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Here's a behind the scenes look of what went down on the set of our Samsung Galaxy S III commercial, premiering later this week. Be sure to check back to see how we used the "Share Shot" mode to capture and share the action from all different perspectives.
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Great event colleagues. Wish, we had a similiar kind of presentation in Germany.
Advertising is important. As we increase our capability it is good to attract more customers that. That will bring in more money to further increase signal and towers. Also with the acquisition of spectrum from AT&T and the swaps with Verizon things will happen!
I've been with TMobile for 3 years only because they are cheap, but in Rochester, one of the largest cities in NY, there are many dead spots.  Go inside a grocery store and forget it, signal gone.  I have a dead spot in my living room.  I have noticed no improvement in coverage since I've had them.  3G coverage is still very limited even on major highways around Rochester.  Frequently have only the dreaded Edge network data, even in highly populated areas.  The only thing keeping me from switching is price.  If I go anywhere away from a major population center, I lose coverage.  They need to stop focusing on high speed and focus on penetration and signal strength.  This commercial is a fantasy for 90% of TMobile's market.  Sorry guys, I like you, but you have lots of work to do.  
+John Brind'Amour - We're sorry to see any issues with your coverage. :( Sometimes a lot of factors can impair coverage, but please keep in mind we are constantly working to enhance your service and coverage, you can always keep and eye on your coverage here: - And, to actually help us to work to enhance your coverage faster, please don't hesitate to fill this out: - You can also provide that address to anyone you know in your area with T-Mobile too. :) I hope this helps, we really appreciate your loyalty due to our great prices, but we'd love to help improve your service too! ^MG
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