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Do you use +Google Maps Street View on your mobile device? If so, what do you use it to explore the most?
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I use it to check out places I'm navigating to. It gives me a chance to see where I'm going before I get there.
I use it to confirm my location that I've navigated to while driving to my destination most of the time.
I use it also when I'm going somewhere. So I know what to look for when I get there.
I use it to look for markers for when I arrive at my destination. Also, to see if there are any good eats nearby!
I use it to look at the top of my house and now that the new pics have been taken, I've gone back to review :-$
As a photographer, I like to scout different streets and neighborhoods for future projects. :-)
Hi +Landon Gonsalves and +Richard Higginbotham  - we like to do that too when travelling - it helps to get an idea what is close to the hotel you may be staying at and to see what is within walking distance :) ^RM
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