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T-Mobile smartphones are slimming down and speeding up with the arrival of the HTC One S! This ultra thin beauty comes with an amazing camera, sweet sound with pre-installed Beats audio and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Expected to be available on America's Largest 4G Network this spring, the HTC One S is our latest super-fast HSPA+42 smartphone! Check out the product page for more details and stay tuned for information about pricing and availability.
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I just read about this. So TMo is getting it? Sweet.
HTC Sense crapware is a deal killer. Where's the Galaxy Nexus?
HTC Sense is useless, but it can be rooted to not have Sense. If not the day it comes out, within a couple of a days.
Hate to disagree, but of all manufacturer skins Sense is the most appealing, especially this new Sense 4.0.

But hell, it is no reason to NOT buy a phone, root and throw stock ICS on there.
The product page is as thin as the phone. Screen size/resolution? NFC or not?

Looks kinda nice, though.
I've had my HTC G2 for nearly two years and it's still going strong. So strong in fact that I see no reason to upgrade to something newer.
No sdcard slot means you are stuck with 16GB, much less after OS install so figure on about 8 to 10 gb of usable space. Couple that with an Embedded battery (means you cant swap the battery or even replace it if it fails), What does that all mean? its a total fail!
Eight to 10 gigs is still a lot of space.
+Jason ON you think so? 8 megapixal camera produces files at about 5mb, video much more.. not to mention apps, I have 10gb of apps (and their data) installed. Do the math. Not having the option of expandable memory via sdcard slot makes ANY device useless for the long haul.
+Keith Rea because 8 to 10 gigs is still a lot of space. I have 8 gigs on my G2 built in and I don't think I'm using half of it. Of course, I take pictures and videos, load them to the interwebs, and then delete them and I don't have any apps installed I don't use and don't keep movies or anything on my phone.

Just like a PC, if you start running out of space you remove files.
Its looks like a windows phone. Really? Come on. -_-
I think at this point in time 8-10GB isn't really that much space; I'd say it's now the minimum amount of space a phone should come with, especially if you're not capable of upgrading the storage space. Some music, some videos, some pictures & before you know it, you're out.

With that amount though, I wouldn't call it a dealbreaker, but look at how many people whined about teh Galaxy Nexus not having expandable storage (even the 32GB LTE version had people whining about non-expand-ability).
+Jason ON where did you get a g2 with 8gigs built in? As far as I know my g2 had 4 and only 2.7 was useable
Have had my G2 for almost two years now and I still love it. Just give us the G3 already.
+larry grumbles, I could have sworn it was 8, but even if it's not, I'm still not using most of it.
It has almost the same specs as the Amaze 4G and of course it will have S-ON so flashing kernels will not be done in custom recovery and won't be able to flash radios either. It even looks like a thinner Amaze.
+Jason ON I'm pretty sure its only 4 but I get what your saying. I have the galaxy nexus with 16gigs built in and something like 13 gigs that are useable and I have everything I want and need on my phone and still have over 8gigs left. 3 of my games I have were half a gig a piece .
This is a nice phone, but what I'd really like is an ASUS Padfone.
I'll stick to my GSM Galaxy Nexus, thank you very much!!
If the rumors are true..this device will be the Gx4. Stock ICS...I need this!
i upgraded to this phone and i love it - fast, easy to use!
+Jason ON it lasts me through the day, use it for text, email, web. With WiFi or games I did notice it was shorter.
I get 12 hours moderate use. About 8 full use including Netflix
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