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The latest issue of TIME, featuring "The Truth About Oil," hits newsstands Friday.
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what news? NWO? The World War? We know everythings...The only question is: When they want to stop? What we must do to stop those men? We must do revolution?
Last I checked, [we] already knew the "truth on oil," so unless you have something in this issue that people don't already know, all I'm seeing is yet another marketing strategy to rake in more money.
yah it's really nice..
really, Times? Aren't you a few centuries late...seems like you're the only one who doesn't know jack about oil
The oil prices here in Rochester NY, is rising everyday, and I don't know what to say about it.
Time has never been an applicable news source for me.. ever..
"Time" has not featured real news for years. I read the "Economist" for real news.
WHY print another "truth about oil" if we already KNOW about it?
Rather redundant....I agree....$$$$$$$$$ oil.....a crazy cover.
Look elsewhere for truth on any matter.
mainstream media can never tell the truth about anything, all they tell is the rest of the world is wrong and our country is right, they mollycoddle the readers as their revenues depend on it. How many of us would read a critical thing about our country. Mainstream media is entertainment for the masses.
Yeah, more oil production in the US just means lower oil prices for every oil consumer in the world. (Assuming others don't slack on production at the same time.) If you want lower oil prices, then make everyone broke and jobless like when P.Bush ended his term.
Right, cause gas feel so much cheaper when you're working
OIl production in the US does at least two good things.. More US jobs and more energy independence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama double cross the elite on the oil pipeline for his Muslim Buddies , the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East
Hope that we can put oil behind us in a few years as a product for transportation ..
Ohhh, even the US edition gets the story of subtance this time. Not just a story about fluffy bunnies while the rest of the world gets a real story.
not oil, its blood oozes out from poor people of world
+Charles Wierzbicki that's applicable here to some degree. The more direct causes are price setting and the suppression of new resources.
Gee. A leftist rag like time is against jobs, increasing revenues, economic growth, low energy costs, etc (capitalism) and America standing free from countries that hate us? And they are towing the line for Obama, by essentially repeating the democratic mantra word for word? Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig surprise.
Let's see:
There is a finite amount of oil on the planet. The 50% of oil that gets used first is going to be what is easiest to find and recover. So once we are passed 50% the rest is going to be more expensive and constantly decreasing. WOW That is really difficult to figure out.
A major oil refinery in Marcus Hook, PA was shut down. Everyone lost their jobs. Craziness.
i find it curious that the oil company's post record earnings yet we cant see though the smoke and mirrors as to who is to blame in our little finger pointing game
Ok the old argument that there is a finite amount of oil is a crock, the planet produces oil like we produce urine. Its a constant state of prodcution, its what the planet does.
Okay +Jim Sells, you try to produce 85 million barrels of urine a day and see how well that goes for you.
Glad to see the issue is finally hitting mainstream media.
Boy Charles, you started out sounding rational and degenerated into a lunatic in about 6 posts.
The Obama administrations war on oil and coal makes no sense. He favors offshore development for Brazil, a country that has promised leases to China and provides a generous loan for that purpose, yet he hinders oil drilling both offshore and on the mainland United States. What is his motive? Does he have a hidden agenda that revolves around weakening our position in the world and bankrupting our people? Does he want us to be on a level playing field with third world countries, i.e., have the economies of those countries?

The electorate has one last chance in November to reverse the dangerous course that this president has been steering us on. After that it may be too late to recover.
Zachary, there is a body count in Bobby Rush's district in Chicago thats adding up. Maybe you could do a movie.
Oil, Blesin or curse to d world?, dependin if u are a producer or consumer. In NIGERIA a curse to d masses nd blessin to d corrupt leaders, TIME which side are u(masses or leader)
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