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Alaina Giordano, the mom who made headlines last year when a judge awarded custody of her children to her husband, at least in part because she was sick with cancer, is dying.

In her final days, Giordano is making her final efforts to allow their children to relocate with her to Pennsylvania.
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What kind of husband is this?
I don't know how you let anger keep you from making the right decision in a situation like this. No matter what problems there were during the marriage, the kids should be allowed to send whatever time is left with their mother in a place where she is surrounded by people that love her. Hopefully the husband gains some clarity before it's too late and he losses the respect of his children for not letting them spend this precious time with their mother. There are moments in our lives that we can never change and sorry will never undo the hurt of what is lost forever.
A touching mothers day story, stay strong
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