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Here's a video from our Product guy +Des Smith showcasing the Google Music app on T-Mobile's 4G Network. All T-Mobile customers get access to weekly free songs that everyone else has to pay for, starting with free tracks from Drake and Maroon 5. As soon as Google rolls out the new version of the Android Market (3.3.12) to your phone, you'll be ready to go!
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When will we get the new version of Android Market? I have upgraded my myTouch 4g to Gingerbread but I am still stuck with the older version of market.
New version of market is going out in phases. J got mine already and downloaded all the T-Mobile exclusive content.
+Jose Alexander Santillan I also wanted to get Galaxy Nexus, only because I hate to carry cash/cards and wanted to use Google Wallet. HTC Amaze and Samsung Galaxy S 2 comes with NFC chips, but +T-Mobile will not support Google Wallet on them, really frustrating !
+T-Mobile is mistaken it server side and has nothing to do with a update for the android market the version is still 3.3.11 although there is a 3.3.12 version
If the new market isn't showing up for you, clearing the Market cache can speed things up....
Just got the music tab in my market. This is a fantastic addition to android and ibhave to agree...would be SO MUCH better on a Galaxy Nexus. Please +T-Mobile
Great integration! So much better.
Galaxy Nexus + T-Mobile = more customers = more money for you guys = everyone is happy. Simple math T-Mobile, simple math.
+Anthony Garrett it adds the Music service to the Android market as well as fixing bugs and problems. Just clear the Android Market cache and open the Android Market again and it would update.
+Anthony Garrett I cleared cache and data to get the music icon to POP up...I then checked and I'm still running 3.3.11
Exactly! I think the market update adds the music icon to the music app are something but nothing special just convient
+Kobby Laast have you not read anything I've said? It does not add the music tab, its a server side update which just allows you to access it once pushed to said account or device (however they're rolling it out)
I also cleared the cache for the market and the music tab appeared in the market. Sensation 4G
It took awhile for mine to show up but it did eventually. I just opened my market to look for an app and the update was there. 
This would go great with a Galaxy Nexus!
I would have rather you keep the free music and give me an exclusive on the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus but thanks anyway
Riddle me this...I had the new market on my myTouch 4g then I upgrade to Gingerbread in the store and I go back to the old market. I never did figure that one out. But yes, I would prefer a Galaxy Nexus date to some free music.....but a big thank you anyway.
Just downloaded a couple free songs. Thanks Google & T-Mobile.
I am sick of googling Galaxy Nexus T-Mobile, and my contract is up in December... I love T-Mobile, but I love the Nexus more. Please announce something sooner than later. I'm not the only one, +T-Mobile
Not even a demand acknowledgement from TMO?
+Bruce Carrick Gingerbread for your device has been out for a while and with that being said when the update was push it included the older market and since the market update to include music was just recently added of course it wouldn't have been in the 2.3 Gingerbread update

I would also like to say that Gingerbread will be a 1yr old next month and the Mytouch 4G is now just getting it lmao great job +T-Mobile
+Anthony Garrett Thanks....clearly my understanding of apps running on Android needs some work. I would of thought it would be an app update (which seems to have happened when I had Froyo on my myTouch4g 2 weeks before the Gingerbread update). But whatever.....Appreciate the info!! The delay in OS update is the biggest reason I am waiting for the Nexus and have not snatched up a Galaxy S II. Stock Android for me from now on.......
I have the Nexus S and after the G1 I've always owned s Nexus also I've been running Android 4.0 for wks but I'm sure I will get the official update in December.

Carriers need to stop trying to force there UI overlay cause more than often it somewhat Henders the experience.

Its all about choice but I believe that other stuff like HTC Sense or Touchwiz should be optional installs though most changes are in the framework so dial back all the nonsense
Woohoo! I cleared cache and data using Menu > Settings > Applications > Market and now the Music tab shows. Clicking that takes me to a page that shows the T-Mobile Free Tracks link, and a full list of free tracks. Still on 3.3.11, so like +Anthony Garrett mentioned, it's not a Market update thing, just need to clear out the cached pages so that it re-downloads the server-side content. Great stuff, T-Mo! Keep it coming!!

+Anthony Garrett Won't say to not keep it coming, but it is a T-Mobile exclusive, and I generally write what I mean ;-)
Yeah, that was the gist, although you're right, it's a Google thing too.
Cleared Market Cache > Force Stop the Market... Opened Market and I had the Music tile... Woo hoo! But I'm not seeing a T-Mobile specific tile. Probably because I'm on Cyanogenmod 7.1 (G2x)
+Jason Vail Hmmm...that seems odd though. I'll check on my old Fender tonight since it's running CM6 and see if it shows up there.
Does this not work on a rooted phone??? I have the G2x but am running MIUI 1.11.04 and don't see that T-Mobile link!
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