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What a year for T-Mobile! In addition to launching 25 4G devices, we also expanded our HSPA+ 42 network into 163 markets. Looking back at 2011, what was your favorite T-Mobile device?
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HTC Sensation!

Now I'd like to see that Galaxy Nexus soon :)
Well my favorite device on T-Mobile in 2011 was the GS2... but I'm hoping you guys get the GNEX soon so that can be my favorite device of 2012.
The one that hasn't quite been announced yet: Galaxy Nexus. Hint, hint.
Huge fan of the HTC Amaze 4G. I got the LG G2X and IMMEDIATELY wanted to get back to owning an HTC phone.
Amaze 4G (with major props to the SGS2)
The Galaxy Nexus! Oh wait....

Still rocking my G2.
GSll absolutely but the Amaze is also a front runner.
T-mobile google Nexus one.... my favorite one from all I have.
For those of you that imported the GSM Galaxy Nexus: does the phone pick up T-Mobile's HSPA+ network or only 3G? Because I want to pick one up but not if it doesn't get 4G...
well +Dan Guild i have 5 friends from google here all in the US they say that the HSPA works fine like a normal phone so that souldnt be a problem
+Alvaro Nunez Do you know if it connects to the HSPA+ network though (21/42Mbs vs. 7Mbs for regular HSPA IIRC)?
well all they told me all of my friends that brought the phone is running nice smooth with no problem but the speed i have no clue tho it suppose to run fast tho
Cool. Thanks for sharing this!
Hey +T-Mobile take the hint. Look at all these Galaxy Nexus comments. Lock it up. You're losing money because I'm just gonna import mine. People want pure Android. TouchWiz and Sense are garbage.
The HTC Sensation. Operating at full Capacity with Cyanogen CM7 Love.
My unlocked Galaxy Nexus that im buying!
My iPhone 4s factory unlocked. Which is going back because I can't receive picture messages. With the money I shelled out for this phone, I can cancel both lines. Got it another carrier and get two iPhones. 
+Archie P : Quick call to T-Mobile tech support (or the chat line) can fix that. My wife ran an iPhone on T-Mo for a year and had no difficulty receiving MMS once we got the config right.
+Jeff Munson I spoke to Tmo twice already with no luck. I even went to the Apple Store. No solution. Thanks anyway. 
+Archie P Wow, that's odd. Was yours jailbroken? Not sure if that's a must to work on T-Mo or not, but hers was. Might have made a difference. As I recall though, there was some setting that they had to do on their end, and we had to do some APN changes on her phone as well. I know you said that you're switching providers, but I can see if I can go back and figure out what we did if you'd like.
+Jeff Munson that would be awesome if you can. Mine is a factory unlocked iPhone 4s. We did all the apn stuff to no avail. 
+Archie P Hmm...I'll see what I can find. I do remember some difficulty with MMS until we made some changes that we weren't aware of initially, as the phone worked fine otherwise. Once we switched the settings though, everything worked great. I'll dig around and let you know what I find out on a private post.
+Archie P are you getting this error?

(media content was not included due to a picture resolution or massage size restriction)
Pretty sure that was the message she was getting.
You apple guys really need to learn how to use Google.
Thanks guys, I'll keep trying. I'll do this after dinner. Appreciate all the help. 
+Andrew Hansen easier said than done. You can google anything you want. As far as the answers working. It doesn't , thanks genius. 
Hey, I'm just saying 2 different sites that have the exact same problem listed with the exact same solution. More than likely this will fix your issue.
Sorry guys. Didnt mean for it to come out that way. Ive had a long day at work.
+Daniel Price , please, keep it civil. As a T-Mo employee, I'd think you would want to put a better public face on. As a customer and champion of your company, I expect more.
I've been with Tmobile for 12 years, since voicestram. The reason why I bought the iPhone is for its stability, and annual Os updates. I don't want to pay primo bucks for a phone that it's makers won't release updates to because they want you to keep buying new phones. When I went to the Apple Store today, I did not like how the atmosphere was. It just ha that "snooty" feeling in there. 
The Nexus S. And hopefully in 2012 the Galaxy Nexus.
All I can figure is that you have to go as far as jailbreaking and working on the app code. Sorry man :-( Did you try one of the alternative messaging apps? I noticed that in one of the threads that +Andrew Hansen linked mentioned something about an alternative app that works for MMS.
I would love to get more 4g coverage in Raymond Wisconsin, because I'm going to switch over to you guys early January. Thanks,
I don't have T-mobile yet but I will have soon...
+Dan Guild the gsm galaxy nexus is penta band. It has every frequency to use hspa+21 on tmobile and at&t.
+alex dampios what i wish they would do is make their launcher uninstallable and let us use the stock launcher. I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet, because updates would be much easier.
My GS2, but it seriously needs the next Gingerbread update that Samsung released at the end of last Summer to fix the genre bug. I like T-Mobile and always used their phones for the last 6 years, but will buy direct from the manufacturer if it takes any longer to get ROM updates.
Your welcome! By the way guys guess what came in the mail for me today! My unlocked Galaxy Nexus! Loving it!
+Andrew Hansen European version?? Enjoy it, I had the pleasure of playing with the Verizon version. The screen res didn't do anything for me when you turn auto brightness on. There was a mesh like layer on the screen when the brightness is turned down. Otherwise very good handset. Just wished Tmo would've released it first like they did in the past. 
Hey +Andrew Hansen , if you get an opportunity, check the speeds and see if it gets the HSPA+ 42 :-) Conga rats man!
Still pretty cool phone. I saw it about a week ago. ICS is quite spiffy!
Thanks everyone for all the comments, and for self helping each other. The beauty of Google+ is that it feels more like a community, which is pretty sweet.

And BTW, we hear you all loud and clear, but we have no new announcements at this time. ^ce
Hope that your next annoucement is ...
The Galaxy Nexus .
The Amaze 4G, and please bring some 4G love to the northern VA areas. Thanks for the bitching phone had fun hacking it up just right.
motorola cliq2. it works fine where most other phones are pretty plastic bricks. i'm waiting to see wht the next MOTO device is.
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