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Sneak peek for our G+ friends! The new Gazelle Professional will be released Monday, May 21st.

Gazelle Professional
15.6" Full High Definition 1080p display
Glossy or a 95% NTSC Golor Gamut Matte Display option
THX TruStudio Pro Speakers
Intel 3rd Generation CPU's up to the Core i7-3820QM @ 2.70 GHz
Intel HD 4000 graphics
up to 16 GB DDR3 @ 1600 MHz
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Want to trade for my current laptop with similar specs? I keep getting driver problems in most Linux distros :-(
Did you buy it from a system builder who guaranteed GNU/Linux compatibility?

My panp8 rocks.
I was just talking about how much System76 needs to release a laptop with better than 1366x768 resolution. Can't wait!
Nope, it came with Windows, it's a Lenovo. NVidia graphics are a pain...
I'm excited, to say the least. If this will have an option for an extra HD instead of CD/DVD, then I'm giving you my money as soon as it's out!
I want one, is to soon for christmas presents?
+Michael Grasser i have a dell with nvidia and no problems is making 3 years with linux end of the summer.
i was thinking that nvidia was the best brand for graphics and very compatible with linux. i never have a intel graphic so can't compare anyone can just to know
i have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M
Nvidia and intel support is great on linux, ATI is terrible, from experience its worse from terrible its a nightmare.

Btw system76, love the specs but every time i see one your laptops they seem quite thick, love to see something thinner.

Keep up the good work
Love the specs, I "need" (want) to upgrade my laptop and I will definitively buy from system76 !

But I'm waiting one with an NVidia card (please put some Kepler GeFore GTX 660M ! I loved that last year's NVidia laptops were all Optimus-free, but I saw that you had issues with Optimus this year, so I hope you'll find some great solution !)

This Gazelle Professional is very nice, everything looks just great !
+Damien Thébault we were able to get around last years Optimus with a hardware MUX. Not possible with this years Optimus architecture.... unlikely to see nVidia in Linux laptops this year (unless you use x79 chipset but that makes for a huge, crazy laptop).
Spanish (latam) keyboard layout pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!! :(
How about a photo of the back and right-side ports?
Hi Karl, more pics will go up Monday. The back only has a kingston lock hole and the right side has mic in, headphone out, USB 2.0 and optical drive.
Yes, but the mere description doesn't cause the drooling associated with the actual pics!
So I guess you also have a larger 17" laptop in the pipeline to replace the 17" laptops you had at some point in the past? (Was it the bonobo?)
clickpad or touchpad? this synaptics clickpad on hp doesn't have right click. you have to tap with two fingers.
Maybe ano ultrabook from system76 would BE great. It looks a little thicker to me.
how is this laptop for gaming? intel 4000 hd graphics doesn't sound too good. no nvidia gtx card? Like before?
it's the 3rd gen intel cpu called ivy bridge.
+Pablo López Ríos Yes, but it's too early to determine if or when it will be available.

+Brian Baumlin Intel 4000 graphics are impressive. Regarding previous models, we love our 2011 versions! However, manufacturing just-in-time (which is the only effective way) requires parts procurement just-in-time. The industry has moves from Sandy Bridge chipsets to Ivy Bridge (Panther Point) chipsets. Further, on the whole, our customers demand the latest and greatest.
+Alvar Berglind Intel has recently pushed for OpenGL 3 support in the open source driver stack, so things are improving, but unfortunately the Linux experience is behind that in Windows where the Intel driver supports OpenGL 4. See this for actual performance numbers: The Nvidia and AMD proprietary drivers for Linux are always up to the latest OpenGL spec, while the open source radeon, nouveau and intel drivers tend to lag behind significantly.
+Pablo López Ríos you're right, Intel's Linux graphics driver is behind in some areas. The good news though, games we've tested perform very well on Ivy Bridge.
I was planning to install windows and play games via that, and have linux for all the important stuff.
95% NTSC Golor Gamut Matte Display!
I knew +System76 was holding out for Ivy Bridge, nice! Now that I'll have some money to spend I'm SOOOO getting one. Now my only problem is which one to get. Get what's being offered now, or wait for the rest of the product line to be introduced? Decisions......decisions......
Would have bought a System76 laptop if you supported the UK properly :( Any plans to soon?
Will 95% NTSC color be available in a glossy option as well? (as it was, I seem to recall, in the last iteration of the Gazelle).
Any plans for an Ultrabook? I really really need one!
It turns out, you'll get more power from a traditional notebook and a desktop computer than from an Ultrabook. And I'm always lookin' for power! >:]
Good for you +Christopher Prechter and I'm sure OEMs will continue to manufacture powerful notebooks. For myself and many others, portability is absolutely the key. I am only interested in systems with a maximum weight of 1kg. Anything heavier is off my list.
Awesome, guys. Here's hoping we see ultraslim laptops without DVD drives soon :)
I'm happy that I got my NVidia GPU equipped system76 laptop last year. Due to my CUDA programming there's no way for me to get another GPU. I hope you will eventually include those GPUs back into your laptops. Nonetheless, I may be patient for the next 3 years ;)
+Alex Longshaw the shipping from America to UK is generally expensive. S76 have told me they might establish distribution centers in the future, but that's still a long way away.
+Tom Slominski I'm not bothered about shipping costs. However if I'm going to spend hundreds of pounds on a laptop, I want a UK one not a US one.
+Alex Longshaw what besides shipping is the problem with a "US one"? Or to put it differently what is so special about a "British Dell"?
+Tom Slominski I'm looking forward to smaller shipping fees.
+Frank R. Schmidt I don't want to have to learn to type again. US keyboards have a different layout. Also the plug comes US with an adapter.
Jake B
How's the battery life?
Can anyone comment on the power of Intel's HD 4000 integrated graphics?? This will really help me in deciding which S76 computer to buy (either laptop or desktop). I'm looking for graphics chips n' fish that are capable of playing WoW-similar games smoothly (not looking for Alienware-grade here, just something that can play MMORPG games smoothly/decently). Windows 7 hardware support ain't too bad on a S76, right? I plan to use Windows 7 primarily for my video games and Ubuntu for everything else. =)
+Gary Poster - Thanks! That was very helpful.

Looks like I'll be buying a System76 desktop instead of a laptop! "Oh I say ahh vrrrrrroooom chika vrrrrrrrrooooomm!" Lol. Hellllloooo nVidia graphics...!
When was matte display added to the option ? I was unable to find this on UDS-Q .
How much does it weigh and how long does the battery lasts?
The phrasing Glossy or a 95% NTSC Golor Gamut Matte Display option is a little ambiguous--will there be a glossy 95% NTSC Golor Gamut option, +System76? That's the kind of display I would like to get.
Also, I happened to see a comment you made on some other social network, "Slow roll out this time... it's a story and a half once we can finally talk about it."

Can you finally talk about it yet? I'm really curious! :)
+Jake B +Rafael Rosa Battery life is about 3 hours. We're testing with a i7-3720QM, 8 GB memory, and an 80 GB Intel SSD. Weight is 5.4 lbs.

+Arthur Gillard 95% NTSC will only be available in Matte finish. Can't tell stories yet :-). BTW, thanks for the share. It seemed to spark an interesting conversation that describes exactly why we're here.
+System76 --dang, now what seemed like a really easy decision has just become difficult. I want the best screen possible, and I've always loved glossy screens because the images are so sharp and vibrant. Meanwhile, I keep reading things about matte that incline me to believe I wouldn't like it (colors more muted, grainy visual texture of the screen--ugh). So now I don't know what to think. :(

Any input or advice on this from +System76 or anyone else would be much appreciated...
p.s. You're welcome on the share--I like to encourage people to use Ubuntu and buy System76 computers whenever possible. :)
+Arthur Gillard as gas as I know, most higher end monitors or screen that's built for color accuracy are made using matte screens. Glossy screens give out a false accuracy of what a color should be. Glossy screens are nice because, like you said, vibrant, but vibrant colors are usually exaggerated. Maybe someone else can explain the reasoning with Matte displays. Even the option for matte on MacBook Pros are more expensive because the colors are closer to the real deal.
Thanks, +John Catral, that's helpful...although I would still like to know more about this--especially regarding the current "state of the art" in glossy vs. matte, especially in regards to the exact monitor options in the Gazelle (this is where +System76's input may be particularly helpful).

The quality of the monitor is really important to me, as I'm going to be spending a huge chuck of my waking life for the next several years looking at this screen. As indicated above, what I've read about matte screens makes me feel dubious about them, but maybe I'm wrong about that, or maybe the state of the art has changed in this regard...

Some specific questions I have are:
1) Does this kind of matte screen have a visibly "grainy" texture when you're looking at it?
2) Would the matte screen be dimmer than the glossy screen, i.e. would it put out as many nits?
3) What is the viewing angle on the matte monitor compared to the glossy? (Someone told me this is another area where matte screens don't do as well.)
Damn you nVidia optimus: I actually wanted to also use the powerful S76 Laptop as a gaming laptop, but I guess that just won't work out... So I guess I need both a laptop and a desktop? That's too bad...
+Jannis Friedmann - That's exactly my situation! Except I've decided I'm gonna sell my old laptop, upgrade my ASUS EeePC netbook a bit and then go all out on a S76 Wild Dog or Servall desktop.
woo hoo! i plan on upgrading later this year, and system76's ongoing commitment to high-spec laptops guaranteed to support linux make them the sure pick. thanks for sharing the photos, the gazelle looks great! :)
EU has 2 years Warranty required by law for every product.

Will this be met ? Do you even ship to EU ?
Looking at the pictures the second time, I realized that the cooling system isn't the awesome one you had previously (push hot air out at the back), but more similar to the Pangolin/every goddamn notebook... That would REALLY be a reason to think twice whether to buy it... Or did you just take Pangolin pictures? hope
So is the only difference between Gazelle and Pangolin the screen resolution? Or are there more?
Awww I just ordered a Pangolin the day before this posted. Oh well, I am happy with my purchase, if it will ever get here! lol :)
+System76 I wish the left and right click buttons on the touch pad were separate. Why ? Because Ubuntu supports copy and paste with middle click and Ubuntu recognizes simultaneous left + right button press on the touchpad as middle click. It makes copy/paste extremely easy when using touch pad.

Any details on pricing ? I might end up buying this laptop now :)
+Saurabh Gupta--we'll find out the pricing tomorrow morning! Hmm, I wonder when they are actually going to update the website...? 12:01 a.m.? :)
Hey! I just ordered my new Gazelle. :D It appeared on the website earlier than I expected. whoo-hoo!
No secord hard drive. So the wait for the Serval begins :D
I wish I could buy the old laptops when I see the new one... I wont buy this one, the graphics are way to low. Intel HD?! no way, never!
Depending on what you are wanting to do Intel HD is good. If you are not playing the the newest high end 3D game or doing any hard core 3D rendering then I say go with a graphics card from a company that supports open source. Intel can still handle a lot of games and other tasks. It will also give you a lot less headaches if you ever want to install other Linux distros as well (or nvidia decides to slack on supporting Linux).
well I want to have a linux computer that "just works" out of the box. Then I just want to install windows to play games. how can I compare intel hd with another card? I've only seen intel hd on low end computers...
Search youtube for Intel HD Graphics Cards and you can see how well they can perform.
To be honest, it doesn't look good... But well, it's just an APU, what else would you expect?
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