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What should we focus on this week? Tell us what you'd like to read more of in the comments.
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I'd love to see you guys cover +BIL, but that's a little selfish of me :)
Rob Go
Nothing about the presidential race is a good start.
Let me check the crystal ball...
Rescue and clean up operation in the regions (in the US) devastated by the tornadoes.
How to feed the World when we are 9 billions people on the planet...
How about an investigative report on the Russian mob medical fraud story?
About the strategic cooperation of Israel with Greece and Cyprus (instead of Turkey) . Many things are expecting to change for the better at our region , with global consequences.
Cannabis prohibition the war on drugs and how hemp can help the world. Hemp biofuel hemp Crete hemp seed hemp fabric....this is about big pharmacy vs true overall want a revolutionary story ...follow the hemp.
I would like more focus on efforts to rid the roads of bad drivers and reduce traffic fatalities.
Or the most alive ghost town in the world, google+
forgotten sense of humanity and climate change
The abysmal failure of the two party system in The United States and why we need more viable political parties.
I'd like to read about the last Russian elections. Please.
How about some perspective on the weight of religion on US politics: gay marriage, contraceptive coverage, abortion ultrasounds... Are US states becoming more progressist over time, or are we witnessing a meaningful return to conservatism?
China National People's Congress
GEOTHERMAL ENERGY--- The US consumes 103 Exajoules of energy a year (U.S. EIA), there is a capacity of 280,000 Exajoules under the surface of the United States recoverable with current technology. (MIT Study) Why are we not taking advantage of this more?
Is our system of Delegates voting outdated in the United States? Couldn't the government create an online website similar to Facebook or Google+ and get the people's true opinion, not what some Delegate (Senator/Congressman) says we think? How soon could something like this happen? Then we would be a true democracy.
Think of all the money we could save if we didn't have to pay people to tell us what we should think on certain issues.
US economy vs China economy. Effects of economic power shift towards China, Russia, India, Brazil.....A healthy competition or a race to the bottom ?
Every week, you should post an excerpt from the main article in the TIME magazine. For instance, this week, you could post a little about each of the 10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life (as shown in this week's edition).
Anything which can take stress away!!! i hope :)
Thank you all for your suggestions!
why we talk about education is the for all americans but we don't but our money where our mouth is..the kids all over the country adults trying to better themselves. Why can't we a cap on these career gov't officals..too many terms in office.
Emerging and renewable technologies, also how big Pharma and big Oil are going to collapse!!! + =)
Vegan issues, animal rights, factory farming, environmental issues. :)
Also focus on the pink slime that the government is BUYING!
I think the only reason people makes posts about religion is because they know ^THIS^ will happen.
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