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The latest issue of TIME, featuring our cover story, “How To Die,” will hit newsstands Friday.
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Hmmm, Interesting look and sort of vague yet my interest is captured. I might have to check it out.
Lol, death can be arranged or can not be arranged.
Lol, death can be arranged or can not be arranged.
I read that as "the last issue of Time' then I read the cover. I'm glad I read it wrong.
this... piqued my interest
Seems like after seeing their sales from the breastfeeding cover they're still trying to push the envelope for sales. Weird.
A good title indeed ...
First you go tabloid, lose all credibility, then realize the next generation has no interest in you.
cant tell you how to die but i can tell you how to live.
Can't wait to read this article now.. title has got my interest
Y Haile
interesting story
"breastfeeding "........"how to die".........what s next ?........u really wanna aware us about anything or full ur pocket ? honest !!
no value time hunderd in which five per
some people are ignore the time
I like the red. As graphic designer Chip Kidd says "I made it red so that it would sell more copies." Not that this was by Chip Kidd, however.
One doesn't need to learn how to die. Death is all around us and we needn't be afraid of it, because nothing is certain more than death. There's no doubt the headlines is heart capturing.
Life is fixed and death is certain. Why to worry. Live life happily.
It's not a question of worrying, it's inevitable, we all know it, but dealing with it, that's another matter, TIME is a reference of quality, so, i'm interested.
I need more help with how to live!
Rosalie, it depends, are you a city person or a country person.what are your values, sports hobbies,work education, socially ?
I like +Cory Lewis 's sentiment there. But since none of us have read the issue yet, we can only speculate. I think it will have to do with living, and surviving...but when you're also preparing to pass on. Maybe an alternate title could be "How to (live when you know you'll soon) die." or "How to die (without regret)." It'll be interesting to see what it really is all about!
No, really. This is more along their line of expertise.
Far better than the years they've spent trying to tell us how to LIVE. 
I find this comments in this thread interesting, dying is an essential part of life, its a path we all follow despite denial and resistance.

I am looking forward to reading this issue. When it comes to death many of us are terrified, unprepared. Fear pain, dementia and the inability to choose how it all ends.

I recently featured in a post on my blog 2 different videos on death
Lessons from the death zone Lord Philip Gould and Stephen Jenkinson who has made it his life's mission to change the way we die his film GriefWalker is a thought provoking documentary on a charismatic spiritual man. It will take several viewings to fully absorb the nuances of the film. There is the powerful recounting of Stephens encounter with parents whose daughter is dying, and how he helped guide them to accept and experience her death in a non-clinical and real way. It was very moving.

Take the time to watch these I think you'll find it worth it. I hope that this issues will explore the difficult territory that families enter when old age and or terminal illness enters the picture.
Whatever Joe Klein learned, will not be the same for you or me....
That's the perfect cover for Time "How to die", just read the magazine to die from an overdose of stupidity.
Please, TIME, give one free copy to dying Dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.
Watch the movie...Million Dollar Baby.....Clint Eastwood did this...A good take on Death.....
Thanks for the great article and the sharing. As a hospice family caregiver and a baby boomer with an adult son, this is a great starting point for a discussion about health care proxy and advance directive.
Tonya V
Looks interesting
Provocative for sure. Controversial, meh...
+Tyler West isn't the point of every magazine cover in the history of magazines to hook people into buying them?  Next, we should tell musicians not to release singles or have cover art because they're trying to hook us into buying whole albums!

Selling magazines is Time's business, and if they're good at it, who are we to complain--unless they're pushing something intensely destructive.  All of us who commented here have already been hooked, whether to read the issue or just to discuss it.

And, I'm not sure it's controversial.  There is a sub-heading that basically suggests what the point is.  He's talking about what he learned in his parents' final years.  +Dale Picolet has it right, in my opinion.
+Tyler West ugh, I wish more people could respectfully disagree, as you have here!  I can totally appreciate your view.
+Melissa Hoffman coming from a person who uses "retarded" to refer to something less-than-appealing, I think it's safe to say your opinion can be overlooked.  
Dead should be decided by the person, like any woman decides to be a  mother, when and how, also she may decide to practice an abortion. So why not decide about when & how to die?
Don't forget people are deciding to go to war to kill or die
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