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Craving some High Definition Bliss? Our Gazelle Professional can be configured with a 4th Generation Intel i5 CPU! Base price is now $749!
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Very highly recommended; I love my Gazelle. Also, the matte finish display is particularly delightful. This is by far the best screen I've had on any laptop. 

I also love System76 as a company. They are very responsive and helpful, long after I bought the machine. It's like they want repeat business or something. Come to think of it, my last several laptops have been from them, so there you go. :)
Awesome, but my Pangolin Performance is still going strong. :)
My previous laptop was a Pangolin, and I loved it dearly. But when it came time to replace it (after an impressively long run), I upgraded to the Gazelle because at this stage of the game my eyes need a very high quality monitor. 
Can't wait to see it working with Ubuntu 13.10 before buying one.
(copy pasting comment I posted on fb. hoping to get reply)
I don't understand how this is sale. you added 4200M processor, which was not available before. About other items, some price increased. I was planning(for last few days) to buy this. The configuration I planned is increased by 48$ now.
+Martin Simard I'm running 13.10 on the Gazelle right now, works great. Almost 2x the performance on Haswell GPUs, plus better battery life.

On the day 13.10 is released, you'll be able to order all System76 products with it. We've been testing with Saucy for almost 2 months now =D
eru san
This is not a sale. A configuration that was $927 before is now $946.

This is not a sale. It is, however, incredibly dishonest.
+eru san   I am not saying I don't believe you...but hard to blindly trust this without proof...but it wouldn't surprise me due to recent conversations with customers. (so giving you +1 based on benefit of the doubt)
Oh well in that case...carry on and another +1 for you.
I always read good thing about +System76 customer support. I don't understand why they are not replying to our comments.
If you ship to Singapore, I will order 2 unit from you. 1 for me and one for my love one who also a ubuntu user.
That is a great price!  I am telling my friends about!  Lol.
I've received it today and I'm really pleased with the look and amazing speed of this laptop! I must get used to the Unity.. but overall it's an amazing laptop. Thanks #System76
BTW why are you using Win7 for invoice printing? ;)
I imagine if all goes well I'll get mine late next week. System76 uses UPS to Canada. Unfortunatly. I've done a large number of international imports from Europe, UK, US, some Hong Kong, with UPS, DHL, FedEx; all have had problems of one sort or another. Best bet without exception, postal system. In my experience faster, cheaper, safer and, maybe just luck, zero problems. That aside, awesome you've got yours. As I said, I can hardly wait!
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