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Ready for T-Mobile to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Pre-register by 9/15 for a chance to win it plus a Galaxy Gear companion smartwatch.. See Official Rules:
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The Note 3 looks pretty great +T-Mobile  but I'm curious: Will tech enthusiasts have the option to unlock the bootloader?
I have the Note 2 right now, but I still want the Note 3,so badly, Lol. 
+Haaris Edhi Agreed, their track record seems to be pretty decent on this kind of stuff. Big part of the reason I went with them.
When can I pre-order?! Still waiting to throw my money at this thing! 
Me to, will be switching from AT&T to T-Mobile on this phone. Tired of contracts!
+Dave R I've had no problem with bootloader on my S4 and Note II on T-Mobile. I have no clue if this is due to  a hack or what, but it seems that T-Mobile phones are generally easier for developers to unlock the boot loader one way or the other. Verizon on the other hand is awful with this. 
I think Samsung paid homage to the power rangers with that galaxy gear...
My contract with Sprint/Nextel is up in October, after 12yrs, you may be getting a new customer +T-Mobile !
My nexus 4 will arrive on Monday. After 10 years leaving Verizon starting Tuesdsy. I think I will keep my N2 to see how tmoible network preform. I will pass on N3 and wait for Nexus 5. 
john h
Ahead of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have officially announced pricing and shipping details for the Note 3 and Samsung’s new smartwatch.

For T-Mobile customers, the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will arrive on October 2nd. The Note 3 will require a down payment of $199 and 24 monthly payments of $21. The Gear will come in at $299.99.

Turning to AT&T, the Note 3 will ship on October 1st and will cost $299.99 with contract. The handset can also be had through the AT&T Next program for $35 a month.

As for the Galaxy Gear on AT&T? Right now the carrier states that smartwatch will arrive in the “coming weeks”. No pricing or exact date, though we’d imagine it will arrive around the same time as the Note 3 and will likely come in at the same $300 price mark that T-Mobile is selling it for.

For those looking to pre-order right away, AT&T seems to be the only carrier with a pre-order 
john h
Hay tmobile we are getting nexus 5 right

I told you all T mobile and the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear is an unstoppable team. Love them all.
Kurtis Cullen
Windsor, Ontario Canada 
I have to have these
Always wanted to try a Galaxy device. Winning one would make it so much more enjoyable and a smart watch too? Definitely an awesome combo
I want galaxy gear samsung is good

Hope the 64gb version in BLACK will be available on the 2nd of October. That's what I want. Make it available and I'll enthusiastically throw my money at you. 
I own a galaxy note 2 and i was blown away wen i got it.. id love to see what this is capable of.. the beauty. nothing comes close to the note range.
Love my galaxy note 2! Thinking hard about the 3!
I would T-Mobile but I can't afford to spend that kind of money close to $800 for a phone right now.
Can I get my hands on the smart watch only? 
yes you can but if you don't have the note 3 it won't work for a while until samsung starts to make other samsung devices compatible.
That would be so freaking awesome to win. But it's probably not going to happen. 
Sent back the Note 2 just in time thanks to a friend telling me about the Note 3...waiting for the Note 3  :D
Note 3, Xperia Z1 , LG G2, How do I possibly decide????
john h
We need the mega 6.3 for tmobile
Traded my Note 2 for a S4. Got a Pebble. Both are already sold and the buyers have to wait until I get my Note 3 and Gear! 
john h
Are we getting this phone sony xperia z ultra or mega 6.9
john h
In a move that will likely cause T-Mobile CEO John Legere to jump for joy over another chance to hit AT&T below the belt, industry analysts speaking to Bloomberg suggest a cheaper ‘iPhone 5C’ could lure more customers away from the death star to T-Mobile.

Roger Entner, an analyst at Recon Analytics suggest that the playing field is more level than it has been in recent years and that’s good news for T-Mobile: “It’s a much more even playing field than it was last year, when AT&T (T) had more of an advantage…[T-Mobile] is in the right place at the right time with the right product.”

Expectations that Apple will announce a less expensive iPhone tomorrow along with the introduction of the iPhone 5 successor is high. Entner suggests that “getting a lower-cost iPhone could make a big difference for T-Mobile.”

While some of T-Mobile’s monthly financing plans can bring its total service cost closer to that of its competition, a less expensive iPhone could continue to make T-Mobile’s service more attractive. A theory echoed by Tero Kuittinen, New York-based head of sales and marketing Alekstra Oy, a business which helps manage telecommunication costs.

“The cheaper iPhone might fit T-Mobile’s budget plan like a glove.”

The thoughts of both Entner and Kuittinen were supported by a third analyst talking to Bloomberg who agreed with the overall sentiment of his industry colleagues. Michael Cote, an industry strategist with the Cote Collaborative in Chicago said AT&T and its larger rivals are vulnerable on cost right now:

“Assuming it is a lower-priced iPhone, it should, in theory, benefit T-Mobile more than the others,” Cote said. “If you look at the rate of people leaving AT&T for T-Mobile, the ratio is already bad, and this could exacerbate that.”

Could a cheaper iPhone, low-budget no-contract service plans and a blooming LTE network spell mountains of success for T-Mobile in the future? These analysts believe that’s a real-world possibility, but first Apple has to officially announce the lower-cost iPhone 5C.

As for how T-Mobile sees this theorem that a cheaper iPhone could lead to more AT&T customer defections, they are tight-lipped:

“We are looking forward to Apple’s announcement,” T-Mobile Chief Marketing

That would be a nice phone to have the watch to own i dont mind having the note 3 i have never ever win a cell for free by t mobile 
Cool... I want it ... i love to test it out 4 t mobile
I still use the Galaxy Note, 1st addition. Thanks to my lengthy contract with AT&T, which I will be buying out of as soon as its released on T-Mobile. Can't wait to "Jump" ship from AT&T. 
I have been an android user since day 1 on a t-mob G1 and will always use android. I want a note 3 so freaking bad! Oh and of course the galaxy gear too is a must. Give me a set for free? Been loyal t-mob customer since 1998. 4 lines classic unlimited + data . ..
Amazing device I'm looking forward to testing for possible purchase. 
+T-Mobile what happens with Galaxy Note 3 suppose to come with 8 nuclear?
pls pls i want ths awesome phone pls choose me as a winner i hve liked and shared ths link
Hey Bret! What's going on that's made you feel this way? T-Force would love to help! -Lucinda
Your customer service charging me for something that I shouldn't get charged for and they won't take it off my bill. I SPEND REALLY GOOD MONEY WITH THEM AND ITS CRAZY CAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOSE A GOOD CUSTOMER. 
I know how important it is to have your bill be correct. T-Force would be happy to look into this with you and figure out what happened. Can you please email us at TForce{@}T-Mobile{DOT}com with your name, T-Mobile phone number, and a brief description of this concern?  We'll respond as quickly as we can. -Lucinda
Well Bret att is the worst you'll ever get experience. I Dont have any other provider for DSL and have been disconnected 5 times for non payment because THEY made an error and 3 times more for no known reason. When asked to speak to a rep over my reoccurring crap experience I've had they just kept asking me if I wanted to drop my service as if my dollars Dont count. Sprint has a unreliable network. Verizon is the most $$ cell provider and till JUMP was created by T-Mobile no one was more$$ than the crimson V. Not that your point of be wrongly charged isn't a concern but have you spoken to anyone in customer retention? I've been with tmob about 15yrs and yes theres been ups and downs but I'm satisfied + with them. Maybe you should attempt talking to them again they have always been very fair in all situations I've had. 
Aww~! I really wan this phone! I already have the Note 2, and now I want the Note 3. It's so awesome!! Even though the days are going by quickly, it still feels like an eternity before the Note 3 comes out. Haha. I hope I win! ^_^
Oh noes! I missed the contest by one day?! Aww.
+T-Mobile - I'm at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 preorder page but I cannot select "UPGRADE" for my preorder. It's asking me to select a plan and/or a SIM card which I already have. I just need to upgrade my old phone to this one since I will be using the same SIM card. I just want to pay for the phone in one lump sum and be done with it.

Must it be so hard?
Hello +Willie D. Washington  We're here to help! Usually, the reason you see the new plan and SIM card options is because the site thinks you're a new customer. If you click the Login to My T-Mobile link, that new plan situation should go away. Can you try that and let us know if it's working? - Jess
+T-Mobile - Yeah, I tried that, too and it didn't work. I figured I was just trying to login too early as most folk haven't awoken, yet.

+T-Mobile - But after a little more research, it doesn't look like you can select the Note 3 right now for a prepaid plan. THIS IS HORRIBLE!
+T-Mobile I have the same issue as +Willie D. Washington . but u am not on a prepaid plan. I also called TMobile twice and both times the rep told me the note 3 is not available for preorder and the site I am visiting must be fraudulent...
Hello +Jonathan Campana That's not good! The device is definitely available for pre-order today. When you go to the site for the pre-order, are you able to Login to My T-Mobile? If not, what happens when you try? - Jess
I am able to log in threw the preorder site but the note 3 does not appear in the phone list for upgrades
Hi +Jonathan Campana Okay, that's definitely different than we expect and we'd like to find out what's going on. Please send an email to TForce[@] with your name, mobile number, browsers you've tried and a remind of the steps you take so that we can get this fixed. - Jess
You know what? I think I'm just going to wait until the Note 3 is physically available in stores so I can just go in with my existing phone and SIM and just complete the transaction from there.

There's too much hassle dealing with T-Mobile's customer service via email, online or phone. So much misunderstanding and unfortunately an irritating disconnect between customer service, support, online and elsewhere.

I'm sorry, but like I always tell people, T-Mobile is great... as long as you don't have to talk to anyone about your issues.
+grace hernandez - We can take a closer look at what is going on. Can you please email us at TForce{@}T-Mobile{DOT}com with your name, T-Mobile phone number, a brief description of this concern?  We'll respond as quickly as we can. – Chris 
giv me, im using note 2. i want this note 3. i will giv e note 2, u give me note 3. deal.  ,
i love nite 3...its just mre than osm....:-*
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