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Today is our 7th birthday! We began shipping +Ubuntu PCs November 7, 2005 and we couldn't be more happy with our growth and success. Thank you to all our wonderful customers and social community for your support! Everything we've accomplished is because of you!
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I love the work you guys do! Thank you ! Happy Birthday !
I think I said this last year on fb, that we share the same birthday. Have a great one. 
Happy birthday, looking forward to owning a system 76 laptop soon.
You send us free beers instead of stickers this friday ya!?
Haha, kidding :D .
Wow, System76 shares a birthday with me. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear System76, happy birthday to you.
I presume you all here using system 76. I am planning to get one of their laptops but still hesitating. I need to hear from a regular user with a sincere opinion. Please!
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