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All you really need is 1 PC We are pleased to announce the Sable Complete All-in-one Ubuntu Desktop starting at $799! Check out this work of art :)
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Too expensive and little equipment. But the Design is the best. 
+Dominic Dreier, the system has a wide range of configuration options so it can be equipped to fit your needs :)
Thanks for your support +Eric Mewhort! We love this system! 
Great looking box. Not for me, but definitely something I'd point people to. Really happy to see something like this pre-installed with Linux.
I really do like, even if it doesn't match my needs as a user (can't quite compete with my dedicated gtx570), but I like it. Great job, +System76 !
Beautiful indeed!  I did not see in your spec sheets, but is the back where the stand connects to the monitor a standard VESA mount?
That looks great! Can you ship to Greenland?
One question: Does the Sable have video-out to support a second display?
Really is a great computer ^^ 
Given that +Valve are supposed to be launching Steam for Linux soon, I would have loved to have seen better graphics optons. Still looks like a great product mind :-)
That looks great. Just make the display about 28 inch and 1920 x 1200 IP panel and you can take my money.
Good home computer and possibly work computer.
Why can't I choose Ubuntu 12.04 LTS? For office usage it fits better then 12.10 (more stable). Same problem with the notebooks.
Can you say this is a good system with all its accessories and software?
I have an HP pavilion 750gb and 4 gb of ram and it was just under 500 before taxes now running fedora 17 but system76 takes care of the hassle of setting up your own system and everything just works.. ati graphics were a pain at first with my setup
+Med Ziane You can, but you'll get a pile of junk. A decent Desktop for day-to-day task still costs 450€, a netbook 250€ (and, frankly, they are a pain to use) a tablet is not cheap in countries were the nexus 7 and kindle fire don't ship/sell. A smartphone will set you back 130€ for something enjoyable.

Not to defend System 76, as I often criticized them for being overpriced, but an 650€ all-in-one desktop is perfectly reasonable, even on the cheap side (compare that to windows 8 equivalents or even Apple).

I, for once, thinks this computer looks gorgeous, is perfect for the not so tech-savy and would definitily recommend it (unlike the others System76 desktops). Of course, only hands-on test will tell us about the quality.

A question though: I see the warraty is one year. The EU law stipulates a minimum of two years. How is system76 going to handle that?
I'd say System 76 is a trusted brand, just like Apple, Google or Microsoft!
This notion that hardware is only good if you paint a half digested fruit on it starts to get slightly boring.

Returning to topic: I like the design and the specs of this computer. Start shipping within Europe and I'm all yours ;-)

Ps.: Thanks +Med Ziane for deleting the extensive Apple worshipping from your post
Looks like a wannabe iMac crossed with an iPhone 4.. 
Who searches the internet for drivers?
Looks good, is good, price not so good 
THANK YOU SYSTEM76!!! I have been looking for my next computer, and I was considering a Ratel Performance, but as soon as I saw OMG! UBUNTU!'s post on your new All-in-one, I literally JUMPED for joy! I will soon be another dedicated customer of your's, and also... Thanks for the free stickers!
The side of the computer looks like my iPhone 4S lol. Even the stand kinda resembles a Mac.. 
Well, to those in the know, this is really great. Ubuntu is wonderful, the all in one is gorgeous... But your price point has killed it. You have put it in a bracket, where the consumer will instead look to high end Android tablets, iPads, more familiar Windows based PC, and used iMac systems.
The consumer base that will be targeted by an Ubuntu Desktop, are simply going to build their own, and install Ununtu for free.
On top of that, you are scaring off any significant number of new users with that price. No one is going to take a risk on Ubuntu over Windows for that kind of money.

I personally know the benefits of the Ubuntu OS, and would dearly love to have this masterpiece... But it is simply far too pricey.

Looks pretty similar to an iMac. 
$800 Linux laptop that's not portable? No thanks
+John Pflueger  No one said anything about a laptop. It reads Desktop up there it's just an all in one desktop.
Wow looks good I wonder how compatible this thing is
+Jeff Craig It says it has an HDMI port.

I would buy this right now if I didn't already have a Leopard Extreme. :)
Wow, surprised to see all the hate here... especially about the price! If you compare this to an iMac (which it is obviously intended to compete with), and you configure the specs as close to an iMac as possible (any of the available iMacs), the price will be 30% lower. And if you max out the specs, it becomes the same price as an iMac, except you get twice the CPU and RAM of any iMac for your dollar.
I dont really care for the design but I'm happy to see a pc coming preloaded with a linux distro 
I think I would prefer one of your laptops. But it's a cool device. Wish it was cheaper
AWESOMEEE!!! ^o^, I know is a litle bit stupid question, but, I ask, ¿Delivery in South America? ¿Perú? T_T, make my day please u_u ..
Awesome, but no built-in tv tuner...
Price point is way too damn high for such low quality hardware what are you trying to be apple? And you're using open source software wtf?
i dont think system76 use low quality hardware
Guys, you should improve your marketing material. Specifically, get a pro photographer/ designer to work on shots of your products.
Apple? Of course not it's a green apple.
Nice design. Consider it's $1200 for an i3 All-in-One here it's actually cheaper. However, I'm not inclined to buy computers. I've been running the same computer for 3 and half years. It does look like every other All in One. However I'll give a thumbs up to any vendor willing to sell Linux computers.
That is really amazing. Sytem76 is doing some great stuff. Keep it up.
21.5in is too small? I'm writing this from a 12in ThinkPad!!
here's my thoughts, this will flop, just like the dell ubuntu systems.  $800 is a lot to ask for for a prebuilt system.  sure it's pretty, but, ubuntu users aren't looking for style, they look for function and value.  yes, it resembles the mac, and those sell well for high price, but, people who buy macs are buying it for the style and are willing to pay a premium for it.

essentially what you're selling is a laptop stuck to a screen.  a lot of people don't realize that most of these all in one pc's are built with laptop hardware.  so you have a laptop that's not portable, or a desktop that can't be upgraded easily and it simply doesn't have the power that a desktop could provide.  it's a desktop that's as upgradable as a laptop, and a laptop that's as portable as a desktop.

cool design, i bet it's fun, but $800 is way too steep for what you're getting.  hell, you can get one of the sony all in one pcs for $800 and that includes over $100 worth of software.
The price seems pretty fair to me. I've always found System76 to have quality hardware which sometimes makes them more expensive then the "we make computerz on teh cheapz" type vendors, but investment in quality hardware is seldom a bad investment.

+System76 Nice work on the design of this. Looks very stylish.
Love the design but the price is way too high......
+Srinivas Gowda I beg to differ. It's priced very competitively to similar hardware from Sony and Apple, with either comparable or better hardware. Frankly, I'm amazed all-in-one systems are under $1000 these days.
+Jeff Craig , you have to take into consideration that even though it's priced similarly as the sony or apple machines, the sony and apple machines are not loaded with community only supported, not so popular, you're on your own, operating systems.  peronally, i would buy this and install windows 8.
+John Pflueger You're not on your own by a long shot :-). We include dedicated Ubuntu support for every customer!
+John Pflueger Blasphemer! 
I'm only kidding, I dual boot on my home PC. 
Still some stuff not compatible with linux :(
And no I will not macgyver Windows stuff into Linux, to much pain and crashes all the time. I'm also out of paper clips, haha!
This is a seriously good desktop. If i was not looking for a new ultrabook i will most definitely buy this.   
+Jeff Craig Could you link me to the article/post where the Google Employee managed to install Ubuntu on the new Chromebook ? Thanks.
Artwork does not a computer make. But I love this :-) 
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