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Today's TEDxTalk: Tanya Streeter explains how she dove hundreds of meters underwater -- on one breath.
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That's one crazy lady. Protip: Just beacause you can, doesn't mean you should... I survived 40 below zero weather stranded in Canada for 3 months (the winter) with nothing more than some fishing line & a hook, a hatchet and cooking pan. However, I didn't have a choice... I'd take a chopper to the summit of Everest, or a sub to those depths. Needlessly risking ones life is a dumb thing to do.
"If it's not something physical that is stopping me, then it's just mental and I have to be honest about the differences"
This could be really useful to me!

Will several thousand Wall Street And City of London financial fraudsters, corrupt rating agency people, Security and Exchange people, criminal racketeering lawyers, bent politicians, banking CEOS, and those knowledgeably assisting high crimes of criminal malfeasance do prison time?

As American uber fraud prosecutor William K Black suggested should happen? As he helped make happen back in the Savings and Loans Crisis.

Don't hold your breath!

Or if you do you may need to practice like Tanya Streeter!

Can't wait to watch William K Black on TED!

But I won't hold my breath.

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I sent this link to my Define Your Destiny™Newsletter today.
Awe inspiring. ~ Nancy
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