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Got me interested, clicked through and.....a gold S5?!? Ugh no thanks. 
Got anything in CDMA for your new Sprint masters? 
Hate Samsung devices after they forced KNOX. To many bugs and forced control over "my" device. +T-Mobile LG G3 me in the sweepstakes! 
+Jeff Munson ha ha yeah I just read that Sprint and T-Mobile have reached an agreement on price. WSJ states it will take awhile to get approval but looks like the T-Mobile is going to be no more #thenocarrier good riddance to it.

But that fool of a CEO at +T-Mobile is looking like the dope to run the combined company. Gimmick days are all over soon.

+T-Mobile I rather go to AT&T then stay under soft bank, they done nothing for Sprint and they'll do nothing for T-MOBILE!!!
Elly Ice
if the sprint merger is approved, i am out.  i'll head to one of the tiny piggy back carriers instead.  sprint done f'd me over so bad i nearly lost my apartment some years back.  been on tmo over 10 years now, and don't need to be treated like that again.
I thought this would be special devices but what comes up is one of the most common phones.. 
I'll give them a chance, but I suspect I'll be going back to AT&T, everything about Sprint was terrible. 
I've been a +T-Mobile customer for nine years and will be among those that leave if this rumored deal with Sprint happens.

It's absolutely ludicrous that one would argue that going from four carriers to three is somehow in the best interest for consumers.

How about making #Uncarrier 5.0 all about staying independent and keeping the course with the amazing changes you've started, huh, +T-Mobile?
All I want is 4.4.3 Kit Kat for my S3.

He didn't do that all single handed. In fact there was outside intervention that allowed tmobile to it's present state.

Tmobile was going to be my last hope in wireless. Being stuck on Verizon with a locked phone will never happen to me again. Now merger news, nothing good ever comes from a merger, from top to bottom everyone loses. 
Yup if sprint takes over I'm out too +T-Mobile. You've gained so many customers who were fed up with Sprint, now you'll loose them all if you merge.
All I want is the reports of mobile being sold to Sprint I mean sloth
these comments just confirm what I've told people, even the perception kills and this rumor is already hurting TMO, if true just get ready for a mass exodus of customers. 
No thanks Samsung is garbage. TouchWiz is just horrible 
Daylon actually with these reports the stock shares have gone up for both carriers. 
I've been with +T-Mobile for over 9 years. All this negative press has got me looking into other carriers and looking into what networks work with my unlocked phone
of course Franke .. stock holders love money but customers aren't stock holders and they'll bail
"All I want is 4.4.3 Kit Kat for my S3." out of all the comments on this post, that is the one +T-Mobile decides to reply to...
+Jon Morales You can pre-register for the LG G3 here!: Not only will you get news about its upcoming release, but this will also enter you into the contest we have going on to win it! :) - Terrence
+T-Mobile i can't wait for the note4 comes .is +T-Mobile u guys deal with sprint tell this not true if it's time look for someone esle if sprint change everything u guys plans
I'm hoping it will be something like how T-Mobile owns metro now
Kevin H
I don't care what everyone says! I'm not going anywhere. T-Mobile will still be better that the big two. 
Guys it wasn't T-Mobile decision to merge. This merge came from the parent company and T-Mobile has zero grounds on this.
Just got the 4.4.3 notification on my N5 today, but I have a Google Play version, not the T-Mobile branded one. 
+Google is slow if they are the only ones pushing the OTA. A person that bought their phone the exact same time as I bought mine , at the same store has been updated. Is it because mine is on ART runtime? Do I need to switch it back to Davlik to get the OTA? Wth?
+T-Mobile if your parent company wanted to get rid of t-mobile, they do not have to destroy it in the process. I will be leaving the day of the merger if any changes especially if there going to switch to CDMA.
I have always used Go Launcher EX +Clay Ginn. I call myself trying to give TouchWiz one more try for a month...I lasted a couple of hours. 😂😂😂
+Shawn S. That is controlled by Google for your Nexus device. Wugs toolkit put it on my Nexus 4
+Zach McElroy maybe it's a deal where T-MOBILE gets away with money and spectrum from Sprint, as it did with AT&T !
+Zach McElroy , I was with Alltel when Verizon bought them out everything got expensive, my brother was with AT&T when Cingular bought them out everything got expensive, will just have to see what the merger will bring maybe the jump program will be free and keep everything else the same! 
Fingers crossed this merger doesn't happen. With Sprint behind the ball on their network rollout, this puts them further in the hole if this deal doesn't happen. As far as consumers are concerned, change is a definite with 2 parent companies calling the shots. T-Mobile's culture and against the grain approach is what's kept their current customers and bringing in new ones.
Yep.. Sprint screwed me over twice.. Won't have a third chance..
Bring some oppos then you will have my attention 
+Shawn S. Got the ota update a couple hours ago on my Nexus 5. Really nothing to be that excited about. It'll come.
Calm down guys the deal hasn't gone through the FCC or Trade Commission, before it has been said that they want to keep T-Mobile around to shake things up. Also for those of you who are arguing that GSM is dead and over CDMA and that Sprint won't run two networks? Lol you do realize LTE IS GSM even on Verizon and that Sprint and Verizon already essentially run two networks?
And rumor has it the Chairman of Softbank wants to hire Legere as the combined network CEO? If that happened it might work. But if not I might pay off my Nexus and switch to Cricket or Straight Talk
Sprint wants to increase broadband but they are going about it the wrong way. They should be looking at ISPs not T Mobile. A T Mobile merger won't help them increase broadband connections. Regulators will deny this if they are smart. 
+T-Mobile I assume the t-mo employee who reads these comments has no way of passing along our collected utter distaste for this merger, but I guess we can all hope.

If Sprint and t-mo have a price the only thing that will stop it now is the FCC. After a decade of being very happy with neon pink, I am very scared of what will come from this deal. 
Pls add free roaming in area 95610 California to the simple choice plan, service terrible indoors,
Specially in sunrise Blvd and woodmore oaks Dr
Hi +Andreas Hosemann We definitely do not want to lose you, is there any way we can be of help? -Don
I want the gold version of S5 sooooooo bad! :-) 
+Graham B don't be a total idiot. Many years ago there was a guy called Crazy Eddie and he did all these commercials on TV hawking his appliance store chain. He was undercutting his competition, and then one day Mr. Crazy just up and closed down and fled the company with millions of dollars. It does not take much to make money. However Mr. Legere has boosted customer base, he has however lost millions of dollars with his hype. So you have suckers signing up for the free tablet 200MB, the 100 countries for texting and cheap calls, the paying off of early termination defections but "He is bleeding money" that is not a good CEO that is a fool at the helm.

So you look in the mirror since you are obviously not well up on how business works. Business is to make money, not lose it. And they borrowed and sold stock to buy spectrum. So placed the company into more debt. And what good is all the gimmicks for the weak minded if you don't have decent coverage?

A fool and his money are soon parted.
I could get better coverage with two tin cans and some string.

+Andreas Hosemann The process of both agreeing on price is finalized. The Softbank people have stated it may have the words to sway regulators. But it will take time.

T-Mobile will lose staff, who knows what other changes Sprint will make. But it will be streamlined and the antics that T-Mobile uses now probably will go away. Personally Sprint will then have better coverage and it makes sense to gut T-Mobile after it takes what it needs from them.

Do you really think if Softbank wanted to keep that Legere from T-Mobile it would be foolish since in the paper it states Dan Hesse has many years left on his contract.

I don't know what I find more amusing, a fool of a CEO at T-Mobile hawking his companies services and losing money, or a company like Sprint using a Gerbil to sell their service and MAKING money.

You decide.
Fix network in Metro Detroit, can't make phone calls
If the merger goes through T-Mobile's CEO will become the head CEO of the merger. That's a good thing. If he doesn't stay CEO, T-Mobile's are screwed.
From what I've read they will combine the networks
If the merger gains better T-Mobile coverage (I travel around 3 states for my job and a lot of it are small towns) for me I'm for it. But this seems like a step closer to what Comcast accomplished by buying Time Warner. A monopoly. The merger would put it in a better position after a few year to buy ATT. 
All of you are looking at this the wrong way, +T-Mobile or +Sprint doesn't care if you leave...

The ONLY reason Sprint is going to buy T-Mobile is for spectrum, Sprint is hurting for more spectrum and no other carrier is willing to sell their unused spectrum, so the only way to get more spectrum for better coverage is to buy a carrier that has licences and spectrum in areas that its needed.
+Jay Ortiz holy crap yes! ive been waiting for my z1s to be updated for so long!!! 
Could it be coincidence that at&t created AIO, bought Leap(Cricket Wireless) merged the two around the same time this stupid tmo/sprint crap came about??? Just in time for a mass exodus. See y'all soon!! (I hear Crickets
Think about it people! I've done drive testing for both sprint and t-mobile all over texas and surrounding states. I've also worked closely with sprints networking team in Oklahoma City and submitted videos on YouTube of such and all I can say is that Sprint might not have done everything as quickly as people might have thought, but you have to know what you're talking about before you start making comments and I start by saying this... Sprint had an old school 1980s military style network with big Nortel Networks cabinet, old school legacy panels, and technology that had to be upgraded from the ground up essentially! T-mobile already had a great digital HSPA plus network and most of their upgrades were software and spectrum allotment changes and then some hardware in various areas or 2g convergence were necessary and are currently still on the path of upgrading by promoting the upgrade of remaining 2 towers because of recently acquired spectrum . Sprint on the other hand, has been hard at work deploying Network Vision initiative which helped them look more attractive when it came time to acquire cash from the selling of their shares which opened up their ability to purchase 2.5 gigahertz spectrum that came with the clear buy out which was a contingency to softbank deal. Sprint is capable of doing more because they have almost double the spectrum of AT&T and Verizon combined! Seriously! Say John Leger stays... that would be great because he is a brilliant mind and a straight shooter, so don't be mad at him for knowing how to play the game and doing what he does because that's why he's hired to do these things people!! You don't hire chef to run the front of the house do you and so I rest my case. T Mobile has already seamlessly, seemingly seamlessly anyway, worked together with metropcs to convert them over to T Mobile's network and is reallocating metropcs spectrum to HSPA plus and LTE goodness and that will come in handy where tmobile helps sprint do a conversion of the cdma because I'm certain that network in Japan is also GSM LTE as is most of the world and so softbank would accept the conversion to the gsm platform over CDMA, which is a Qualcomm technology, has had its run and its ov baby and I'm glad to see it go and be taken over by lte technology that is more 2 our usage standards of today. Specifically data. Change is not always bad and sometimes often refreshing and could be good for both companies because John Leger is good at what he does and T Mobile is already experienced now with decommissioning a CDMA network and sprint is over 50 percent complete with their network modifications of their entire network footprint and they weren't slated to be completed entirely for at least a couple of years if not more and so I say to just give it time because both brands merely made themselves more attractive for marketing purposes and I believe that T Mobile and the uncarrier approach may stick unless there's pressure and T Mobile is being taken out, so to speak, in order for the others not to have to follow suit and go back to the way things used to be by gobbling up the rebel in the pack?! So many variables and all we can do is assume, but I like to base my conclusions and assumptions on what facts I do have to use and all I can say is that there will be an increased capacity, some insane speeds because of the spectrum that both companies have and hope that they keep the unlimited data approach and I don't see why they wouldn't because of all of the spectrum and bandwidth that is at their disposal. Now, something else to think about is if they are shaping data at T Mobile, MetroPCS, or sprint as has been discussed on other sites. Don't call it "throttling," but might as well be because they dictate what speeds and where! Just a little food for thought because I do a little "downloading" on occasion and various other things that let me know that anything other than streaming or surfing the web gets throttled, if you will, and somethings are just not available to various apps that may be used in the process to do certain searching of "files". Just saying... I'm a metro baby in the Northwest Arkansas area where some "authorized" dealers for metro have popped up recently and we are all getting an average inside connection of 2bars and Lte speed of 15-30 consistently guys. No new low end spectrum for us here yet, but not bad indoors, otherwise, it's grabbing hspa+ with a slightly stronger signal indoors typically and that's now slower since the intro and deployment of Lte due to using spectrum for Lte, but tmobile has left enough for a solid 3-5 or up to 8 at times on the hspa. Oh... By it I mean a note 2, factory unlocked 16gb from tmobile with the UD designation next to imei on device. Anyway... We shall see, but don't let your voices go unheard and speak and blast this topic on social media to create a frenzy cause our voice matters and we deserve to be heard! Bless you guys
Someone said John Legere is a dope hahahahahaha the guy went to MIT.  He's a BRILLIANT GENIUS.
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