found its way to a good home. My friends always laughed at me when I would tell them about my new product to use hand sanitizer as a "quick shower". Sounds silly? Its kills bacteria on the skin and bacteria it what causes people to smell.

Funny thing is that it actually works! Try rubbing some hand-a-tizer on your pits when you smell. Bravo. 

Now someone took it to the next level and added a moisturizer to the mix and dry shower is born. I think since its intended for an african population without water they should add a fragrant inscet repellent to the mix and further help people avoid malaria. 
Great response, that is soooooooo funny. you're right there is a lot of malaria in the third  world countries the in sect repellent just might work!!!!!!!! tee hee tee hee LOL LOL LOL I'm still laughing so hard I can hardly write ha ha ha.
"Introducing DryBath, a gel that will literally be a life saver for people who don’t have access to clean water."

Sorry - did you say it will LITERALLY be a LIFE SAVER?

Oh TIME - you give me so much material for my studies into the lack of aptitude within so called 'popular' news sources. Here's an idea. Get your facts straight without over sensationalizing something for once...

.. You hacks.
DryBath take me away!
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