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Synergy 1.8.4 is here! High DPI fix, more reliable SSL, seamless updating. Free to download for existing customers:

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Synergy 1.8 is here! Download:

In this version, we’ve made the copy-paste feature more reliable. We also fixed the text drag issue in Microsoft Office and the middle-click bug with Chrome. The GUI has also had a few changes, now the SSL plugin comes bundled with the installer and offline activation is now available.

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Finally! After a very long 2 month delay (we're so sorry), we finally managed to get Synergy version 1.7.6 out the door! Woohoo! 🎉

This version features 7 bug fixes, mostly making the clipboard sharing more reliable. Here's exactly what we fixed...

Bug #5041 – Copying from the Chrome web browser doesn't work
Bug #4735 – Clipboard doesn't work from client to server
Bug #4723 – Waiting for active desktop result freezes Windows service
Bug #4353 – Large clipboard causes crash
Bug #3774 – Missing MinGW dependencies after install on Windows
Bug #2909 – Clipboard copies only plaintext between Mac and Windows
Bug #451 – Fast cursor on any client with Mac server

Enjoy! Please leave comment if you have any feedback ❤

Get Synergy free on Black Friday! Share with your friends!
Code: BlackFriday2015

We're thankful for our users. Synergy is free for Thanksgiving! Code: Thanksgiving2015

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We know you all like a good bug fix! We think you’ll really like this one. You can now use Synergy out of the box with 4K/HDI displays. No more mouse cursor issues. Rejoice and share away!

Thanks to your feedback, you can expect an even better, more advanced version with every update.

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