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What do you think of the new redesign Google+? We're still getting used to it...
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Derivative, but not bad I'd say
I can't find anything new on my G+ page.
Hasn't rolled out to me yet.
New J
It seems like an advanced Twitter.
It's different, still getting used to it but it does seem a bit more inline with their direction overall. I think I like it overall
I like it, but I agree with those who've said it seems to scrunch everything over to the left side and wastes some valuable space on the right. Would be nicer if it was a bit more centered/balanced. But overall, I really like it.
I love it but I would change some sizes. Having the same space for messages and sugestion is a mistake in my opinion.
Same. It draws my eyes to the left of the screen more than I've become accustomed and chat takes up too much space for my liking.
New J
+Jonathan Duffy Try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. It might just be a Google problem.
Is it me? Everything looks the same as I left it. Can't wait to see what everyone is tweeting about!
Can I speak a four-letter words?
In my account, it still remain the can i get update to the latest interface?
Still getting used to's been an hour so far....I'll let you know more end of day!
They should work more on the mobile apps. 
I like it more than the previous design.
Tip: You can drag and drop the icon on the left bar to rearrange it to your liking.
+TIME It looks cool, kind of a combination from Twitter and FB... Just hope people spends more time in this social network... Since Google+ acct's were almost created by default for any gmail user. #Newgoogleplus
Hope the right blank room will not for advertisements!
It's great for touch screen devices... really easy to use.

I like that the ribbon on the left is customisable, and only wish that the Google bar were customisable too.

If you're dealing with white space, try zooming your browser in or out a couple of steps until Google fix whatever they're planning to fix.
So far, the new UI seems easy to navigate. It would be nice if the third column would show Gmail and Google Calender.
It's good for watching video(But we already have youtube!)and photos or pictures.
They left too many space...and is just kinda of weird!LOL
Nice, but I find out a flaw: I can see the number of people who add me to their cycles. Secondly,there is too much blank on the right.
Chris B
I like it a lot. Though, my display is set to 1080p on my monitor, so there's a ton of white space not used for anything on the new design. That needs to be fixed and it'll be better.
Hm. Seems to not working on Opera... or maybe I should disable "dark G+" extension?
I really like it. It's a much cleaner front page and everything is easier to get to.
not nearly as intuitive as before. seems a mess ... but maybe it takes a little more time.

i preferred my circles on the left. used them often to filter the stream. now they're hidden in "more".
Agree with +Kevin Barwell - after 20 min or so, it was very natural. Like the left nav area that you can organize. Also link descriptions in "About" section are in full view. Old look had them squished.
Nope, it's in Opera.
Damn. I wanted to have floating top bar since beginning, but I do not like the new Google "broad" style - wasting of space :/
I like the ribbon but the 'what's trending' and suggestions are no longer visible when I scroll down and all I'm left with is this big white space on the right.
I don't like it. It leaves too many blank space there and made the streams too narrow
1/3 of the page is blank and my content is squished down for no reason. Makes it very hard to read the updates. Hate this redesign. Also, it looks just like Facebook now.
I like it. Nice change.
great! but still wastage of space. And why the size is big in everywhere ?!
It confused me initially. But unless it changes back, just have to get used to it.
this better and its easy to learn for newcomers to google+
Cleaner than Facebook's new design.
Toni H
Looks like FB. I guess it's ok
i like it, organization seems easier for me to follow
I'm just starting to use google+~
Very nice aesthetically - I wish more people would use it, though.
Design looks sharp. Now I just need some friends who use it...
Clean and beautiful design! ;)+
'Eg er nokkuð ánægður með þetta en það er nú lítil reynsla á þessu.
My first thought was ewww. Why the change? I preferred having the posts go across my whole screen. The half white page is disturbing to me.
I think it's playing catch up and showing it's running out of ideas.
I like it, except for the "Trending on Google+."
The "feedback" button disappeared. The right side is a waste of real estate. I don't find any thing useful there, (the trending, may be). Well,may be Google is making space for ads.
Agreed the right side of the stream is wasted. What would be a cleaner system would be to use this empty space to have a "gallery view" to the right of a share, where the gallery is a short list of the last 3 or so posts by that user. This could even allow the stream to me shortened a bit so you aren't always scrolling down to find particular posts by the same user, or scrolling through a sea of posts by more active users.
They really didn't need to change the look ALREADY, did they???
I like it. It seems very fast to change pages when clicking about.
New design is better than the old one. More professional.
I really like it. Hopefully it will give G+ another kick...
It's overloading me with info D: ARRRRGHHHHHH
love it... They UN-F'ed-It (Un-Facebooked-It)
I think it is a much cleaner look and more in line with what the rest of google's online products.
Good step forward in the social network struggle... Old is bad, new is good, welcoming in open arms the new redesign of G+
I like it. In fact, I like it a lot more than the previous version.
I'm still getting used to it but I think I'll like it better soon... I still think there needs to be more profile-to-profile interaction if it wants to compete with FB
where is youtube playerrrrrr????
it is very bad.
It's dreadful! The gray font on the white background makes it harder to read.
Ying P.
more and more complicated.
its good.... bt I miss youtube player....
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