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Compare UK Vehicle Leasing With Synergy Automotive™. Over 4000 Independent Feefo 5 Star Reviews Backed By Our Best Price Guarantee
Compare UK Vehicle Leasing With Synergy Automotive™. Over 4000 Independent Feefo 5 Star Reviews Backed By Our Best Price Guarantee


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Jaguar F-Type (2.0-litre turbo coupe) an F-Type without the fizz!

By Jonny Edge, Synergy Automotive Content Editor

Gorgeous British sportscar is now available with a little 4-cylinder turbo – but does it still feel like an F-Type?

The undeniably beautiful F-Type has been seducing sportscar buyers for around 5 years now, so at the start of 2018 Jaguar decided to give it a fresh new engine option. With the F-Type already having supercharged V6 and V8 units, there was really only one place for Jaguar to go – down.

The trend for downsizing engines shows no signs of slowing down, and so the F-Type can now be ordered with a 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbo. This engine produces around 296bhp, which means it’s certainly not a snarling big cat, but isn’t exactly the timid meow of a kitten either.

Aside from the improved efficiency, there’s another benefit to downsizing your engine and that’s the reduction in overall weight. This 2.0-litre model is actually around 50kg lighter than the V6 and as most of that weight has come out of the engine, the front-end of this F-Type is noticeably nimbler than that in its more powerful twins. Having a more eager nose in a sportscar tends to inspire a bit more confidence, and you gain a real feel for the car very quickly. Time to adjust and build confidence is something that’s often overlooked in sportscars – after all, before we reach the best driving roads we often have to drive through towns and narrow villages.

Enthusiasts probably won’t take to the new engine’s lack of power and character though. It never really feels at home in a car with such a stunning exterior design, the lack of an exotic soundtrack and overall power means it feels quite flat if you’ve driven a car with even an ounce of performance before. So, who is this F-Type really for?

Well, it isn’t for the all-out performance enthusiasts, we can say that for sure. As the F-Type is a fairly comfortable, stylish cruiser it might be better to look at this mild F-Type as the F-Type for people who love its design and luxury, but don’t like to be heavy on the loud pedal. On my 55-mile commute to the Synergy offices and back, it got 43 miles to the gallon and didn’t wear too hard on my comfort, which in my mind makes it a great option for a weekend getaway car.

Ultimately this F-Type sorely misses the charismatic engines it usually comes with, but the 2.0-litre engine does give impressive economy figures and improves the handling slightly – though it squirms under breaking from speed. Not everybody is a petrolhead, and those that aren’t will probably get just as much enjoyment from owning this F-Type as they would the V6.
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As the preferred vehicle leasing, contract hire and rental provider to Welcome to Yorkshire, Synergy is the 63rd bike donation station in the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries programme.

Due to the success of the campaign with Welcome to Yorkshire which saw almost 100 unwanted bicycles delivered to its Harrogate headquarters, we are going to continue collecting unused, unloved or outgrown adults and children’s bikes. The bikes will be checked and repaired, giving the chance for someone new to love your old bike, borrow it for free and boost their fitness levels.

The Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries programme launched in 2014, the programme’s vision is to make cycling more accessible for all ages and all ability levels, enabling children and their families to borrow bikes for free.

Synergy MD, Paul Parkinson, said: “The bike libraries programme is inspirational, giving many participants a new lease of life. We’re thrilled to continue as a bike donation station after the incredible response of our initial campaign and look forward to our office storage space being filled to the rafters with even more bicycles!”

Sir Gary said: “I think it’s fantastic what Synergy Automotive have done coming up with this scheme where people can donate their bikes here. Nearly 100 bikes have been donated here which will go towards the 5,500 which have been donated across Yorkshire already.”

Synergy welcomes bikes, including those in need of repair, from 9.00am-6.00pm at its Hornbeam Park Oval office in Harrogate.

Thank you!
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Be part of a Great Team?

Got what it takes to make a difference?

Here at Synergy Automotive we’re launching our Sales Academy Program.

We’re looking for great people to come on board and grow with us as we grow.

You may be working in Sales in another sector or just believe you have what it takes.

Go to
We're recruiting now it could be the start of something BIG!
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Synergy Automotive hosts second annual BVRLA ‘Pub Quiz’

Making the serious business of quality fun for all

Not every working day at Synergy starts with a ‘Pub Quiz’, but this morning at we held the second in as many years as the team took part in a quiz on the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct.

As a member of the BVRLA, the Code of Conduct is hugely important to us and we keep it at the very forefront of our business. To keep the team all fresh and up-to-date – as well as having a bit of fun in the process – we organise a quiz on the code once a year for the whole Synergy team to take part in with the winner receiving a £30 Amazon voucher the prize for the winner.

This year, experienced Sales Manager Jonathan Kyle took the glory as well as the top prize with an excellent 100% score and was presented with the £30 Amazon voucher trophy by Synergy’s Managing Director Paul Parkinson,

“Our BVRLA quiz is a great way of keeping us all familiar and knowledgeable with the code of conduct while having a bit of fun in the process.” said Paul, commenting on the quiz, before going on to praise the ‘contestants’. “We’ve got a terrific team of people here at Synergy who all work hard to ensure we adhere to the code, and an event like this is crucial to ensuring we consistently deliver an excellent leasing experience for our customers.”
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ynergy retains Feefo top customer experience ranking for fourth consecutive year

Feefo, the world’s most trusted ratings and reviews platform, has awarded Synergy Automotive a 5 Star rating for exceptional customer experience – for the fourth year in a row.

The leading vehicle leasing and finance credit broker clinched the prestigious Gold Trusted Service Award from the global independent feedback engine after receiving over 3,400 client reviews for both customer experience and product across 2014-2018.

The accolade – an independent seal of excellence – acknowledges how customers value the first class customer experience which the growing Harrogate business consistently delivers.

Synergy’s passion and commitment to customer service is also reinforced by the Leasing Broker Federation crowning the company ‘Best Medium Leasing Broker Customer Service’ and ‘Best Medium Leasing Broker’ across 2017-2018.

Paul Parkinson, MD of Synergy Automotive, said: “Being awarded the Feefo globally respected gold standard for four consecutive years is a milestone in our most successful year to date – and is attributable to our team’s hard work and dedication.

“Having founded the business in 2006 on the principle of providing an excellent leasing experience, our commitment to listen, understand and respond to our customers’ needs still drives our every action 12 years later.”

Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo, said: “The Trusted Service award has always been about recognising those companies that go the extra mile. Once again, we have seen many incredible businesses including Synergy Automotive using Feefo to its full potential, to provide truly memorable experiences for their customers – and rightly being awarded with our most prestigious accreditation.

“I look forward to the continual success of the businesses that work in partnership with Feefo throughout 2018.”

Additional highlights this year include Synergy named as the preferred vehicle leasing, contract hire and rental partner to Welcome to Yorkshire, providing two support vehicles for the Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries Scheme, the highly successful Tour de Yorkshire 2018 and additional key Welcome to Yorkshire events.
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The new Ford Focus has arrived and it is better than it’s ever been. Key to the new Focus are several technological advancements that we think Synergy lease customers should be aware of, so we’ve compiled this little list of our favourite features for you.

Heads-up display

Fighter jets originally pioneered this technology, but now you can have it in a Ford Focus. Yes, one of the options on the new Focus is a heads-up display which means you can read key information without having to take your eyes off the road. It works by projecting an image onto a small glass screen on top of the dashboard. It can be adjusted for size and position and displays information like speed and navigational directions. Once you get used to it, it becomes one of your favourite features and anything that helps you keep your eyes on the road more often is a useful safety feature too.

Pothole detection system

Ford aims to bring you a more comfortable ride by offering its new pothole detection system technology. With roads across the UK falling into increasingly worse states, this looks set to be a welcome addition to the new Focus. This technology works by detecting when the wheel has dropped – an event that happens in a matter of milliseconds – and reducing the amount the suspension drops by to avoid that crashing, banging sensation you get when hitting a pothole. It’ll make journeys more comfortable, but it might also prevent damage to your new Focus too.

Improved adaptive cruise control

An incredibly useful feature to have on your new Focus, and now it has been improved with the addition of ‘Stop & Go’, speed sign recognition and lane-centring technology, which should make cruising even more relaxing than before.

Adaptive front lighting system

We’ve had headlights that turn as you go around corners for some time now, but Ford has introduced a new front lighting system which features more than just flexible beams. For a start, the system works by using a front-mounted camera, unlike most systems of this type which rely on steering wheel inputs, which means the lights can adjust pre-emptively to the corner. They also widen on approach to junctions and roundabouts.

This technology also features glare-free high beams which reduce the dazzling effect on other drivers should you forget to dip your beams, and the camera that controls the lights has also been taught to recognise some road signs.

Post-collision braking

Hopefully this is one technology you’ll never have to experience working. Ford has added post-collision breaking to the new Focus in a bit to reduce the risk of secondary impacts following an initial collision. It works simply by detecting the collision, and then by applying the brakes immediately following it to prevent that secondary hit.

FordPass Connect

While Ford might not be so good at naming its technology, it is good at providing useful features for its customers and this is the perfect example of precisely that. With FordPass Connect, customers will be able to download an app which features a vehicle locator, vehicle status reports, facility to unlock and lock the doors, start the new Focus from distance (if you’ve got the new 8-speed automatic), and features a safety system which automatically calls the emergency services in the event of a serious accident. Oh, and it also acts as a WiFi hotspot within the car.

Improved engines and 8-speed automatic gearbox

There’s an excellent choice of engines in the new Focus and they’re now finally complemented with an automatic gearbox that does them justice too. The stand-out engines are both 1.5-litres in size – the Ecoboost petrol at 180bhp, and the EcoBlue diesel at 118bhp. The EcoBoost petrol unit should get you 40-50mpg and offers from 121g/km of CO2, while the EcoBlue diesel should be capable of between 60-70mpg and offers from 91g/km of CO2.

The new 8-speed automatic gearbox is a welcome addition to the new Focus and offers slick, fast changes between gears – even on the tricky mountain roads we tested it on. Over time, it should learn from its driver as it features software that assesses driving styles to improve its overall performance.
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Will the brilliant new Focus have the Volkswagen Golf looking over its shoulder?

Two particular statistics jump out at you when looking at how successful the Ford Focus has been since it first arrived here back in 1998, and here they are – 2,000,000 models have been sold in the UK and during its 20-year lifespan it has been Britain’s second best-selling car.

Most manufacturers dream of launching a product that experiences those levels of success and the Focus has certainly proven itself as a real favourite, but it was far from perfect. The interior felt rather drab, dark and average quality at best, rear-head space was tight and the automatic gearbox was about as responsive as your average dozing cat. The overall car was excellent, but there were little things here and there that just got on your nerves occasionally.

Having built the new Focus completely from scratch, Ford has had a chance to correct errors and improve on areas that held the outgoing generation of the Focus back. It could have taken an easier route and avoided altering a recipe that has proven so popular with the car buying public, but thankfully it hasn’t and the results of this bolder approach will have the Volkswagen Golf feeling very nervous indeed.

For a start, the new Focus is both lighter and stiffer, meaning that it provides a better platform for driving dynamics. This shows up particularly well in the new ST-Line, the sporty trim level that also brings with it a fresh suspension setup. Out on some fiendishly tricky mountain roads, the ST-Line hatch proved itself as one of the finest handling cars in its class yet again, with an improvement in front-to-rear balance and a more eager front end – a feature that’s also present in other models in the new Focus range. When driving the new Focus at pace, you’re experiencing just about as much fun as you can have in a ‘normal’ family hatchback, and this is easily one of the Ford Focus’s biggest selling points – as it has been since 1998 – it’s just now even better.

New engines are introduced with the new Focus, with two standout 1.5-litre engines stealing the show – one petrol, one diesel. The former is a 3-cylinder turbocharged unit that puts out a remarkable 180bhp. For such a small engine that’s a hugely impressive figure, and the same engine also has cylinder deactivation technology that works without the driver even noticing. It’s a seriously impressive little unit. The diesel 1.5 is pretty special too, it’s a new ‘EcoBlue’ unit with 118bhp and while you might not expect it to shift the Focus along at much of a rate, it does so plenty well enough thanks to its impressive torque and uncharacteristically long power band. It also does this while remaining quiet, so should prove less wearing on longer drives.

Ford always lost points when it came to its last-generation automatic gearbox, but the new 8-speed box is a big improvement for the brand. It shifts quickly and seamlessly like some of the best boxes on the market, but it also adapts quickly to your requirements and will learn from your inputs over time. The new 6-speed manual gearbox is also new, and still provides the engaging, fun shift feel Ford’s manual option always appears to have.

Inside the new Focus there’s a whole new array of gadgets and technological advancements to play with, but for the first time in quite some time its contained inside an interior that finally feels really well put together. The quality is there at last and so is the design. It still feels a bit dark but different trims and textures break that up nicely and at last you don’t feel a bit short-changed for the excellent driving characteristics. As for that new tech, well, pothole detection, a heads-up display, and Co-pilot 360 really deserve an article of their own.

Synergy customers seeking out a car that can do more or less everything will need to put the new Ford Focus on a shortlist. It’s comfortable and refined on a motorway, fun and involving on a twisty road, and has jumped up vastly in quality and ability over the outgoing model. We can’t wait to try it back home in Britain.
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ynergy Automotive’s latest wave of appointments brings the team to 40-strong – marking a 50% staff increase in 12 months.

Expansion and customer demand have sparked the new roles at the multi-award winning vehicle leasing provider which is doubling the size of its Harrogate headquarters to accommodate its growth strategy.

The new appointments include three Sales Account Managers – reinforcing Synergy’s commitment to provide an excellent leasing experience to every customer. A data analyst and digital marketing executive underpin the company’s investment in cutting edge technology which includes an all-new interactive website and cloud based customer relationship management system.

Further significant team developments include the recruitment of a full-time compliance officer – an appointment which is regarded exceptional in the automotive leasing sector and reinforces Synergy’s commitment to performance management, staff training and continuous professional development.

The business plan will see further additional appointments in 2018, and Synergy’s commitment to developing and retaining its top team is reflected by investment in over 200 hours of staff training annually.

Additional highlights this year include Feefo, the world’s most trusted ratings and reviews platform, awarding the business a 5 Star rating for exceptional customer experience for the fourth consecutive year. Synergy has also achieved a world class Net Promoter Score of 94 based on customers’ willingness to recommend the business to others.

Synergy MD Paul Parkinson said: “Our vision to deliver an excellent leasing experience to every client continues to power year-on-year growth, profitability and recognition – resulting in repeat business, recommendations and referrals. 2018 is proving to be our most successful year to date and investing in the best people to help drive our growth vision remains a top priority.”
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n our new feature ‘What’s Hot?’ Synergy Automotive Content Editor Jonny Edge takes a look at the best of our current offers and particularly special lease vehicles. This month, it’s the Mercedes-Benz GLA Urban Edition…

Synergy customers are a trendy lot. We know this because our offer on a special edition Mercedes-Benz GLA is seriously hot this month – we’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in it. The GLA in question is the ‘Urban Edition’ of Mercedes’ subcompact luxury SUV – a car parked on the apex of current motoring trends.

It’s easy to see why our customers have been drawn to it. The Mercedes GLA has a particularly classy design, a very Mercedes trait, and the low roofline and raised suspension give a chunky, quality image to the car. If you’re wondering what our existing Mercedes-Benz customers think, you can find more from them in our Feefo reviews.

The ‘Urban Edition’ is clearly aimed to appeal to customers living in large towns or cities because Mercedes has put together this special edition with shorter journeys and efficiency in mind. The absence of the ‘4MATIC’ all-wheel drive system is a good example of this. The inclusion of all-wheel drive really isn’t necessary for drivers from an urban environment as it bumps up your CO2 and fuel efficiency figures. So, with this GLA Urban Edition it’s front-wheel drive only. You also only have the option of one engine – the 1.6-litre turbo petrol. For shorter journeys and lower mileage – as well as start/stop traffic – the petrol engine is a superior unit, again for reasons of efficiency more than anything else. If you were living in a city and were designing a GLA to fit around your lifestyle there, this is exactly how you should do it, as a bonus I suspect this engine should still see you achieve a solid 40-45mpg when out on a decent run.

Though choices are often limited with special edition models, with this GLA Urban edition Synergy customers do have a choice between a manual and automatic gearbox. Talking to the team here, it seems that the 7-speed automatic option only works out at roughly £10 a month more than the manual, so if it was me I’d go ahead and tick that box. The Mercedes automatic might not fire in gears like a sports car, but it’s a smooth and refined ‘box that will give you a little more of that ‘Mercedes Experience’ when driving – an extra layer of luxury and comfort that the brand is famous for. For that little extra a month, that’s really worth having.

The GLA shares the majority of its DNA with the A-Class hatchback – a terrific car in its own right – but as the GLA is an SUV the car sits a little bit higher, giving the driver a superior field of vision. The lifted comfort suspension gives superior ride quality, though it also makes it feel different in the corners to the A-Class hatch. This Urban Edition gets you upgraded 18’ alloy wheels, the anti-theft pack, ‘night and light’ pack, seat comfort pack, and there’s a choice of either red or white paint as standard – though you can pay a little extra for metallic paint if you fancy a different colour.

With Special Edition models like the GLA Urban Edition, there’s often not much in the way of options as they are all pre-selected. It might be pre-loaded with options, but it actually works out better this way for the customer and as such it’s pre-loaded with great value for money too. This particular GLA makes for a bit of a bargain in that sense and it’s rare to see a special edition Mercedes-Benz at this price point.

Fashionable, beautifully made and very well equipped, the GLA Urban Edition is red hot here at Synergy right now – an excellent opportunity to get a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz on a business or personal lease at a fabulous price backed by our Best Price Guarantee. Not to mention we offer free UK mainland delivery with all orders placed through us, making this a particularly difficult offer to resist.
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Would you like to drive the new Nissan Qashqai for just £235 per month with no deposit?

We thought so... Just click here for more info 👉


Offer based on 8,000 miles per year, 48 month contract, no deposit. Other mileages, terms and full maintenance available. Configure Initial Rental, Term & Mileage to get the right deal for you.

£180 Vehicle Sourcing Charge Payable to Synergy.

Synergy Automotive Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA. We are a credit broker, not a lender. Finance is subject to status and conditions. Full written details on request. You will not own the vehicle.
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