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Did a sexual revolution, led by low-ranking males and faithful females, lay down the roots of the modern family?
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Doesn't romantic love have a strong effect on these equations? Seems to me romantic love introduces an unknown variable which causes new DNA.
That brings to mind an old quotation from a wise Roman (Horace): 'You can drive Nature out with a pitchfork, but she will always come back.'
lol i really think thats funny nobody can really be paired to mate with there kind ,sometimes you need to see the big picture is you cant help who you fall in love with .
Very white and black "theory" which needs to focus on what we see now in this generation. Nothing is base on relationships, divorce rates are at a record high, and we see the lack of trust on both side. Sex is what this generation is built on which is sad because nobody really looks for that one they connect with anymore.
And worse than that,Father Abraham had one wife and three lovers according to the Bible. Plus children by all of them. This is why the Mormons justify polygamy.
"So, the question is, How did we got from there to the modern-day monogamous, two-parent family?" Does no one edit any more?
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