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Okay, G+ followers. Let's try something different.

We understand you're all not interested in the same things. Next week, we'll start testing different topic circles. First up will be technology. We promise not to bombard our tech followers with content, but we'll want be more active here than we are with our general feed.

To join, simply let us know you're interested in this comment thread. THE CATCH: You've got to make sure you've circled us first, or we can't circle you. SORRY!

Note: We're hoping in time, G+ will allow us to open up circles with an "Add Yourself" feature, but until then, it'll have to be manual. So bear with us. We'll add you as quickly as possible.

- +Allie Townsend
TIME Social Media Producer
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I'm definitely interested. Sounds like a good idea.
Good idea. Seem to remember +Darren Rowse saying something similar to your "Add Yourself" idea a few weeks back.
Count me in. <----- BIG Tech fan.
I love this idea! Yes, please add me to the Tech Circle.
Yes! Love that idea. Count me in on the Tech circle.
Ok Time, I'm at your orders: sign me in for Technology, Health/Sciences and Travel
yes please for the tech circle
Politics Circle when you establish one.
Jim Lui
I'm interested. Cool idea
jumps on the bandwagon

You may add me to your technology circle.
I would like to be in your Tech Circle, too. Thank you!
Please add me to your Tech Circle.... thanks!
Hand in the air here... :)
I'm just curious what the difference between this and you having a page that I follow is.
Interested, 'Let's do this!'
I am interested in the concept. Please add me to your Technology Circle.
I'm interested to see how this turns out.
I am interested to see how different organizations use G+. I'll give it a whirl.
Please add me to your tech news circle. Thanks.
Please add me to your tech news circle - what other circles will you be offering? I am interested in science and politics news as well. This looks like a good idea.
Please add me as well.
Id like to be added, thanks. :)
Great idea! You need to let us know what circles you'll create.
Some progressive thinking! Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer
Please add me. :D
Please add me to your technology circle.
Count me in guys, feel free to bombard me too.
+Richard Siebold I expect the difference will be them posting tech articles to the tech circle instead of public. This way you will see tech articles and not political articles unless you are in their political circle also.
I am interested in a Technology topic circle.
Add me please. Nice to see an innovative approach.
Tech, International, National, etc. All the usual. I think it would be cool to see a Controversy (or "Cultural Conflict") group, however, which would include topics of all kinds which are resulting (or historically result) in heated debates. I want to know when Mississippi narrowly avoids defining human life at conception, and when climate skeptics reach the conclusions of climate scientists, without having to be in multiple circles!
I am interested. Circled you. :)
Yes you mention two great things I've long been thinking Google+ should implement... Topic Circles and Add Yourself to public Circles.
Sign me up please :D Thanks!
yap i would like to be in that circle
definitely sounds interesting sign me up for the tech stuff
sounds great, sign me up please :)
Please add me to the Tech circle as well, thank you.
I've circled you, so that you can circle me into a Tech circle.
So much to enjoy. So much to learn. Plus me!
Circle me! Dig the idea of targeting your content to specific audiences! :D
I'd like to be in this circle, please!
circle me in tech, love your android app as well.
Lu Xie
Ok, we go.
How Ah
I'm in! :)
Sounds great! Can't wait to see it! I'd love to see Tech and LGBT! :)
Heh...asking a social network of geeks if they'd be interested in tech news...
I am...btw.
nice to see the interest in the topic. This has actually been going on for some time as far as sharing circles which amounts to the same thing Time is offering up here. But if they have the person power (time wise) to keep one up and organized, go for it! Make sure you create a coffee one...
Yes, interested! #LikesUP
Wow, will there still be room in this circle? If so, count me in.
I'm very interested. My feed is boring! Please add me to the tech circle!
tm p
TIME is just mainstream crap and propaganda. Don't care.
Zoe Li
Game on. 
Google+ is designed so that users can find content via searches, but you have to post publicly for search to work. If you use circles to label or direct your content then people can't find your content, because circles are a privacy restriction. It's a very common mistake, but if you want the public to find your content you probably don't want to make it yourself.
That is an excellent idea. Add me in.
Make sure you permanently document somewhere what circles are available and how to join. Perhaps in your "About" page. Or even in the pictures at the top of the page.
Bring it. GOOG needs to add a topic feature to G+.
+Allie Townsend , This seems like such a no-brainer. I was asking +Charles Warren (head of UX for G+ ) about it about a week ago -- ( by "asking", I mean commenting within some post, hoping he would explain why it is not part of the UX at G+ , but no dice so far... I just don't get it, how Google would not have enabled BOTH "grouping content by people via circles" AND "grouping content by TOPICS" .... ) .... So, I am glad some entity is putting some effort into doing this. Seems criminal that it's not Google themselves... but I want in on +TIME's Topics :)
I'm down. Let's do it
Definitely interested!
I'm interested in Technology...
Interesting Idea, please ad me..
Okiedokie, ready to experiment :-)
I'll bite on the tech. And I add you to my circle.
I respect you based on this alone. Use google plus! circles And yes, put me in tech as well> :)
I'm confused so you want us to let you send us the news, thats what you do, just do it.
I'm Interested, I'm New Here, So I'm Basically Follwing People, So Following A Topic Would Be Great.
If I understand this correctly, if I 'import' the Time page (which I have), anything I share in the page is seen by those who are in my version of the page. But if Time staffers do not add me to their versions of the page, I would not see what they post, so information flow is pretty much unidirectional in the wrong direction.

Now if Time add all its followers to its version of the page and that is shared among newer followers, those followers see not only Time postings but also posting of the non-Time people who initially followed and were 'added back'. So how does one differentiate a Time staff person from a non-staffer? Is there some mechanism in place by which only Time staffers can initiate a post, but anyone can comment on it?

How does the Page work? Do I have some fundamental misconception here?
#Tech #Finance #Sports #Crazy News #Family
Can we assume you don't want anyone who hasn't already been added to be able to find these posts, then? Circles restrict access to content, that's a poor way to describe interest.

Try it out: Post something to your tech circle, then get someone who would be interested but doesn't know your circle exists yet to create a Spark on the same topic and search for posts, and see if they find you.

It's like going to a party and then locking yourself and your friends in the bathroom.
I'm interested in the tech circle, for sure!
Thil M
Tech me up, baby!
I would be interested as well.
Chan Li
movie and tech
Add me, I'm interested. Sounds pretty good idea.
circle me! circle me! great idea. hope it works and google is really adding a way to let you add yourself to a circle
Add me to technology circle please.
I'd love to be part of your tech circle!
Technology PLEASE. And oh... good luck in doing the manual.
yes please - that would be excellent. count me in. CHEERS.
me too please! (ps great idea)
I would like to be added to the technology circle.
Please add me to this circle
Posting to indicate interest. A good idea.
Thanks for your endeavours - nice to see someone going for it.
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