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You've heard the buzz.... And now we have a date! The +HTC One S will be available at T-Mobile stores nationwide on April 25!
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If there is any sort of mother's day deals going on, I'll for sure get one.
I'm watching droid-life's review right now and it looks sooooo nice!
So... how about that Amaze4G ICS update, since we're a third of the way through 2012 already?
Will be getting this on the 25th. My nexus one has served me well, but it's time for an update.
Looks like a nice phone but nothing compared to the One X or the Galaxy Nexus...why not pick those up +T-Mobile??

+Sprint just sold out their pre-orders for the +Galaxy Nexus...see what you're missing out on? #justsaying
Woot Woot. The MT4G has been good to me but it's time to part. And welcome the One S into my life. LOL!
I will pass, 16gb with only 12gb free for use (and after T-Mobile puts all their bloat on it you will be lucky to have 8 to 10 gb free to use), no external sdcard, pentile display (worst display to ever put on a mobile device) and non removable battery means this is a toy not a smartphone. HTC should be embarrassed to make this device and T-Mobile should be slapped for agreeing to carry it.
My contract isn't up until Nov, so I'll see how it goes, got a new Galaxy SIII coming sometime and probably another Nexus around that time.
Hi +Keith Rea. I am sorry you feel that way about this device. I have used it personally and have enjoyed it. It is all a matter of preference and you obviously do not prefer this device. That is why we provide customers with options. :) Besides the device being released now, keep an eye out for the upcoming as well. We still offer other great devices that are still in our lineup.
If you have any questions or concerns besides top secret stuff that can't be discussed, feel free to reach out.
Thank you.
I usually find something I like +T-Mobile, I've been a customer for over 10 years but in all honesty the HTC One S is not living up to the hype, unfortunately AT&T, once again, got the big brother of the device you are offering.. it's time T-Mobile stopped taking the back seat to other carriers in terms of device offerings, it doesn't matter if you are the fastest 4G network if you don't have decent devices to run on it.
+Ryan Gallagher I'm far from a hater, I happen to prefer HTC devices, the last several I have had were HTC, but this device isn't worth the plastic and aluminum its made of in my opinion.
+Keith Rea I completely understand. Thank you for your feedback regarding our device lineup.
+Keith Rea you obviously use g+ that uploads pictures and videos automatically, and google music can help music from cluttering it up. The 12GB free is after the preinstalled apps so it does not seem necessary to erase 4GB. By not having removable storage phone can process beyond speed of micro SD. I've also heard about this really popular smartphone that doesn't have expandable memory. The name escapes me...
+Keith Rea "worst display to ever put on a mobile device" "this is a toy not a smartphone" "HTC should be embarrassed" "T-Mobile should be slapped" And you're not a hater? Well you fooled me, that's for sure.
+Craig Mulvey Cloud storage, while great, has limitations. I have a 16GB card in my MT4G, of that card only 4gb is left, so if I just installed what I have on my device on a new HTC One S I would have to lose a few apps, lose a few pictures and videos that I want to be able to show off without worrying about a data connection and that is going backwards in technology in my opinion. The idea that the sdcard "slows" down a modern dual core device in any noticeable way is ridiculous.
The speed the phone can access and use memory is different for internal vs external storage
Lalo A
i already got a sensation 4g rooted running sense 4.0 and its awesome i want the One X the quad core version thats an upgrade im willing to sign another contract on fast why buy this when i would still have the same screen size not to mention cant remove the battery and i cant add more storage plus i got a 1900mah battery on the sensation
I will be upgrading this summer +T-Mobile. Maybe sooner. Still rocking the vibrant with ics. Only the galaxy s3 will make me get 2 more years with yall. If tmobile does not deliver. Im gone and i dont care if i have to pay etf.
+T-Mobile , quick question. I'm using T-Mobile Monthly 4G plan right now. Since current phone has standard sized SIM, can I get (exchange?) micro SIM when I get One S (with off contract) without breaking current plan?

BTW, I'm really curious that your note, "We still offer other great devices that are still in our lineup.". Of course you guys will do!! :)
I'm thinking of switching to Sprint to get a Galaxy Nexus.
Enjoy waiting for LTE with subpar 3g speeds. All this talk about the Galaxy Nexus and some of you forget that it's 4 month old phone, which years in phone time. Read the huge number of reviews on this phone on various tech sites, One S has been comperable to the One X in performance and has been marked the best phone Tmobile "right now". As well 199 is a deal which compared to the Nexus launch on Verizon for 299.
All CDMA services are bad. If you want a Nexus, get the International version without a contract. GSM will become the global standard.
I was trying to make a point how +T-Mobile missed the good opportunity with Galaxy Nexus.
+Andrew Marquez actually the Galaxy Nexus is better than the one x and one s in my opinion. Smoother, faster updates, fully supported by Google, Android apps are usually made based on Nexus devices so apps won't lag on the Nexus, NFC, and removable battery.
+Kobby Laast oh no doubt the nexus will have faster updates. Down side is that thats 4 months off from the 18 month update cycle. My main phone is currently a Nexus One and it pissed me off that it wont get ICS, stock. The fact that custom roms have gotten so much better, example Cyanogen, allows me to choose a phone based on hardware. Only thing that Galaxy Nexus has over One S over harderware is the screen, and I can live with that. As for NFC, well not many uses for it so that doesnt bother me and I never had a need to replace my battery on any of my phones. Once again this me.
Still don't understand why people complain about memory. I've never used that much memory on my phone. Especially not now that I have cloud storage for things like my music(Amazon).
I was all for the Galaxy Nexus and even considered switching companies to get it. After I compared it to the One S though, I changed my mind. The One X is a "better" phone than the One S when you compare certain specs but if you read any review comparing the two, overall the One S is rated better.
+T-Mobile , can you please answer +Tetsuya Oka's question re: the exchange of SIM cards? Thank you.
Every carrier but +T-Mobile has or will have a 720p screen device by may. Anyone who wants to say extra storage for apps, music, video and photos isn't needed because of the cloud obviously must have been grandfathered in on an unlimited plan. Using cloud services eats up Tmo's precious data cap on your plan so who really wants to ha e to waste the battery life and internet plan to stream everything because HTC asked some really retarded people and they said they prefer their phone to be small than last a whole day. And then people get mad at android for not lasting forever in any phone. HTC and T-Mobile let me down with this phone, as a Flagship device as all reviewers are naming it. Also since this supports HSPA+ 42MBps it'll chew through battery more trying to pull down that music you want. I love HTC but this makes me wanna wait for Samsung.
+Tetsuya Oka +LaToni Burgett When you purchase the One S you will receive a micro sim in the box and you can easily just call and switch to it with no problems, we wouldn't want you to miss out on such an awesome phone just because you are on monthly 4G :) sorry for the delayed response let us know if you have any other questions. ^KM
+Tetsuya Oka You are more than welcome :) I hope you like your One S as much as I like mine! ^KM
+T-Mobile one more question. How about accessory availability? Car dock is must have item for me.
+Tetsuya Oka Of course you had to pick a hard question :) give me a little time for some more people to get into the office at HQ over in WA and see if I can get in touch with that department and find out for you. ^KM
+Tetsuya Oka I checked with some folks and it doesn't appear we will have a car dock for the one s however we will announce all available accessories on launch day so stay tuned :) ^KM
If you think that you'll get the phone that they offer you think twice before signing up . look at what I went through. I've been lie to over and over again, about free phone upgrades. So if you do get this phone wait til it's time for your upgrade. The service is great but the lies are greater.
During the free upgrade offer in march, we were told we would be eligible for the free phone if we extended our two yr contract for both lines, Then to find out that when our upgrade was available, we were forced to take a flip phone for free or come out of pocket for the phones that we were promised. Although a rep tried to compromise by giving us the exibit 2 to discourage me from pushing the issue, I feel that the original phones should be given to me, That's the difference between a vet and a ugo, how would feel. I have been with tmobile for four yrs, and it seems that i would get something other than a flip phone that is not even compatible with my plan. If you wish to contact me by phone you have my permission, i will supply you with my number
+Roderick Stephens We generally do not offer higher priced devices for free unless it is a big promo sale, so we definitely would like to look into this for you. Can you email us at Tforce[@]T-Mobile[DOT]com with your full name in the subject line, mobile#, issue, & contact time M-F 6A-5P MST You will be contacted within 24 business hours. JM
Just got off the phone with T-Mobile rep and It's the same old bull. Do we really matter or are we just $$ to them. to have to wait 24 to 48 hour to have a problem taken care of is just not right.
+Roderick Stephens---You have sent in your email and we have received it. Our team will investigate and call you within 24 Business hours. I do apologize for the wait, but that is the time frame we have setup. Once we do then we will discuss your issue. Thank you for your patience.
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