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At least 14 were killed and 50 injured in a shooting rampage during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in a Colorado mall.
At least 14 were killed and approximately 50 were injured when a masked gunman reportedly kicked open an exit door and opened fire during a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises at a mall in Auror...
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This is so heart breaking. What kind of person would do something so evil as this!?
RIP....wonder whats the motive behind all this?
They dont know as of yet. But for what some of the patrons said that this movie place is a very dangerous place to begin with. They usually have police there to keep guard.
This is super sad.  People should be able to go to a theater and watch a movie and NOT be concerned for their safety during the film.  What a scum bag piece of sh*t this guy is.
Yes I am just heart broken for the ones lost and hurt and their families. I never believed in the death penalty until now..this guy should get it...for sure. I just heart broken for everyone that was there.
Praying for all the families of the victims. 
Oh no,the man that did should realy have the law taken up upon him.
i hope they rest in peace and the person responsible for this gets the death penalty.what happened is shocking.
Genuinely tragic. :-(  Maybe the world, as we know it, already has ended. Of course, there will be copycats now too.
What is wrong with people?? can't even enjoy a fucking movie without something going wrong..#damnshame R.I.P.
guns don't kill people....oh wait, no guns kill people
Shame people can't go enjoy themselves @ the movies!
Mr. Robertson, your sick sense of humor is out of place.  People were killed.
It's too bad the 71 year old that fended off two robbers at that Internet cafe wasn't there...
This is super sad, but there are a couple things that don't make sense to me.

I think the gunman was in an adjacent theatre room to where The Dark Knight was showing. Would there really be a 3 month old and 6 year old at that movie(and a midnight screening)? Anythings possible, it just strikes me as odd is all. The report says bullets went through the wall and hit people watching the movie, so it seems to me, in a way shameless movie promotion wrapped around a horrible tragedy.
My god, how terrible, what the heck would make someone do that? I guess that's why I never go into theaters, you never know who's sitting behind you, just saying.......
Matt V
Wtf was a 3 month old & a 6 year old doing at the movies at midnight? Smh
That's pure evil. And why are we taking babies and young children to see such movies at those ridiculous hours anyway? I feel for those kids. Why expose our children to senseless violence at such early age? I'm baffled
+Thomas Buckley Well, the dude had a bulletproof vest, a loud movie was playing, the room was dark, filled with smoke and panicked people, if anything Mr. Hero would have worsened things.

The problem with assuming armed civilians will stop these crimes is that armed civilians are not prepared for them, either mentally, physically or in terms of firepower. You can have elderly dudes with guns scaring away the everyday mugger, but not the armed-to-the-tooth psycho or the well prepared hitman.

I just hope that whatever happens, the press does not reward this act by publishing the killer's picture and making him a hero for others.
Stop blaming Americans as a whole. Remember your sweet little occupation of Ireland? Didn't think so.
Terrible. Read it in the news here in Norway this morning. The world is crazy.
How would you be living without a hero out here
What did he do it for? It's appalling to have such unruly and irrational behavior in the 21st century.
We'll no doubt hear from the NRA and George Zimmerman and maybe even Jared Loughner. Does Colorado have a "stand your ground" law?
Chuck Hunter
Really +Malcolm Lockett? Violent tv & games are to blame? Not mental illness? What did people blame before there were violent media?
You need to take a look at your history books Malclm Lockett. Random violence has been a symptom of our growing society for thousands of years.

It shouldn't be, but it is.

Columbine all over again only instead of students it's movie go'ers.
Violent video games and movies?  Get real.  +Malcolm Lockett if people are that easily persuaded by pop culture, why don't more people break the law when they listen to the song "Breaking the Law"?
I looked up the theatre show times just cause I refuse to believe someone brought their kids into see Batman. Ice Age also has midnight screenings at this theatre. They way the article is written I'm led to believe the gunman opened fire on patrons to that screening and bullets passed through the wall to the Batman screening, which makes this even more messed up if true.
It's not music or movies that make the people do this shit, it's the people themselves and their predisposition to going fu**ing crazy. This guy obviously is mentally unstable, probably has some type of undiagnosed psychological disorder or has had some unfortunate situations in life that he couldn't deal with like a normal person and turned to killing and hurting innocent people. 
Calico, you are right! This is a real tragedy and my heart goes out to the families and friends of all the victims. I hope this a wake up call to people to act if you suspect someone you know has a undiagnosed mental illness.
shar you are very wrong just saying parents will bring there kids to batman for sure
I was wondering what all the sirens this morning were :/

Live about 5 minutes from this theater. Haven't gone in years to this theater as it is horrendous.
David, your right it is small proptionatly, but to those families and friends, it's a giant slap in the face...
It's only a coincidence that this scumbag chose a violent movie to do something like this? I try to think that violence in video games, movies and television has nothing to do with this abomination ,,,, but something triggered this violence and why this particular movie?????? Questions, left unanswered, so sad :(
As to the parenting thing... A 3 mo old baby to a midnight show isn't really unreasonable. They're not there to watch the movie, they are going to sleep clear through it. If the parents have nobody who can babysit (I feel for that, my wife and I haven't been out together in over a year for that reason), where's the harm?
I guess one fanboy was pissed...
Although, all levity aside, I am horribly sickened by this guy's actions. He shot CHILDREN. Heck, one was 3-months old, just barely beginning life and now he might end up having that life either a) cut short or b) impaired. Of course, the parents might be slightly to blame for bringing their kids, but how were they supposed to know they were gonna get shot at?
I hope that guy gets what's coming to him.
+Anthony Rosenthal like I said in my first comment, anythings possible. It's just that part of the article that states bullets went through a wall and hit people watching Batman. There are holes in this story is all I'm really saying.
parents to blame for bringing their kid to a movie? screw you, they're victims of a sick person.
+Derrick Whittet I agree. I've brought my kids to the drive in when they were that small, but there's still the 6 year old.
Take away the guns , we need gun control.
One more reason I'd like to see new movie releases in my own living room. Theaters suck.
You could say the same about Columbine, or Virginia Tech too.  In all cases, it was premeditated with the intent to kill and destroy as many people as possible. That's the difference from those who unfortunately die on US roads, cruelty.
Shit, I started it now, oops. Me bringing up the kids is more a reflection of Time's shoddy reporting than what parents are doing with their kids at midnight.
Ur kidding me some people r so stupid
Amazing no one else in the theatre was carrying a weapon, 20 yrs in law enforcement, even after we retire you still should carry b/c of shit like this, one shot to the head it would have been over for this Bastard🐷
My thoughts are with all the families, absolutely heartbreaking,
+Bronte Allan We have plenty of gun laws. It is the ones that are breaking the gun laws that cause all the damage. It is a lack of respect for one another that people kill people. If you take the guns from law abiding citizens the evil men will still kill and destroy.
Are you an Idiot?? Gun Control..............Really, Idiot we have laws already that are NOT followed by people that break the law so create MORE laws that dishonest people will not follow.... you are Stupid Take weapons out of the law abiding citizens hands so ONLY the crooks have them....oh and then try to defend yourself against them as they break down your door, rape your children, wife, etc. What a brainwashed fool.
One can blame guns, the media, movies, video games, or whatever, but the fact if the matter is that there has to be something wrong with this person mentally. Relaxed gun laws may have made it easier for him to obtain a weapon (or maybe not, isn't Denver traditional a liberal state? Not sure.), but it is more likely that his mental instability had not been documented. I'm reminded of the shooting where congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot here in AZ. Anger, fear, and the need for revenge cannot force us into legislating for the latest common denominator, of which most are mentally unstable. Blaming society or random things that we all use or experience like video games and movies may help us to make sense of the senseless, but in the end, you can ban violence in media and make stricter gun laws, but it is only the responsible that will suffer. The mentally unstable will still exist and find a way to fulfill their twisted desires. In the mean time government bureaucracy is created, individual liberties are infringed upon, responsible gun owners are treated like criminals, and a whole host of other unintended consequences occur. If we want to react responsibly, we should be doing more in the form of prevention and recognition of mental illness. Just for the record, since it may come up, I consider myself a progressive, but I grew up in a responsible gun-owning home.

My sincere condolences go out to the victims and their families. Tragic.
I agree Ben, it's heartbreaking. 
+David Robertson You are a jerk.  You are almost sounding like you are sticking up for the shooter.  

Yes, lots of people die in ACCIDENTS on the roads.  But, they are not at the hands of some scumbag in a situation that should be safe.  And yes, kids SHOULD not be out that late on a regular basis... but we can only assume that this was a special occasion.  And further more, even if the kids are out late, we should be able to not be fearful of being gunned down by some psychopath.  

This is a very sad situation that should be given respect, not snarky comments from some ass clown like yourself.
i feel we need more screening and i guess a sanity check for people that feel the need to buy to high caliber hand guns a shotgun and a AK-47 semi automatic with high capacity mags not to mention tear gas and a kevlar vest is that to much to ask?
I wish we were better at identifying troubled souls and better at helping them before it gets to this. I feel bad for the victims and the shooter. What a wasted life.
This is ridiculous, I don't understand at all why things like this happen. It's very sad and I hope they find peace and rest well. 
This is very tragic. I hope proper and sensible steps are taken to prevent things like this from happening. It's very sad that it takes horrible things like this to fix our system.
My thoughts go out to the families affected by this horrible event.
Too bad the Batman didn't come to save them
Bad guys will always have guns if they are legal or illigeal.. That's why they are called "bad guys." The incident in Colorado at the midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises is a prime example of if someone would have been practicing their right to carry concealed maybe those 14 killed and 50 injured could have been less. Educate about firearms, don't scare.
Jeeze!I agree with samantha! I know it is going to be like the best movie of the year!But that doesint mean that he can just go in and shooit people just because he wants to see it! Well if that was the cause!
Life imitating art! Hollywood and video game makers need to ask some serious questions given the current flux of mental health issues in society.
Evil pathetic asshole! Get a life seriously. I hope he rots in jail!
Your shit ass stupid if you think taking a baby to a midnight movie is ok there nit going to sleep thru that noise. You know why this happens because stupid people have stupid kids. Dont blame guns or video games, or movies it sounds to be in the ghetto which is stock full of stupid and ignorance.

We need to focus more on education and birth control, telling people when they mess up the mess up. Its not someone elses fault you failes in school its yours and you know what nobody cares if that hurts your feelings its true so deal with it. We have become such Sissy's in this country.
This is a tragedy STOP putting your politics on it!  Kids were killed and you want to spout your political opinions on guns, WTF!

During the past couple years before and during current Presidents term there have been record number of sales of guns.  FACT.  During the the past 4 years there has been a decline in the number of murders in this country. FACT per the FBI's Uniform Crime Report.  The first thing you anti-gun nuts want to do when people die is misrepresent the facts and use tragic situations to push your agenda!  WTF.  People are dead.  Stop your agenda for a moment and just mourn the loss of young children.
I have freind out thare that mite be hurt
+Luke Romer I agree.. making firearms illegal will just create a black market for it leading to more violence. It's who's behind a gun that kills.
See..if all you crazed gun idiots all carried that evening there could have been a major bloodbath.....or nothing would have changed. Lmao @ second amendment people....honestly some of them should grow a brain its more powerful than any gun and will keep you safe in many more situations.
This is tragic, truly. But it's just a reminder. Columbine, OKC bombing, fort hood shooting...all americans. American terrorists are not forget they are out there too.
now everyone that was there knows what virginia tech felt like
We pay for the Second Amendment in blood.
Right now isn't the time to blame political people, movies, games, music, internet, and parents. Right now is a time to consider any day your life can be taken. Hold your loved ones. And pray for those affected by this. Finger pointing will cone later.
#Colorado is strong and full of beauty, but we could all use your thoughts and prayers right now.
I feel sorry for these people, and I feel sorry for people who feel they need to carry a gun to feel safe in what is supposed to be a civilised country. If you feel you need to carry a concealed firearm to be safe. Then you really need to look at your society.
The ignorant are still hard to realize that some of the passive personalities are still able to have a psychological breakdown!
This is the extreme of what happens!
The next time you haze torture or mentally abuse someone!

Think of this!
Look guys people died here. The simple fact is fewer guns and this sort of thing becomes more difficult. but the PRIMARY problem is people - if we can figure out why the guy did this maybe we can stop others. As for comments about the UK occupation of Ireland, I think you should remember that there are plenty of nasty bits in every countries history. 
Damb +Paul Knights you just figured out the solution to world peace great job man. Now go to every country and teach what a CIVILIZED society should be like.
Never understand why people do this kind of thing.
Terrible! If we can not take the guns away from our society, we should give the guns to those who know how to hold and where to aim at perfectly. Feel sorry for those people. 
It's sad how we are up in arms about a guns. But how many people on this post drink and drive? Even with this horrible event DWI deaths and intoxicating manslaughter happens more on a daily basis then gun violence problem isn't guns nor drinking. It's ethics and morals of people.
ed rios
If concealed carry permit was more common there may have been someone to stop this monster! Here in FL a 71 yr old man stopped two 19yr old armed thugs from robbing a café, and he only had a small .380 Cal pistol. God bless the victims and their families.
Dark night, indeed, rises
Nowhere is safe? Over the course of this week of news reading, apparently neither airplane nor movie theaters. New world order demands new vigilance. Sad. 
It's for things like this that I believe prolonged federal mandated torture to death is ok. It's the least we can do for someone who has inflicted so much pain and heartache. If he doesn't receive a death penalty I'll be shocked.
What is it with Colorado and shootings?
I pray for the families of the deceased and for the sad :(
To all the anti-liberty and anti-gun lunatics out there that are going to use this tragedy to further your communist/faciest anti-gun agenda, you can piss the hell off.  Bunch of "Useful Idiots".
12 people killed actually
Horrible.... Prayers go out.

Ps. Guess I'm waiting for batman to be on fios =/
My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
This is shocking and sad. Why killed innocent people? I'm angry
+Carol Mckenna It happened at this movie not because it is violent, but because it is popular. If a person has snapped and wants to inflict the most amount of damage on people, you go to a crowded place. Don't try to scapegoat this person's actions and pin the responsibility on movies and video games.
Rip to all the lost ones... i hope all is well for the injured.. where is the dark knight when you need him..
what a sad nation we've become. How are we raising the youth today!!  Looks like we had better go back to the old way.  There's too much tv and video game violence.  Kids are babysit with these.
What is wrong with people to make them do something like that?
Crazy people...there's something very wrong with western culture... this type of incident happens very frequently. Even a crazy American soldier wake up at night left the fort enter an Afghan village and killed several women and children.

Norman Bates is nothing compare to these guys.
western culture? I think you will find it isn't limited to western culture...
No need for such violence... I feel for the victims, but my main concern is this country's propensity for knee-jerk legislation. I just hope nobody gets the bright idea to ban all midnight showings after this...
Interesting that this comes a little more than 13 years after the Columbine shooting happened in Colorado as well.  The suspect in this case is 24, hence he would have been 11 when Columbine happened.  Not saying the two events are related, just an interesting bit to consider. 
This sort of thing will always happen because of folks love of the right to bear arms. Our gun laws suck but the NRA is a powerful institution.
How is it that there's a "fire in a crowded movie theater" exception for the first amendment but not the second?
Diego D
Really, +steve bolton  ? What about desperation, mental illness and the likes ?
Like the old west. Arm all adults. conceal carry is the rule.
This is the kind of thing that puts a bad name on America.
While there are many great people, every now and then some sick, twisted person will do such a horrible thing such as this. I am shocked and deeply saddened that such a heinous crime has been committed and I want the law to come down on this man hard. Not only did he harm innocent people, he also harmed children. This is an unforgivable circumstance and I do not feel as if he should be shown any pity. God bless those wounded,and the families of the wounded and those who were killed.
For everyone assuming that this person was mentally ill.  With all due respect sane people out number the mentally ill in violent acts. Also we have no evidence that this person is mentally ill.  
+cedrick wison That's very short sighted and naive. The shooter did not suit up in kevlar, buy a gas mask and tear gas, and decide to open fire on a crowded theater after calling in a bomb threat to his apartment complex just because he "loved his right to bear arms".
This is one of the worst things thats ever happened in CO history. :'(
Whatever the reasons and issues surrounding this act our thoughts should be with the families of those who have lost their lives.
+Allen Brannon While I understand what you're getting at, mental illness can include a multitude of things including depression. I would agree that our language needs to be more precise in circumstances such as this, but it is clear that the shooter was not functioning the same way as a civilized adult.

cc +Daniel Stack 
We dehumanize each other over just about every argument every day in this country and then wonder why sociopaths don't empathize as they should. Guns are irrelevant to the topic. People will do terrible things (like the Canadian bus fiasco or what happened in Florida with the "zombie" guy) as long as they're trained not to respect their fellow man.
If one good person in there had a gun, he could of stop most of the killings. Carry your gun.
This happened about 4 miles from my home. It's not movies or video games. It's feeble minds and psychiatric problems. My 3 and 5 year old can distinguish between fantasy and reality, why can't these people? It's also the media. If these people want "Go out in a blaze of glory", media makes it happen by plastering their names all over the headlines. On their sick and twisted mind, they've made it. Their name is everywhere, mission accomplished.
ed rios
Yep and you are the expert. So tell how Mr. Hero will make it worse? So 12 dead and 50 wounded isn't so bad?
It's a shame... Will be called as 'Dark Night' in history.
This is despicable. I am so sick of psychos causing havoc in innocent settings. If someone notices a mental illness it should be addressed. Not ignored until something tragic happens.
My heart goes out to the familys may god b with them in this time of need so sad
I say bring back the electric chair and shock him n slow n painful death.
When I went to the states there were college kids offering to show me their gun collection.  This sort of shit will keep happening while stupid people are allowed to own deadly firearms.
This has NEVER happened at a gun show. Hummm...I wonder why? You see this happen where nut jobs know they're safe, like shopping malls, schools, theaters, etc.

More people die in Chicago EVERY weekend from shootings and guns are banned there. So much for gun control laws. Where's the outrage over that? Oh..that's right...that's black on black crime and Obama is from Chicago.

BTW...80 million LAW ABIDING gun owners DIDN'T shoot up a theater last night.
Was this one of those new 4D movies, where everything is more realistic?
That is so Sad prayers with the Family's Terrible :(
Either he:
- was riled up by Limbaugh
- wanted to be a super villain
I figure if he were schizophrenic he would have shot up some random place.
A pure need for tougher laws and punishment needs to come back. Maybe that will curtail this kinda thing. Condolences to the families of this cowardly act
This is a tragedy. It's sad some people try to politicized such things. Gun laws don't stop criminals, they're criminals. Crazy people do crazy things, there are crazies in every corner of the Earth.
My thoughts go out to the families of those lost and the victims in their recovery.
A pure need for tougher laws and punishment needs to come back. Maybe that will curtail this kinda thing. Condolences to the families of this cowardly act
This type of stuff just plain pisses me off
I saw a report the 3 month old was treated and released. For those of you stating guns are not the problem?  You're wrong and this is not the forum to argue it.
Just madness ? If you want to go on a rampage may I suggest bankers and politicians... Fuckin idiots shooting kids ? I hope they get put down like the animals they are ...
Piss off chris coughran +,  Anti-Liberty and Anti-Gun commie.
Extremely saddened by this. Wishing the families well. So sorry for their pointless loss. What an evil act.
They should try out the new 1 dose execution on the F**king nutter. 
It disgusts me to hear of people murdering, especially when the crime is committed against unknowing and innocent people. What a cowardly act.
copicating joker of the dark night...!!!some guys really pshychopath!!!
I'd like to know what was on the mines of the three month old.
I came online to find out more bout the incident and at the bottom it read kim k. was crying in a photo on twitter I thought it was because of the tragedy. this bi--h made a cool million off this horrific tragedy people will do anything to get reconized.
So sad to hear about this incident. Absolutely pathetic
This is really sad & heart breaking just senseless My heart goes out to da victims and they families sorry you all have to go through this YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS. Much love from New Orleans
This person needs to be made and example of they need to do something very bad to him like a slow painful death...
I guess I will be waiting for this to come out on Blu-ray. This event makes me realize how movie theaters make the viewers fish in a barrel for this sort of thing. How tragic!
We r gonna have to start putting tsa screeners in movie theaters , nowhere is safe now. Prayers for the families affected.
Screeners??!?! Really...?!?! What the U.S. really need to do is stop selling guns in every corner store...
Is the dark knight show for today cancelled
I need to know
My heart goes out to all that were there and the families of the victims. Too sad!
The U.S. needs to stop wanting to kill each other...
 You take guns away from law abiding citizens and all your left with is criminals with guns
The nut-job was probably expecting Batman to stop him.
Very terrible. My thoughts & prayers go out 2 all involved
Retribution doesn't work, it just makes people more desperate after they've killed the first time. The guy is obviously mentally ill, he needs to be in a secure psychiatric unit where he can't hurt anyone anymore. Anyone capable of doing something like that by definition can't be sane...
so sad,lam sure he does nt even hv an regrets as he z a crazy thing nt human being,
This cowboy mentality is fucking stupid. It not just about gun control, it about all the idiots who say, "if I was there with my gun, I would have put this guy down." STFU. Ordinary people do not have the training to use a gun properly if high stress, life threatening situations. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being naive.

But in turn, having stricter gun laws could stop morons like this from being able to purchase weapon that are made with the sole intent to kill people, not for hunting. If your so eager to kill "bad guys" go join the military. Theyll give you a gun and let you use it. But unless you're a cop, or have had similar training handling firearms in life or death situations, the keep your dangerous, cowboy, gun toting ass away from me and my family. Youre not helping the issue, you're making it worse. 
And still nobody wants to talk about regulating guns in the US. May the families of the victims and wounded be consoled.
First of all, I am shocked at this brutal cold-blooded massacre. The US, I am afraid, is no longer a safe place to live in. The country, in the name of civil liberty, has legalized firearms. What about the rights of the victims? How can one trample their rights in order to ensure a psycho's rights? How can US medical associations certify (NSDP survey as well) that LGBTs are perfectly normal in terms of sexuality while they cannot certify the anus as the genital/sex-organ? It is ruining families. The whole country has gone off its rocker. As you sow, so you reap! Yankees like guns, missiles and drones, hence they have to bleed. Maybe bleeding will one day make them understand how those who suffer from it feel.
Its just a movie... :( sick sob
Thats what me and my sister and brother was talking about last night about how Stephen Kings story called Rage got banned cuz a mass murderer got inspiration from it. Shouldnt these batman be banned too cuz of the evil and twisted villians in Gotham?
This is very sad day for those who lost there lives and loved ones.I hope the guy a-hole gets the death penalty..they now need tovget better armed security at every theater...
Lol kazi, the whole United states of America is not a safe place to live in, you crack me up.
Steve C
Real Sad and a little Baby.....I don't understand why someone would even think about taking a life..But you see this more and more...I am sorry for all the families..God Bless all of you....
What the hell !? What his damn popcorn wasn't buttery enough or something , people cant even go to the movies anymore without fear in their hearts?! What is this world coming to ! Im actually kinda scared to go c the movie now :(
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin
It's not but I just saw the speech from Obama n thts all he did 
There is no such thing as absolute security, its not one country its anywhere, people do cowardly things in all countries. If they are so brave, let them face their victim one-on-one, equally armed and test their courage.
This man was a sick and terrible person. My prayers and condolences to the victims. People are ill these days where is the love and compassion for your fellow man?
What is wrong with people anymore? need to get back to a time when people worked hard for what they have and didn't take the chickenshit way out
Theres no words for it. I am deeply sad for everyone who knows someone who was unfortunate in that deadly incident. Please everyone take a moment of silence. Peace.
This is so sad you can't even go to see a movie anymore
Leo T
Colorado breeds PSYCHOS.
Really at a movie showing?
im sorry for the loss of family members
Where was Batman when we needed him?
Events like these make it really hard not to vote for death penalty. But I guess if it was easy to decide for or against d.p., it wouldn't be a question of life or death. My sympathies go to all the injured and the relatives and friends of the deceased, and I hope this guy rotes in a hole til the end of his days.
Pray for the survivors.
Wow. That is sad, someone should have gave that man a ticket. Must have been sold out.
I have heard that Colorado is a large center for witchcraft & demonic activity....I think it shows.
So tragic. My heart goes out to the victims.
May God be with all that we're affected by this tragedy.
and to think these people could get just as passionate about world hunger and helping others, as over exaggerating something trivial, menial, petty, of little worth, as something like halo 4 or batman.

people really need to get a grip on life!
Where's Batman when you need him :-( the troubled man can only expect to seek karma for his actions. Rest in piece to the men and women who had
lost thier lives because they wanted to see a movie that night. My condolinces go out to the families that suffer the losses of thier loved ones. No one should have to have to worry about bad things to happen just cause they want to go sre a movie. If only batman was real. Theres people with the right amount of money and technology in the world to make it possible. There just isnt anyone brave or noble enough to take responsibility for the position. Its not like the cops were much help until he was caught. If they were then no one would be hurt and no one wouldve lost thier lives. Just saying
That's why we need stricter gun laws and need to close the gun show loophole ASAP! I hope the NRA and its proponents are seeing the damage that their position on gun control is doing to innocent people.
So tired of reading cr** about gun laws every time something like this happens. 98% of ALL gun crime in the USA is committed by ILLEGAL guns! Outlaw guns and only outlaws will then have them! A killer willfind a way of killing. Here in the UK guns are outlawed but there is still a high instance of gun crime. They even outlawed knives for under 18's, yet murder through stabbings by teans is at it's highest ever! There are a lot of hammer killings as well. Outlaw hammers I say! Know your statistical facts before pointing.fingers at.gun laws. Thoughts and prayers for the victims, their families and friends.
Let your thought be with the victims and their families.  This is not the time for discussing gun laws.
thats so sad:( how can people do this over a movie? i sympathize the victims. its really hard to believe something like this would happen at a movie:(.
+James Nix amen. Weapons are inanimate objects. To think they cause crime is to think the Internet caused pornography.
Also WHY DOES THIS HAVE 309 +1's ?? 309 drones..
This kind of thing should not happened in such modern world.
This nut job had no gun permit and wasn't associated with the military or even trained to handle a gun.  Gun control is obviously not the answer.  If there were more residents with conceal carry permits, then the outcome of this tragedy could have been less tragic. All of you that are against guns are against your right to protect yourself.  There will always be nut jobs out there.  Having a gun on you is insurance you have a better chance of surviving and protecting your family should you encounter one...
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+MAJOR TOM well seems god didn't see fit to help heal the murderers mind. Maybe instead of expecting others to fix your problems you could try do a little more yourselves?

We have no guns in Aus down hear, doesn't seem to be a problem. Perhaps properly respecting and caring for each other as a society would help more than worrying about your rights to having a gun, of which most don't have any idea how to use in said above situation
I think people having guns is OK, ammunition? Not so much. People say gun laws don't work.  They would work if you shut down the gun and ammunition factories.  Gun powder should be regulated and the NRA should be listed as a terrorist supporting organization.  There is no reasonable reason to have firearms in civilized society. You cannot kill 12 people in  seconds with a knife or club.  Yes people will kill people, guns just make it a hell of a lot easier.  
My dad has taken me to midnight movies since I was 5 years old and he's a great parent. I the only person to blame here was the gunman, plus it was already a bad theater w crime in the first place. I just get annoyed that people try to care too much about things like this, it didn't affect you so why care 
+chris coughran then we should ban the Internet too. You cant view thousands of pornographic pictures in seconds any other way. Porn degrades the mind and is attributed to a large portion of sexual crime. Not to mention human trafficking.
absolutely sickening.  Poor people.  My deepest sympathies go to all of those victims and their families.
This is not a reason to get rid of guns mind u
In countries with anti-gun laws, stabbings are up and crime in general is up over 300%.  Get your anti-gun heads out of your asses.  Damn "Useful Idiots".  And everyone using this tragedy to further their anti-Liberty, anti-Freedom are a disgrace.
Americans still behave like they portray in the wild west movies " OOOH we need a gun to protect our self"" Take a freaking self d-fence class. Bunch of wusses
That's not the problem!its because batmans on holiday too shoot the film
Is the film any good has anyone here seen it
First degree (premeditated) murderers should not be kept in prison at the expense of the taxpayers...  With 7 billion on this rock, I think we can afford to off the ones that have no place in our society.  Bring back public hangings, not everyone can be "fixed"... 
R.I.P. to those who's lives were wrongfully taken, by someone playing God @ a movie theatre...  Pathetic!
+chris coughran - That's not the answer.  A while back in NH a mother was killed with a machete in front of her daughter that was also maimed and forever scarred due to a home invasion just because some kids wanted to kill a family.  If criminals break in my house to cause me or my family harm, I can better protect them with a firearm.  What do you think I am better off arming myself with a knife against these animals.  I think not.  It is my right to protect myself and my family with a gun. The issue with gun control is not that easy - if you take away all guns you leave the residents helpless against home invasions.  You don't read all the stories about residents that have saved their families by owning a gun in the news, you only hear about the crazy bastards mass shooting sprees.
For all the Anti-gun morons out there taking advantage of this tragedy - "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin
Rush Limbaugh ranted about this movie and it's villain being picked as a political conspiracy. I hope this shooting spree was not triggered by his comments.
May be he was showing the Dark night movie and believe in himself more than possible
As someone who lives in Aurora, CO everyone should know that this mall where the theater is located is notorious for shootings.
It really is true that if you take away all of the legal guns, you are just going to have the law abiding people sitting there helpless while all of the criminals still have illegal firearms like they already do. The only way to help people protect themselves is to allow them to have whatever they need to combat the people that still have access to whatever they want.
There are sad few commenter's blaming Rush Limbaugh, as if there is an excuse for shooting a room full of movie goers.
Blaming inanimate objects, guns, for committing crimes.
Blaming everything but the man who was obviously deranged.

Never let a tragedy go to waste huh? You are sick human beings.
all you pro gun people are hilarious until someone shows up at your door with more fire power then you! Get a life! Protection is one thing, collecting more firearms then you need is another. You really need fully automatic rifles for hunting? 
So, who's going to the movies this weekend?

Prayers to the victims and their families!
:( felt sad about it.
Every time I leave home I pack my 45 acp for this reason. God bless the people who died an are hurt. Who now why people do such stupid spinless acts no glory in this. 60 percent in Indiana have ccw permits I see this going up. Laws protect the bad not the good. God bless all the familes involved . Sad day
Mi mas sentido pesame para las familias afectadas
+Devin Christensen The only reason the internet exists in its current form is pornography.  One could say the internet would not exist without it.  There is no causal relationship between pornography and mass killing so I do not follow your comment.  Guns are Bad the only reason they exist is to kill other people.  Logical solution?  eliminate them.  This is my last comment on this thread.
Out of all of the people at that theater, if just one responsible citizen had been LEGALLY carrying a firearm, the number of dead/injured would likely be much lower, and include the scumbag who started all of this.  Let's keep that in mind while those representing us are attempting to further regulate gun ownership.  Gun laws only affect those that follow the law in the first place!
+Shar Banning I went to see Ted the other day. I was appalled to see the number of kids under 10 at an R rated movie. Some people just don't have a clue... Batman is PG-13 so I would expect to see younger kids at it. Not that it's right.
Just for a movie and died? God, this is not happening.

Rest in peace. :(
he murded 14 PEPOLE he should be in jail for life !!
What a pathetic state when you can't even go anywhere without worrying about if someone is going to go on a 'RAMPAGE'...
State of Colorado has a valid Concealed Carry law and it is a good possibility that a CC permitee, while not stopping the initial shootings, could have prevented the massive amount of damage done by the masked gunman.  Criminals have no regard for the laws for weapons.
fuc***n' mass murderers......R.I.P
Let's not blame the music industry, or Hollywood for this travesty. This is clearly a mental health issue. This guy had issues with life. For him to go into a 12am screening to kill people at one of the most anticipated movies in decades, should show you he wanted to kill as many people as he can. Smh, it's a shame that we can't even go to a movie without worrying about getting our dome split. Guns don't kill, people do. It's the people behind the trigger that causes theses kind of mass killings. There's millions of people out there with guns and you don't see this happen often. It takes a sick, corrupted mind to do something like this. Pray for the families of this tragedy. They need our prayers at this time of grief
Police should have just shot him so tax payers don't have suffer along with the families he just ruined a 50 cent bullet now turned into tens of thousands of $ in the judicial system
ed rios
im at a hotel, and they said 12, not 14...
Sorry I thought that it was a third world country 
+Joshua Newton is totally right! The person LEGALLY carrying the gun would hit his target EVERY TIME in a crowded movie theater without so much as grazing an innocent bystander. Smfh 
This is really sad... I've started to lose my faith in humanity.... And we call this world a "Civilization"
I don't know whether anyone can read the specs by twisting the lcd screen... if that so.. it is wow!
+Douglas Clark or do more damage depending on how well he shoots in a crowded theater! 
These pro gun clowns and your what if what if's you think every gun owner is a sharpshooter
Watching the news right now, and they say that this guy has his apartment rigged with explosives. That this nut job booby trapped his apartment
I will never understand why someone would kill random strangers just because they feel their life isn't what they wanted it to be. This is so tragic, and unfortunately shows us the lowest depths that a human being can resort to when they are mentally unstable.
My condolences to all of those families who lost a loved one.
+Aaron Klomp - What would you have done if you were sitting in the front row?  After crapping your pants, throw your soda at him? A person with a CC permit would take cover and take him out the first chance they got.  People with CC permits learn how to use firearms for  protection and most are better shooters than law enforcement officers.  Most cops go to a shooting range once a year to qualify for their jobs.  Most CC permit holders go multiple times per month for sport.
This guy was a phd candidate in Nero Science at the University of Colorado!!!! Just proves even more that intelligence has nothing to do with a person who's life has gone over the edge.
Thoughts and prayers are with the families here. Stay vigilant, stay smart. If you can keep from it, never put yourselves or your loved ones in dangerous situations physically or mentally. It's unfortunate that going to the movie has become one of those types of situations but it has and that's not gonna change anytime soon no matter what.
The bad thing is that this is so sad and if the law abiddung citizens still had the right to bear arms then there is a good chance that this either would nit have happened or one of the law abidding citizens may have been able to protect themselves as well as some of the others.
What is a 3 month old doing at a Theater at midnight? Well, first off, probably sleeping in a baby seat. Its no different than taking a baby to movie at noon. Or taking the baby to a resteraunt or to Walmart. The baby isnt their to watch the movie. Babies eat, sleep, and poop, and they can do those things pretty much anywhere on the planet that is climate controlled. As for the six year old, if they were watching Ice Age; Its summer, its cooler at night. Mom and Dad might work evenings or mids. Or maybe they just really want to watch the midnight show because its a special family tradition, or because its something quirky and new to do. You don't have all of the information. Personally I would not take a six year old to a Batman movie. But you raise your kids, I'll raise mine. Odds are, both sets will turn out to be productive tax payers.
My prayers go out to the families.
why is it that shootings of this kind mostly happen in the states?
I saw a documentary about people like him and the colimbine, the colledge guy, they do all this for attention for them to be remembered in history that guy would be known for killing 14 in he premier of the batman movie...its stupid and for the so called security there didn't it seem odd for someone to walk in there looking the way he did??? Hm
Dont underestimate the stupidity of people when gathered in large numbers...
Evil or Nut job? So sad that people die for nothing its just devistating my heart goes out to their families
No, this is just, ahhh... I cant describe how, just, weird this whole thing makes me feel... We all wanted to see it, and this happens, its a weird feeling of "What if?"
Who's going to say gun control? Hard to do that much damage with a knife!
Frank M
I'd have some guesses, +Derek Nsaka

- It's in the US, so it needs to be globally reported. That'll make money for media for weeks to come. It might happen in other countries, too, but they might not blast it through the media machine quite like that. Plus, the US doesn't usually report on foreign incidents, but foreign nations report on US incidents.

- The high number of people living in the US means that the US also has a higher number of socio-and-other-paths. Law of numbers.

- It's ridiculously easy to get weapons and ammo in the US, so when you lose your mind, you can inflict a LOT of hurt. Try losing your mind and mass-stabbing 50 people with a knife - that's a lot harder.
This was not a "bad theater" or neighborhood as people are saying. I live up the road and this is just a couple blocks from the city center and police headquarters. My family was going to see batman tomorrow at this same place and have seen many movies here. Aurora Colorado has an Air Force Base, the largest single sight medical campus in the USA, and some of the best and brightest service people and citizens. Please leave your idiot comments to your own twisted self while this tragedy sorts itself out. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in our community.
One guy did all this?
I've read alot of "i'll pray" comments!
Don't pray!
Tell that righteous prick that is is your pews, to stop his hippocritic banter! Then pray for his sorry ass soul.
Holy Shit! What is wrong with people these days? And people wonder why states are putting more restrictions on guns....
wtf is wrong with some Americans? I always read about people killing for no reason.
This is sad. Most states allow CCW permits. It only makes sense.
Prayers to the victims and their families of the Batman shooting massacre
Its because Anne hatheway plays Catwoman! Worst casting for a role ever!
This is really terrible. Now if only people reacted the same to killings in Burma... :)
What James Holmes did was senseless, horrifying, and barbaric. I personally hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life for what he did. My thoughts go out to all those affected.
But what's even worse is that this whole event will give way to a new breed of "push the envelope" humor, kids and adults alike making jokes and memes about it, as Adalia Rose slowly fades from memory.
I cannot voice my disgust for these people enough, but they have a computer and anonymity. So brace yourselves for a new low in cybernetic heartlessness.
This is sad. Most states allow CCW permits. It only makes sense.
i cant believe someone would do that! this world is messed up
I pray for the family and victims of this tragedy. So heart breaking
+Luke Romer sorry nearly missed your sarcasm. We should lower the highway speed limit to 35mph also. :-) It gets difficult to read sarcasm because of some of the asinine comments....Any way, for the panel discussion....How many people have you come across in your life, at least 2 degree of seperation from you (ie friend of a friend), that were involved in a shooting good or bad. How many people, at least 2 degree of seperation from you, have been involved in a drunk driving incident, either as drunk driver or victim? Come to think of it, run that line of thought for how many teenage driving accidents that you knew the person directly.
I am sorry, it's a very pathetic situation. this is the time we prey to god to give moral and spiritual support to their families.
Not just US...

The deaths of 12 people at a movie theatre in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colo., early Friday is the latest in a long list of mass shootings around the world:

July 22, 2011: At least 80 people are killed at a summer camp on the Norwegian island of Utoya. A man arrested also is suspected in a blast earlier the same day in downtown Oslo that killed seven.
April 30, 2009: Farda Gadyrov, 29, enters the prestigious Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in the capital, Baku, armed with an automatic pistol and clips. He kills 12 people before killing himself as police close in.
March 10, 2009: Michael McLendon, 28, killed 10 people — including his mother, four other relatives, and the wife and child of a local sheriff's deputy — across two rural Alabama counties. He then killed himself.
Sept. 23, 2008: Matti Saari, 22, walks into a vocational college in Kauhajoki, Finland, and opens fire, killing 10 people and burning their bodies with firebombs before shooting himself fatally in the head.
Nov. 7, 2007: After revealing plans for his attack in YouTube postings, 18-year-old Pekka-Eric Auvinen fires kills eight people at his high school in Tuusula, Finland.
April 16, 2007: Seung-Hui Cho, 23, kills 32 people and himself on Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.
April 26, 2002: Robert Steinhaeuser, 19, who had been expelled from school in Erfurt, Germany, kills 13 teachers, two former classmates and policeman, before committing suicide.
April 20, 1999: Students Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, opened fire at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., killing 12 classmates and a teacher and wounding 26 others before killing themselves in the school's library.
April 28, 1996: Martin Bryant, 29, bursts into cafeteria in seaside resort of Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia, shooting 20 people to death. Driving away, he kills 15 others. He was captured and imprisoned.
March 13, 1996: Thomas Hamilton, 43, kills 16 kindergarten children and their teacher in elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland, and then kills himself.
Oct. 16, 1991: A deadly shooting rampage took place in Killeen, Texas, as George Hennard opened fire at a Luby's Cafeteria, killing 23 people before taking his own life. 20 others were wounded in the attack.
June 18, 1990: James Edward Pough shoots people at random in a General Motors Acceptance Corp. office in Jacksonville, Fla., killing 10 and wounding four, before killing himself.
Dec. 6, 1989: Marc Lepine, 25, bursts into Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique college, shooting at women he encounters, killing 14 and then himself.
Aug. 19, 1987: Michael Ryan, 27, kills 16 people in small market town of Hungerford, England, and then shoots himself dead after being cornered by police.
Aug. 20, 1986: Pat Sherrill, 44, a postal worker who was about to be fired, shoots 14 people at a post office in Edmond, Okla. He then kills himself.
July 18, 1984: James Oliver Huberty, an out-of-work security guard, kills 21 people in a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif. A police sharpshooter kills Huberty.
© The Canadian Press, 2012

my condolences to the families and terrified moviegoers worldwide
It's a crying shame that there so much evil n tha world that a person can't sit n movie theater and enjoy themselves...
This is sad,its silly too, the way ppl are associating Batman with this incident as if they sent the guy to act the fool
Just don't get it. Too much call of duty or just sick guy?
This is so sad! And people wonder why gun control is such a hot topic.
This is nuts! What do you get out of injuring kids and babies by gun?
it's time to revisit the right to bear arms.., tighter gun controls
Sin palabras... wordless...בלי מלים...senza parole...无言...sans paroles.

We shouldn't forget the killing of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria just a couple of days ago...

Terrorism is all over regardless nationality.
Dan G
Crazy people out there
+Malcolm Lockett
Which game was the guy from Kent state playing before his rampage, what movie did Columbas watch before practically commiting genocide, what TV show lead to the inquisition?
Just wondering.
Batman was meant to inspire good. Not madness, not death.
Metal detectors won't be implemented cause of this.. he propped open the exit door after buying a ticket to bring his arsenal in. Read the story.
it seems that the joker did nt like the rise of the dark night
Gun control has nothing to do with anything here. It is the people who skirt the laws that do these things, not the ones who follow the laws. Do you think your average crackhead has a cac permit?
+Tom Sproson
You might want reread all of Batman. Bruce Wayne became Batman to fight criminals and then criminals became super villians to fight Batman. Batman not only creates these violent villians he makes them worse as well.
Thats so sad and crazy now we cant go to the movies with love ones...SMDH
I see some people using this as an opportunity to crack some stupid jokes, there's nothing funny about the death of innocent people. If it was your son or daughter I'm sure you would feel betrayed by those getting some sick kicks off your loss. Grow up, and learn some sympathy for your fellow man. 
Hope everyone in the hospital because of this makes it home ok.
Addy O
That's just f*led up. How can anyone think this is okay? This man has to be mentally ill.
Live and let others live
Have peace on this planet people 
That's juss horrible and cruel! Lyke really who does that?
really a batman movie! What did batman do to you. Do you just not like him?
mm g
It was an awful, horrible incedent that will forver marr american history as rhe worst mass shoting. Many people's lives were destroyed, wether or not they were in that theator at time. I just hope justice is served to the vile thing that carried it out.
lie 95
side effect of ... ??
that was so in kenya we say sorry for the families of the affected people.
So sad dear, i pray for them, i am with you---
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