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What do you need to change the world? Only one computer and the internet! We launched our second video ad titled "All I Need" Enjoy!
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Nice presentation.I would like to see this machine in action so as to understand its performance .
Come to Barbados and I love you long time :P

On the real though, Barbados needs a company like this :)!
i hope system76 will come to the UK so i dont have to pay for the huge cost of shipment, VAT and the royal mail delivery cost.
Tim, make that Europe and I'll second you.
I'm in Belize, i bought my System 76 and brought it here... cool to see everyone from across the world wanting/using system 76
all I need is a shiping center within europe and some great 15" models! :D
i brought the starling net-book back in 2010 or 11 and still working perfect with 12.04 :D
Love it! Would be nice if you did some adverts showing off what customers can actually do with your laptops :)
I'm glad someone is doing this, but frankly think the price point is high. ASUS has a laptop with the same display, processor, and memory as the base model Pangolin Performance for $479. And that includes having to account for the price of Windows 7 installed on it. I'm open to the idea that I'm missing something here, but graphics, hard drive etc. all look the same, so why wouldn't one buy a laptop that is $220 cheaper and install Ubuntu oneself? And if you don't like ASUS, that's just an example. Other brands come up in my search.
+R. Scott Kimsey Would you mind posting a link to that ASUS laptop? I thought about getting an ASUS/Dell/whatever laptop but they seemed really overpriced to me, with Windows and all that other junk that comes with laptops nowadays. Also, I trust System76 to make me a good laptop and not mess it up :)
Still waiting for a 15" model worth buying! When are the great 15" models back?!
I've been using System76 laptops for the last 5 years, and I'm about to buy another one from them. On the rare occasions when I've had a problem with one of my machines, S76 has been very helpful and patient in resolving the problem.

While their machines cost more, the quality of the machines and the customer support is well worth it.

Recently on the Ubuntu forums someone asked if S76 laptops were really unique, pointing out that laptops with the same hardware specifications were available elsewhere. The response was:

We use parts from a variety of manufacturers, and make changes in firmware and BIOS that render our laptops distinct from other laptops available. For example, our System76 driver application will only run on System76 branded hardware, due to these BIOS changes.

In addition to this, we provide a better out-of-box Ubuntu experience than any other OEM, and provide full hardware and software support for current and future versions of Ubuntu.

+fausto ramirez +R. Scott Kimsey Hi Guys, we appreciate your feedback. We're not; however, chasing Asus and others to the bottom of computer manufacturing. The referenced models are built to sell with sticker shock. Paring any i5 with slow memory, slow hard drives, .3 MP webcams and small batteries creates a poor customer experience.

Things like Intel wireless Synaptic touchpads, fast brand name components and quality materials cost more - but it's a product we can be proud to provide to our customers. Further, our custom firmware, driver development, future Ubuntu release regression support, and Ubuntu technical support are value that no other company invest in. We're not interested in providing the cheapest experience - we're interested in providing the best experience.
+System76--Hey, speaking of me giving you money as soon as possible, when can we expect to see the new lineup of professional laptops appear on your website? :)
i want to get it, but its the shipping cost to Europe and other costs that put me off like i mentioned before.
Sorry to say this, but the world is still the same.
+Tim Marshall LOL, I'm selling my current laptop to afford to ship my new laptop here. It's amazingly expensive, but what can you do? Maybe it would be more efficient to ship them in batches to every country and then ship them separately from there?
Sorry, could you provide parenthetic expanded forms for acronyms that don't produce obvious google results, aka- wtf is WCG?
Check it out here:

You can use your idle computer to do calculations for better solar energy (CEP2), better water (C4CW), or to try to find cures to cancer etc. All results goes into Public domain.
Sounds great, +Aron Knifström! Does it work on Ubuntu? (It doesn't seem to say on the website...I really shouldn't have to do a lot of digging around on their site to find out what OS(s) it works with, so they need some work in that area...) Anyway I am much in favor of these kinds of projects.
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