Awesome cupcakes.  I want these.
#starwarstuesday   +Foodporn 
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... {does a face plant into R2D2) "nom, nom!"
wow O  O
Amy O
But I don't like Star Trek...
Tasty awesomeness. But did you bring enough for the whole class.
Now that is what you call cup cakes!
ths  so tight   i wish i was there :)
Im not a fan but DIS is COOL!
Looks great in the lood for cupcakes now
Cool I used to like star wars a little bit but now I'm into the twilight saga you know vampiars ware wolfs and all that stuff

~ Team Jacob ~ 
This is AWESOME!!! I want these for my birthday!!!!!!!!!
One of them look like John Lennon 
Really, cupcakes are so cute....i want to try it again. but maybe it is difficult to do. It need the form cakes.
Cute! I love themed parties (even if I've only been to one or two).
i want to eat them
I'm not sure... which one is 'spose to be Chewbacca?
not awsome.... i hate star wars
i hate it too but the cupcakes must be reaaaal good !
I Like Starwars..Watched all the movie..and I would love to be eating one and watching the movie RIGHT NOW
I would totally be the best mom ever if this appeared in our house for someone's 5th b'day
Now you just need quotes, like "Luke, we're gonna have company!" and "Its a trap!"
Mmmm... Are they filled with bantha fodder?
rhea sinha  ap to bade hi romantic lag rahi ho
or apki ye photo vakai bahut sundar hai or ap bhi bahut achhe lag rahe ho good morning sinha ji
dont show george lucas! cuz then they'll be like $25 each...and come out 5 years apart...
Dibs on the cute little Falcon
I find your lack of taste disturbing.
Nice! and mom, can i eat dat yoda? xD
Nice cupcakes ill be doing this one day
There's only one return. it ain't of the king, its of the Jedi....may the cupcake be with you.
So Awesome!:D What a cool birthday cake for my bullies friend, Kyle
love the yoda one. or should i say yoda one i love
i love chocolate, nyamyyyy....
P Peer
Oh great, now ima haffa go a fridge.
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