If you've received any System76 products in the last few months, you probably noticed that the desktop wallpaper was something extra special. This photo was taken by none other than the ever amazing +Ian Hex.

Some of you might know Ian from the magnificent brand identity designs he crafted for +Novacut and +elementary. Not one to sit idle, Ian has since moved onto a new passion and, unsurprisingly, is now producing truly world-class landscape photography at a dizzying pace.

A visionary like Ian Hex is always looking for cutting edge tools that will help him break away from the status quo. And that's why Ian processed this photo with +darktable, +Luminance HDR, Hugin and +GIMP, his photographic software cocktail of choice.

All these great tools are just a click away in the +Ubuntu Software Center.

Are you an ambitious photographer looking for your next pro editing rig? Look no further than System76. More on that later today =)

You can buy a print of this beautiful landscape here:

And see more of +Ian Hex's photography at Light Sweep:
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